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It is not yet goodbye

03/12/2014 03:29:38 AM

There have been many times in the past few months, when I had thought of quitting blogging altogether. My last post was nearly 6 months back. Life has been on a tumultuous ride since the past few years and I have been trying to hold on to my sanity, > read more

Some days are just blah!

09/25/2013 05:52:48 AM

It starts with a small itchy sensation in your nose and a scratchy feeling in your throat. You sneeze a few times and blame it on the dust and pollution and carry on with your day. You sniffle a few times and think that it will go away on its own. Su > read more

Winner of Caption Contest 27 "You think you are funny?"

09/23/2013 01:53:36 AM

Here are the winners of the Caption Contest 27 > read more

A woman of many hues

09/06/2013 05:53:15 AM

She was my first friend on foreign soil. She held my hand and was a strong support for me, when I moved to the UK and settled in a new job. Her name is Nirali Pandya and she plays many roles every day, that of a friend, a wife, a mother and an entrep > read more

Caption Contest 27 "You think you are funny?"

09/04/2013 00:16:29 AM

This is Caption Contest 27 > read more

The Split 3

08/30/2013 08:18:45 AM

Check out > read more

The Split

08/28/2013 07:49:29 AM

Part 1I am making the filling for Ukdiche Modak, a sweet made as an offering to Lord Ganesha on Ganesh Chaturthi, a festival celebrated by Maharashtrians all over the world. One needs to use deft fingers to mold the hot rice paste into domes, filling > read more

The Split 2

08/25/2013 07:25:14 AM

Shruti's reverie was broken as Vikas walked in the kitchen and picked up his cup of tea and sat in front of the television, to watch a Cricket match. She sat at the dining table with her tea wondering when things had changed so much. She had started > read more

Some bit of drivel and other wow moments

08/20/2013 12:07:01 PM

I know, I have been blogging sporadically and not visiting other blogs. The dwindling comments on my previous posts are a testimony for this erratic behavior. Okay... I have to admit, I have been plain lazy, distracted and having quite bit of fun. > read more

Winner of Caption Contest 26 "You think you are funny?"

08/19/2013 11:38:11 AM

Here is the winner of the Caption Contest 26 > read more

Caption Contest 26 "You think you are funny?"

08/14/2013 06:40:45 AM

This is Caption Contest 26 'You think you are funny?Please give a funny caption to the picture below.Picture Courtesy: GoogleAll the Best. > read more

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