65W Power Amplifier Class AB by LF351 ,TIP3055 and TIP2955

I like mini power amplifier less 100W because it is low cost nad easy to make project. The 65W Amplifier Class AB,I use main part ..

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65W Power Amplifier Class AB by LF351 ,TIP3055 and TIP2955

07/21/2014 22:01:53 PM

I like mini power amplifier less 100W because it is low cost nad easy to make project. The 65W Amplifier Class AB,I use main part electronics are IC LF351 and thansisror two part TIP3055 and TIP2955. The LF351 is a low cost high speed JFET input oper

Power Amplifier OCL 70 watts using IC-741, 2N3055

07/21/2014 22:00:08 PM

Younger brothers and sisters a student takes an interest to build electronics project sends a teacher. I then choose this circuit , because build easy be valuable certainly. It is Main Power Amplifier Circuit 70Watt RMS sizes are model OCL Class AB.

How to make a perfboard Prototyping

07/20/2014 22:52:35 PM

A Building various electronics project. The tedious process for me, and almost everyone is the creation PCB prototype form. If we make it difficult for yourself. If you want to order Single sheet It takes a long time. I will assemble the device to Pe

The first my ebook.

07/19/2014 19:49:16 PM

I am a freelance writer, published a book through the publisher. Later I do not sent the manuscript to the publisher. I like to write articles on their own websites, A independent high. But I still love to write books all the time. Yesterday, a frien

Adjustment DC power supply 1.25-15V Max current 0.5 amp

07/19/2014 01:34:49 AM

This is power supply that have Voltage output fine the value has 1.25-15V. From by Output current that be valuable about 0.5 amp that 12V and 0.2 amp that 15V. When Volt , from 220V houses reach transformer. It will modify Volt 220V to be 18VAC alrea

2 Lamp flasher using Mosfet

07/18/2014 02:43:08 AM

we made a Simple flashing light by transistor BC548. It is easy circuit for LED display, but when need to use high watts bulbs or lamps will be extremely tricky. As this circuit We must add both transistors to increase current to load. Today I recomm

Modify old battery charger into automatic using power SCR and CA723

07/17/2014 05:51:31 AM

This is how to modify old Lead-acid battery charger into automatic charger form. To protect battery over charging. We use simple circuit with comparator circuit by CA723 regulator and power SCR cut off current controller. The working principle As Fig

Simple LED torch using single AA 1.5V Battery

07/16/2014 12:37:15 PM

Many people like this circuit It is surprising 1.5V battery can drive LED light, but some say that the circuit not work. Today I would like to introduce simple LED torch circuit which also use single AA 1.5V battery. But there are fewer parts. Such a

The Our Electronics Projects Tested

07/16/2014 02:00:26 AM

Everyone need to build electronic projects certainly work.You do not want to waste time on a circuit that does not work well.It is easy To offer any electronic circuit on the internet.But it is difficult for presenting electronic circuit that really

Class A headphone amplifier using TL072 low noise.

07/15/2014 03:30:47 AM

We will use a Class A stereo headphone amplifier that is very good quality sound. Consists a low noise Op Amp ICs and 2 transistor as main so have very cheap and easy to build. It can increase all audio source such as CD player, the AM, FM radio or o

New my Smoke Absorber and helper

07/14/2014 10:06:32 AM

This is a new smoke absorber and helper which good quality and have a smoke filtration system. I was ever presented a them in “DIY Smoke Absorberand helping hand” which can create by myself, it works well, but bizarre shapes, and no filter. Durin

Refrigerator Door Detector Alarm

07/13/2014 02:12:09 AM

This is a Refrigerator Door detector alarm, it will detect light of lamp in the fridge and alert with buzzer. This projects is small size, easy to make and cheapest. It will alarm when Small child secretly eating candy or medicine stored in the refri

Over and Under voltage protection of electrical appliances

07/11/2014 23:22:15 PM

This is an over and under voltage protection to all electrical appliances are safe. We use electronics circuits, high accurate work is fast LM393, AN6780 and more. Which cut off currents with power relay. I’ve presented this way, it is Over & U

12V battery to 5V 1500mA DC converter regulator

07/10/2014 21:24:19 PM

This is a 5V 1500mA DC regulator circuit. which is simple circuit using IC-7805 to fixed regulator 5 volts and TIP41-NPN power transistor to increase current up to 2A. Example experiment. I use the power supply for 12V battery. To reduce constant pre

Boost converter 5V to 12V

07/09/2014 01:50:15 AM

This circuit offers a variety of Buck DC to DC converters. Because as circuit increase voltage of 5 volts to 12 volts. This circuit is called Boost converter circuit. The primary circuit is shown in Figure 1. According to primary circuit, when switch

Guitar Preamp – over drive using 12AU7

07/08/2014 22:20:53 PM

This is a guitar booster for those with a love for music. act as preamplifier or over drive signal acts soft voice before to the power amplifier or headphones. Highlight is a very clear sound without noise. Because we use 12AU7 vacuum tubes is the ma

How to resolve slowly Internet

07/06/2014 22:58:50 PM

If you have a slow Internet problems. When I open the page Photos show incomplete. This looks to be on all computers and all sites. I find the cause for a long time. At first thought Virus, but not because we are using ubuntu OS. When I touch a modem

DIY simple 12v led light

07/04/2014 03:49:29 AM

A LED light bulb is being popularity more than a conventional light bulb. Because It has high efficiency, low power consumption and thus heat resistant. I buy the 12V LED Light Bulb as Figure 1 For use in cars And general use Figure 1 LED light bu

Very simple preamplifiers using 2N3904

07/03/2014 22:19:30 PM

Hi, Friends. Today I get email from Kunal Banerjee, send a preamplifier projects to published for all to see. It is very simple preamplifier circuit using one 2N3904 transistor only. Though very small, but it still have many useful. He say it low no

My site is attacked

07/03/2014 02:46:38 AM

Hi, Many Friends About a week ago, my site is slow so much that I can access and update the site. The admin said that DDOS attack of very severe until system can not. Now normally, However do not trust. For this reason, I have stopped updating thi

Simple 1.2V AA battery Solar charger circuit

06/30/2014 03:16:53 AM

This is simple 1.2V AA battery Solar charger circuit. If you want to charge only one 1.5V AA battery and must used at outdoor that don’t has home electricity. We will also use fast it so we need to application devices near us. This projects is

0-50V 3A Variable DC power supply

06/27/2014 01:30:41 AM

This regulator is circuit that adjust output voltage wide rage between 0-50V, and Also important is the overcurrent protection circuit at 3 Ampere. Which will immediately cut. The voltage regulation circuit because use IC-LM723 ICs will provide bette

Low pass filter subwoofer using LM324

06/24/2014 10:21:03 AM

This is a low pass filter subwoofer using IC 324 and some other components. which is mr Kunal Banerjee sent to me to publish on our site.It is very useful Thank you very much The Schematic PCB LAYOUT ORIGINAL The PCB layout original PCB SILK ORIGINAL

Two transistors fm wireless microphone circuit

06/24/2014 02:16:28 AM

This FM Wireless Microphone circuit Which adds a transistors in RF amplifier other one. So this circuit have two resonance circuits and also two trimmers. This cause have Higher efficiency And transmission far up. Technical information. Used DC P

Rat and cockroach repeller circuit

06/21/2014 23:25:21 PM

This circuit is a rat and cockroach repeller which use principle of sound waves or ultrasonic cause they annoyed so it escaped away. This is small and cheap because use transistor (no ICs) and super loud since use large piezoelectric but use low curr

Cricket voice with buzzer using LM324

06/18/2014 07:59:04 AM

This is a cricket voice circuit which is an another Sound effects generator byLM324 op-amp and emit by a buzzer. And they have sound similarly the crickets are singing a couple we've ever heard. In circuit we don't use any microcontroller ICs so you

12V Battery charger using UJT

06/17/2014 10:08:09 AM

The most lead-acid battery charger circuit by LM317

06/17/2014 07:17:11 AM

When you want to build the lead-acid battery charger project for 6V battery or 12V. Although there are many methods to choose from. I like using IC LM317 Because easy to use, with minimal equipment. Cheap and good. Today, I try to collection ideas fo

The 4 sound effect using UM3561

06/16/2014 01:13:28 AM

Here is a 4 sound effect that use one IC-UM3561 and a few parts only. It can make siren, Ambulance sirens, Police car sirens, Fire truck siren and Space Machine Gun Sound effect How it does works As Figure 1 is the circuit diagram. To begin with

AM simplify radio with earphone

06/12/2014 10:09:22 AM

This AM simplify radio with earphone is a saving version that use a few parts, cheap , easy to build and Suitable to be assembled to study. Technical information Use power supply of 3 Vdc. Maximum consumption current about 45 mA PCB size : 2.38 x 1.2

How to apply an inductor from the compact Fluorescent Light Bulb Burned Out

06/04/2014 11:06:30 AM

Hi Friends. In the present a small electronics invention. Most of these types of switching circuit. is… An Inductor (or coil) is one device To create problems for me To buy or use. But it is only simply a wire wound into a coil and usually arou

High power 6 LED Flashlight for 1.5V AA battery.

06/03/2014 02:28:10 AM

This circuit look like a torch by use on 1.5V battery only so it can be used. Since small so Easy to carry in various places. And also very bright as well. The technical information Power supply : one 1.5V AA battery. Maximum current used 200mA Uses

Simple Ni-Cad Charger for Solar Cell Radio by BD140

06/01/2014 01:33:25 AM

A solar cell radio used a 3V (or two 1.2V) Ni-Cad battery in it. The battery can not be removed. It use a mini jack socket for charging. Its quiet difficult to find such a voltage charger. Here is the circuit to convert the voltage from the general p

DC to DC step up converter using TDA2004 or TDA2005

05/29/2014 11:15:17 AM

We can increase the DC voltage from 6 volts to 12 volts. Or from 12 volts to 24 volts with a simple model of The DC to DC step up converter circuit with use TDA2005 or TDA2004 as main. This circuit is similar to Simple DC to DC step up converter usin

Automatic OFF 12V Battery Charger by power SCR

05/29/2014 03:02:44 AM

This stop current give battery, when Voltage of battery tall arrive at the level that load with full speed already ahead for protect something charger too much poor distilled dry water. This circuit can is usable very wide can use with battery many m

Simple automatic water level controller circuit

05/26/2014 02:41:28 AM

This is simple automatic water level controller circuit. It will make you more comfortable Because it enables open – close water pump automatically. When full of water, was ordered off the water. But When levels gradually reduced To the require

DIY Super Bright LED USB Laptop Light.

05/21/2014 23:45:58 PM

Now I’m very busy because During this semester’s new son and charge new school. So It must be very adaptable. Sleep faster. And Youngest daughter began to grow and frequently wake up at night to milk. I have to take the laptop to work on

Mini car inverter 60watts using CD4047 and BD249

05/20/2014 02:25:31 AM

The 12 volts of Car battery and converted to AC 220V 60 watt. Then apply to appliances easily. And portability easy with Because of the small. In circuit we use CD4047 and BD249 as main part so is mini circuit. The working principle. When we connect

install ffmpeg ubuntu 14.04

05/20/2014 01:58:30 AM

Hi, friends I borrowed space on the blog, to record remember protection. About installation FFMPEG for Ubuntu 14.04 I can not install it with Ubuntu software center. So have to exert use little terminal. then type: sudo apt-add-repository ppa:jon-sev

Simple DC to DC step up converter using TDA2822

05/18/2014 03:10:07 AM

This is a simple DC to DC step up converter circuit which can increase input voltage of 3-12 volts into 4.5-22 volts at current 1-300 mA. It use small audio amplifier IC as main and use principle doubler voltage 2 times with diode and capacitor only

220V AC siren circuit

05/16/2014 02:33:33 AM

This circuit is a simple siren circuit that use 220V AC as power supply. It is small size and use a piezo speaker cause use low power and saving. How it works This circuit is shown as Figure 1 which we use power source by reducing AC-voltage of 220 v

Simple Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager

05/06/2014 02:10:54 AM

This is simple handheld electronic pulse massager. Which helps relax the muscles by electric pulse waves. Ideal for those muscles all the time, such as standing or hand throughout the day. This machine is small And is powered by 9 volts battery, so i

Nicd and Ni-MH battery charger with automatic cuts off

05/02/2014 19:49:46 PM

If you need a Nicd and Ni-MH battery charger that automatic cuts off. Which is simple circuit, this project is good ways. It use IC-AN4558 OP-AMP IC. Detection of battery voltage when the power is full. And would be cut off immediately. It is a simpl

20watt Integrated Amplifier by TDA2005

05/01/2014 00:23:44 AM

This is small integrated amplifier that many people link it. We use one TDA2004 or TDA2005 IC to increate very nice sound for really beginner. - Many of you would have made a small amplifier. With low are expanding. But the sense that sound loud not

12V to 5V 3A DC converter step down Regulator

04/29/2014 08:38:30 AM

My friend bought a digital camera that can take pictures and videos as well. But he tell that it have restrictions is available not long the battery runs out. He did use an external battery, but the size 5 volts not had to modify the battery lead aci

How to use AAA battery in parallel to increase current.

04/28/2014 21:59:07 PM

I get a lot AAA 1.5V battery from my friend. If still store them, will not have any helpful. Now I have a wall clock which use AA battery size. So cannot use with them. But it not hard over than our endeavor. We need to use AAA battery holder. But I

Simple Non-Contact AC Mains Voltage Detector

04/25/2014 20:59:53 PM

This is simple non-contact AC mains voltage detector next one circuit that use all transistor as main. Which many friends like this circuit. It use CD4060 as main,some people say that Can not find it. Today I would like to introduce another interesti

How to make simple electronic buzzer

04/21/2014 10:22:59 AM

A electronic buzzer is simple. But useful well worth and the price is lower than 1$. By use just a 9-volts battery only. So without worrying about electrical leakage or electric shock from 220V to buzzer. Unless also has LED will glow. Show that the

Automatic night light switch using 741 op-amp.

04/21/2014 02:57:38 AM

We’ve watched a lot of Automatic night light switch circuits. Which I like to use a transistor as base. But now we lets to see IC-op-amp. It is also very simple. As my feelings It has high sensitivity more than one, and with great high accuracy

Simple Two digits counter using CD4026

04/19/2014 01:33:45 AM

This is a simple two digit counter using CD4026 as main parts can display with LED 7 segment 0-99 number There is a reset button to restart. It can be applied to, for example, counting products, counting people into the library, and more. The working

Morning alarm with sunlight using IC-4011

04/17/2014 03:28:02 AM

This is simple circuit that we makes in hobby time or toys for my son but really uses. It will have sound alarm when morning like a normal clock alarm with lighting sensor same clock. We use a IC-4011 CMOS only one and a few components also can gener

Simple Electronic clock sound using IC4011

04/17/2014 01:07:57 AM

The sound of insects such as crickets, cicadas, resulting from flutter briefly. We can use a multivibrator to connects as sound generator circuit to imitate these insects sound. Some electronic clock alarm tone also sounds similar to these insects. A

Simple Tone Generator using inverter logic form.

04/15/2014 23:22:37 PM

We use a simple oscillator circuit in very many projects. I like to use a inverter logic gate since it is easy and cheap. But we do not use it directly. Mostly I use IC4011 nand gates since includes for separate four positive logic nand gate on a sin

20 Electronic Projects # 1

04/11/2014 01:49:36 AM

Now I am Electronic projects circuits blogger. It is hard work and dedicated time. We certainly need an income families. Many years ago, I had main revenue from adsense. Now the sponsor is ads banner And a commission from amazon I am so thankful all

Dual LED Flasher by 2N2907

04/09/2014 04:07:59 AM

This circuit calls more Free Running Multivibrator work resemble Flip Flop. Which encourage itself repeatedly. The Q1 and Q2 be Transistor PNP be usable general (2N3906,2N2907, etc.) The R1 and R2 limit current that flow through LED the bilateral. If

220 volts power inverter using NE555 and MOSFET

04/08/2014 23:11:22 PM

Today I want to show you a 220 volts power inverter circuit. Which it is easy and small size. Because use NE555 and MOSFET as main. This circuit I experiment it work well,When use source is 12V battery will have output of 100 watts. The principle of

1.5V LED flasher using BC556 and BC546

04/07/2014 02:19:37 AM

This is a low voltage LED flasher with 1.5V using BC556 and BC546 transistors. And other electronic devices is 4 resistor and 3 capacitors only. When about 15 years ago, making the LED flasher easy. because I use IC-LM3909 with an external device, on

Non contact ac detector voltage tester using CD4060

04/06/2014 03:00:04 AM

Tools that features equivalent of a professional, easy to use, cheaper, and more importantly, safe for use. For checking to find AC 220 Volt or 120V or call that AC main power in various points have or not? Most use a screwdriver to check the electri

Adjustable AC voltage power supply, 0-30V 3A

04/05/2014 02:22:33 AM

When we experiment a AC power. We always use power transformer as source but it cannot adjust voltage though it have a adjustable form but them too expensive. This project so may a good way of us. This is an Adjustable AC voltage power supply that ap

DIY AC 220V Power Strip for my electronic work bench.

04/04/2014 03:08:16 AM

DIY AC 220V Power Strip for my electronic work bench. In experiment an electronic project that use AC-line as power source. When we turns on-off load or the project. I always remove AC plug input. But it does not convenient and very slow when happens

Best DC power supply 3Amp to adjust 1.2V-20V & 3V-6V-9V-12V

04/03/2014 04:30:47 AM

This is the high quality power supply to provide high current 3A. And still adjust voltage in steps from 3V, 6V, 9V, 12V. adjust voltage is continuous 1.25V to 20V. Using LM317T and 2N3055 are main parts so easy to made and cheap. Friends would known

1.2V-25V at 3Amp Adjustable Regulators using LM350T

04/02/2014 00:15:28 AM

This is a 3A adjustable regulators using IC-LM350T that look like In My first Variable DC Power Supply, but this high current higher than 3-Amp. Therefore they cause you can supply more any load circuit. Which we can buy this IC at many store but exp

Simple baby automatic night light.

04/01/2014 01:39:17 AM

My daughter is about 1 year old, normal to wake request milk. Several times a night. So to turn on lighting up the night. Causing inconvenience And uneconomical. We are thinking to buy a baby night light to replace normal lamp instead. By lower light

Very simple 50 watt inverter using MJ2955

03/29/2014 10:47:13 AM

Today I need to use AC lamp and Soldering iron at outdoor which no 220V AC electrical current. My friend borrow the 150 watt inverter of me, which I used it in car. It does works so well. So I not have any inverter. Therefore I need to build new inve

Simple auto cut off 12V battery charger

03/27/2014 23:29:13 PM

A lead-acid battery charger is most popular though it will very large size than others battery type. But them have advantage are : cheap, easy to buy and long life if correctly uses. The charging is best importance. When I had 10 year old ago. My fat

Diy digital voltmeter panel meter 0-50V

03/27/2014 02:35:01 AM

Friends interested The cheap digital voltmeter using CA3162 and CA3161 very much. But cannot buy ICs since it is very ancient. Now there is digital voltmeter panel meter that easy to use as Figure 1 is 0-50V scale. Display with LED 7 segment. In cost

American & Hong Kong police siren

03/25/2014 01:51:42 AM

Today I suggest siren circuit. Another circuit is very interesting. It can mimic the sound of a American police car and Hong Kong police. By which we use transistors mainly. For is so easy to buy equipment and budget. How does it work. In a Figure 1

Simple Ni-cad battery charger with little parts

03/25/2014 01:49:10 AM

Nicad battery as the battery is good. Commonly used. If you do not have a battery charger. I recommend this circuit. It is suitable for beginners. But still works great. Charging batteries are commonly used in the circuit because it’s cheap. Be

Simple SCR tester.

03/23/2014 02:13:26 AM

As usual, we can check a SCR with a plain multimeter. But it is not easy. This circuit is very useful. We can know the location pin on the gate lead, anode lead and cathode lead. And can also test diode, LED and Triac. The SCR devices kind, when take

My first Variable DC Power Supply 1.2V to 30V 1A by LM317

03/22/2014 08:00:02 AM

If you are beginner in electronics and you want to have a great power supply. This project is design for you. It can supply voltage 1.2V to 30V at all range is 1A. New update Please read below this article. This is the First DC power supply in my lif

Infrared switch is controlled by a TV remote.

03/21/2014 02:02:47 AM

Nowadays Appliances used to control almost any function with remote control. But can not put the remote to control other electrical appliances. We can do this project With the following - Can be used with almost any infrared remote. - Can choose to w

Simple high level water alarm

03/19/2014 00:20:03 AM

This is a simple high level water alarm circuit diagram which we need to build it since: Outdoor fish pond The water level will drop rapidly. We need to check the water level regularly. The water had to be done very carefully. Should not be too hard

Battery voltage monitor circuit by LM339

03/16/2014 02:06:36 AM

This simple low voltage tester circuit can be used to monitor battery and other voltage sources of current for problems, by LED display and alarm sound. Which this circuit is used to check voltage of 9-volts battery. Description We use a LM339 Quad C

Nicad and NiMH Battery Charger by IC LM317T

03/13/2014 12:01:28 PM

Here is circuit diagram of the Nicad Battery Charger. It use IC LM317T ( Hot IC) Control Current less 300mA, Size battery 2.4V,4.8V,9.6V.It Low cost circuit. This is a NiCAD battery charger circuit. High-quality, Not necessary to have a full charge a

Two way 12 LED running lights using CD4017 and NE555

03/13/2014 04:17:52 AM

This Two way LED running lights to use for beautiful, this circuit uses 12 LED lamps, arranged in 2 rows, each row of 6 leds. A green one and a red one, alternatively. use a different color for this. Technical information -The power supply of 6-12 VD

5 channel graphic equalizer by BC548 transistor

03/12/2014 01:47:39 AM

Micro Inverter using TIP41 or 2N6121

03/11/2014 01:40:55 AM

This is Micro inverter or The inverter very small-sized, perform modify from the energy battery the small-sized , have the value voltage about 220V AC Volt 50HZ. By the circuit composes 2 transistors performs pulse oscillator generator or Square wave

Power supply regulator +15V -15V 1A by IC 7815 & 7915

03/10/2014 04:54:02 AM

ECG simulator using CD4521 and CD4017

03/08/2014 19:27:20 PM

ECG is very useful in the medical community. Such as experimental research and development of bio-medical imaging. But this should not be taken with patients because we do not want that. The real purpose is that it is used to preview a heart rate onl

LED Chaser by IC 4017 + IC 555

03/08/2014 07:50:07 AM

If you want to build a 10 LED Chaser circuit we suggest this circuit first. It uses popular IC is a simple and affordable IC-4017_decade counter and IC-555. As Figure 1 is LED chaser circuit whicn The CD4017 act as LED driver in 10 output, by LED wil

Many Logic probe circuit ideas.

03/08/2014 06:33:11 AM

Logic probe is useful tool to measure, in a check digital circuits. As a meter, which is used to measure power in electrical circuits. Logic probe was used for detection logic “1″ and “0″ or pulse in a digital circuit. It has

10 LED roulette with TC4011-LM4017

03/08/2014 06:15:49 AM

If you get the job From teaching science to electronics projects. Elementary education level. This project is right. Is the LED roulette circuits. They uses the principles of digital ICs.Create an integrated LED flashing to the rhythm. And then stopp

The screen protector for glass LCD laptop.

03/06/2014 00:55:26 AM

Now A laptop computer has a LCD screen is glass panels. Which have high colorfully and contrast.The disadvantage is reflected into our eyes. So annoying. New Asus laptop AC-400 of me same them. I solved the problem by installing a screen protector. A

Automatic led night light switch

03/05/2014 08:00:54 AM

This is the night lighting system with LED display, and from battery power. Because the house is not convenient plug So the charging system with a solar cell. Moderately convenient to use. At night, the LED lights up and LED daytime off and electrici

CD4069 inverter gate circuit

03/02/2014 23:24:33 PM

A CD4069 consists of six inverter gate circuit in 14 DIP packets. It is made with CMOS technology so can be use on wide supply voltage range : 3.0volts to 15volts,low power consumption, high noise immunity: 0.45Vdd typ. And Low power TTL compatibilit

New projects and update : Sat 01 Feb 2014

03/01/2014 02:47:53 AM

LM383 is Linear 7-watts Audio Power Amplifier in TO-220 package. The tweeter speaker protection circuit Three led flasher by 3 transistor astable multivibrator How to modify adapter for philips Electric shaver More Email Before New projects and updat

LM383 is Linear 7-watts Audio Power Amplifier in TO-220 package.

02/26/2014 03:59:31 AM

It is a high power amplifiers suited for automotive application or many car systems. (14.4-volts supply) and use high current capability of 3.5-amps. It is current limited and thermally protected. Connection diagram The Features - High peak current c

The tweeter speaker protection circuit

02/24/2014 14:23:09 PM

This is The small tweeter speaker protection circuit It can be packed into any speaker cabinet, and does not require a power supply as well. Normally high powered audio system. Internal circuitry prevents speaker damage with always packed.It focuses

Three led flasher by 3 transistor astable multivibrator

02/20/2014 10:40:21 AM

We used the two LED flasher with transistors only. Today we come to experiment the three LED flasher as Figure 1 that also used astable mutivibrator with three transistors. They are used to drive all LEDs. The Flash rate of LED1-LED3 in each frequenc

How to modify adapter for philips Electric shaver

02/16/2014 21:19:28 PM

Almost every man has a mustache And when necessary to shave. When I was young, I used a razor because it’s cheap, but it’s not economical for daily use. So I buy a philips Electric shaver, it cost 15$ for 20 years ago. Figure 1 The philip

Jumbo digital clock using simple CMOS ICs

02/15/2014 21:51:11 PM

This is a Digital clock large size: 6 CM, cause can see clear on Very clearly in the range of 10 meters, even in the dark, because the display is easy to read numbers. This projects use all CMOS ICs that easy to buy in store than the Cheap Digital ti

CD4013 Dual D-type Flip-flops datasheet

02/12/2014 04:08:27 AM

The CD4013 or IC-4013 is a CMOS logic chip with two D-Type (DATA) Flip-flops. A clock pulse flow to C (clock pin), will store the data at the D input. Connect clock and a both Q output to make a toggle flip-flop for counting. For example use them:1HZ

Infrared Remote control 50 feet 2 Channel

02/09/2014 21:48:37 PM

This infrared remote control can control working of 2 channel or can use to control two Electric appliance, each one on-off freely and a maximum of 300 watts on Control distance is 50 feet. How does it work. We will describes the operation of this pr

CD4017 CMOS-Decade counter/divider

02/07/2014 02:26:34 AM

CD4017 CMOS-Decade counter/divider When we build the 10 LEDs running light for hobby. Often use CD4017 CMOS-IC. This really neat chip contains a counter and a decoder circuit, that can show a single output pin for each count from 0 to 9. And also use

Daylight sensor switch circuit.

02/05/2014 08:20:11 AM

My wife would like to control an Air pump (looked like this projects), to works only daylight hours. To save electricity and help extend the use of the air pump. I so select a light switch controller Because there are less devices and easily build. W

Drive relay by digital circuit

02/02/2014 19:48:55 PM

Use an output pulse from a digital circuit to controls transistor ON and drive the relay as switch ON-OFF to any circuits or external devices. The Controlling electronic circuits, Electrical devices in homes or factories. We often use the relay It is

DIY Circular Saw table

01/31/2014 22:25:42 PM

Woodworking is an activity that I enjoy very much. The secondary from the electronics. But I did not study directly. So View from youtube mainly. Wood cutting is very important. If it does not cut straight or 90 degrees. When assembly is a piece of w

Cheap Rechargeable 12V 7AH Battery

01/31/2014 08:31:08 AM

Today I login my affiliate-program.amazon.com see some order good for everyone. “Rechargeable 12V 7AH Sealed Battery” List Price: $54.90 Now Price: $9.81 You Save: $45.09 (82%) It very cheap battery for make many projects. Normally batter

The logic gate without IC

01/30/2014 20:06:07 PM

The past, we’ve used only a digital logic circuit by IC. But, in truth. We do not need any Ics, may use Switch or Diode or transistors connected as a logic circuit. Try to see Figure 1 which use switch and diode connected as AND and OR gate , T

The experiment touch switch using JK-flip-flop as RS-flip flop.

01/28/2014 06:24:17 AM

In the previous circuit, we use JK-flip-flop in as RS-FF. We will use pin R and S of flip-flops, by stores data of pin J, K and CK(clock). The experiment about the touch switch just to use your finger to touch them only also can turns ON-OFF circuit,

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