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Today was a good day for animal welfare in Nova Scotia

12/04/2014 17:14:00 PM

Today was a good day for animal welfare in Nova Scotia - new regulations came into effect - along with summary offence fines - that give the people who have the power to protect animals in our province "add bite to their words" as CEO of the Nova Sco > read more

Public Meeting for Off-Leash Dog Park - Thursday October 30, 2014

10/29/2014 18:16:00 PM

I know this is short notice - but the city is putting on a public meeting regarding a proposed off leash park in Halifax tomorrow night at the Halifax Forum if you want to have your voice heard - here is the press release they put out - Wednesday, > read more

Elderdog's Dignity Project

10/16/2014 11:37:00 AM

Buttercup and I were so happy to take part in their "Dignity" project recently - "a visual exploration of the dignity, grace and beauty of the senior canine" - they allowed Buttercup to be part of the project - and yesterday they released one of the > read more

Amended Animal Protection Act Submitted to Legislature October 9, 2014

10/14/2014 12:52:00 PM

I know I'm getting to this late, but better late than never. Last Thursday Minister Colwell submitted an amended Animal Protection Act to the Legislature that has 3 amendments to it that were added from the previous Animal Protection Act that has ye > read more

Bubby and Sidney love each other

09/14/2014 16:26:00 PM

> read more

Today's pearl of beauty

09/08/2014 14:30:00 PM

Bubby on my lap > read more

Buttercup's life in Pictures

09/01/2014 16:05:00 PM

If you want to see the ultimate photo album of Buttercup's life in pictures - go to and check out about 21 pages of photos that I've accumulated of Buttercup running around and having fun, I think it's pretty spectactular - the > read more

This weekends HKC Kennel Club Show

08/30/2014 16:42:00 PM

I went to this weekends kennel club show - here is Shana Show with one of her little papillons who had just won best in breed I went there specifically because something amazing has happened - mixed breed dogs can now compete in rally-o and obedienc > read more

Be happy

08/23/2014 15:33:00 PM

> read more

Starting to post again

08/22/2014 13:18:00 PM

I would like to start posting again to this blogMostly just pictures that I'm taking day to day but maybe also some dog politic stuff again but here's a couple pictures to start things out - Buttercup turned 20 last week and is going as strong as eve > read more

What I learned from a year of rescuing chained dogs

08/21/2014 17:30:00 PM

My little dog Sassy and Ben Since June of 2013 I ran No Chains All Love Dog Society - an organization that rescued and rehabilitated chained dogs in Nova Scotia - we rescued 40 dogs who had been chained their whole lives - some of them had been chai > read more

People for Stronger Animal Protection put on a rally in New Brunswick and tons of people come out to support them!

04/28/2014 09:01:00 AM

A small portion of the audience from my view at the podium I was so lucky that I was invited this past Saturday to a rally in Fredericton for the group "People for Stronger Animal Protection"'s rally that they organized in front of the legislature i > read more

Neat local artist who does pet portraits - Simone Manley

03/20/2014 17:26:00 PM

I was the successful bidder in an auction last year for a 6x6 portrait - by local artist Simone Manley and I was so impressed I wanted to talk about it here - this is the result of my photo that I gave her - isn't it neat? You can contact her throug > read more

No bullshit - the Draft Standards of Care for Cats and Dogs in Nova Scotia

03/20/2014 12:31:00 PM

I'm a little bit angry about the things that other animal advocates have been saying about the Draft Standards of Care for Cats and Dogs that the Nova Scotia government has proposed in the last couple weeks saying things like "There are still major g > read more

When is a rescue group a "rescue" and when is it a "for profit" business?

02/05/2014 07:59:00 AM

Looking at Wikipedia - they define an animal rescue thusly: An animal rescue group or animal rescue organization is dedicated to pet adoption. These groups take unwanted, abandoned, abused, or stray pets and attempt to find suitable homes for them. > read more

What types of ways, and under what types of circumstances - is it okay to kill your sentient property in Nova Scotia?

02/03/2014 17:38:00 PM

A dog owner was caught shooting their dog in the head and dumping the body in the woods yesterday - apparently the dog had been disobedient the last 2 years - nipping at the owner since their baby had been born - and in the last week had acted out an > read more

What does the Animal Protection Act Actually Say?

01/04/2014 19:04:00 PM

I'm getting a lot of heat for the things I've said in relation to the NS SPCA's handling of the dead dog in Preston - that maybe they are doing the right things in the right order - and that maybe they are also doing the right thing when it comes to > read more

A Small Codicil to my post about the NS SPCA from yesterday

01/03/2014 18:42:00 PM

Yesterday I made a venom filled post about the NS SPCA and I wanted to narrow it down a little bit - my beef isn't with the NS SPCA as a whole - over the years I've written a lot of posts about the Nova Scotia SPCA and I've always made a distinction > read more

"All we know is there was an animal dead inside a kennel"

01/02/2014 18:41:00 PM

A dog was found frozen to death inside a kennel in Preston two days before Christmas - December 23rd. Her body had already gone into rigor mortis. The SPCA had to get inside the kennel with an ice pick to remove her body from the kennel it was froze > read more

Happy new year from the little white dog army

12/31/2013 20:22:00 PM

Can you believe this dog is 19 years old? I am so lucky to still have her around to bring in the year 2014. I am so blessed that she is still so perfect. Poor Sidney has awful allergies, but he's still a happy dog and loves it when people come to vis > read more

Buddy the Dog short life

12/22/2013 09:37:00 AM

I want to tell the story of Buddy the dog because his whole story hasn't been told anywhere. From the beginning to the dirty end. The first seven years were entirely unremarkable except for the fact that he was tied to a dog house the entire time an > read more

A Call to action for Buddy

12/14/2013 05:06:00 AM

His name was Buddy. He was a husky mix and today he is dead. He had a large cancerous tumour on his belly that the vet who saw him figured was inoperable, and he bit several people who were trying to help him - so he was euthanized last night - a cou > read more

Dog Culture

11/23/2013 21:08:00 PM

I grew up with the knowledge that I didn't belong to a demographic or a "culture" - I wasn't greek, or catholic, or a cape bretoner, or a newfoundlander, or Irish - my family wasn't particularly close and it was very small. I never really belonged t > read more

When you're being harassed in a dog friendly condo/apartment building, what can you do?

11/17/2013 08:50:00 AM

I was first contacted by Brian and his family in October. In July they acquired a puppy - thinking that their building was dog friendly because there were so many other dogs around - they didn't know that they had to apply to have a dog from their co > read more

Refurbishing other people's garbage

10/31/2013 10:50:00 AM

I was asked to write a story for the website "Readwave" - so I did - you can click on the link to read the whole thing!  - ReadWaveStoryWidget.load({id : 16236, 'width': '500px', 'height': '800px'}) Read on > read more

no chains All Love Dog Rescue is still chugging on

10/30/2013 18:16:00 PM

I thought I would do an update on the little dog rescue that I started in July in response to the need that People for Dogs expressed - that they were worried that people would want to surrender chained dogs to them and they wouldn't have anywhere to > read more

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