Mini Marzipan Birds’ Nests Tutorial – Center Parcs Family Blogger April Challenge

Even I think these are cute! Tiny mouthfuls of marzipan with a mini egg all disguised as Birds’ Nests. For people that are r..

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Mini Marzipan Birds’ Nests Tutorial – Center Parcs Family Blogger April Challenge

04/16/2014 14:53:54 PM

Even I think these are cute! Tiny mouthfuls of marzipan with a mini egg all disguised as Birds’ Nests. For people that are rather fond of grammar, I’ve had massive arguments with myself about where the apostrophe goes! I’ve was set

Raspberry, Almond & White Chocolate Loaf Cake – Bake of the Week

04/14/2014 16:11:41 PM

We had a wonderful day yesterday – an impromptu visit to Abersoch, one of our favourite places in the world. We couldn’t fit in a night away but decided to go for it and do the 2.5 hour journey and back in one day. With LOTS of stops and

Easy Peasy Mackerel Pate – 5 Ingredients or less recipe

04/12/2014 15:04:52 PM

Warning! You may get seriously addicted to this! This is easily one of the simplest but tastiest recipes ever. I first had this Mackerel Pate at my Auntie’s for lunch a while ago and knew Mr C would love it. He is a massive mackerel fan but I&#

Quorn Ambassador

04/11/2014 07:24:58 AM

I’m very pleased to announce that as of April 2014, I am now a Quorn Blog Ambassador. There are various reasons for this, but mainly the desire to improve my health and eating habits. I’m never going to be a diet queen – I love cake

Caramel Coconut Creation – Bake of the Week

04/09/2014 10:59:43 AM

This one took me completely by surprise by how popular it was. I say was because it is long gone. This was definitely one of those ‘messing around’ recipes that just seemed to work. It started as needing something to give the kids the nex

When Casa Costello visited Center Parcs, Whinfell

04/06/2014 10:33:51 AM

We are well known for a our love of holidays and equally well known for our love of Center Parcs. Even before we became Center Parcs Family Bloggers, we had spent several holidays both at Whinfell and Sherwood Firest. We were in no doubt that we woul

Stuffed Bacon & Worcestershire Sauce Sweet Potatoes

04/02/2014 04:34:04 AM

Now, I know these don’t look pretty but Oh My, they are absolutely gorgeous! I can’t tell you just how tasty they are – you’ve just got to make them and see. They’ll never be neat enough or easy to eat to be served at a

Frozen Inspired Food – Marshmallow Olafs

04/01/2014 07:04:20 AM

It was a very exciting day for my children yesterday. Violet has never been the same since we took her to see the movie, Frozen just after Christmas. She has lived and breathed that film. Like a lot of children, she knows every word of every song. Sh

Oaty Cookies – Bake of the Week

03/31/2014 17:20:17 PM

These are perfect to bake with toddlers. They don’t use too many ingredients, not too complicated and they are robust enough that even a toddler can mess around with them and they still turn out. I’ve never found it easy baking with toddl

Sticky Gingercake – Bake of the Week

03/25/2014 02:10:51 AM

Well, we’re back from a fantastic time at Center Parcs. Lots more about that to follow but for now I want to share my latest Bake of the Week entry. I make this Sticky Gingercake a lot when we are going somewhere for a few days – It lasts

Painting with Kids – Center Parcs March Challenge

03/21/2014 02:27:03 AM

I was always a bit scared of painting with my first 2 children. It always seemed like a lot of hard work and an activity that could easily get out of hand. There’s something that makes me feel all ‘Earth Mothery’ about getting the p

Happy St Patrick’s Day Cake

03/17/2014 13:31:54 PM

Happy St Patrick’s Day – Have some cake! (and possibly some Guinness to wash it down with!)How will you be celebrating or do you not bother? I’ll be going to a cookery demonstration tonight with WI pals and maybe persuaded to pop in

Mini Lemon & Lime Scones

03/14/2014 01:37:30 AM

Scones or scohnes?! Which are you? Being a northern girl, I’m definitely a Scones with an ‘o’ rather than an ‘oh’. Even though I love the comforting taste of scones and love how quick and easy they are to prepare, someti

Vegetarian Chickpea and Lentil Curry

03/10/2014 02:33:13 AM

I’ve never thought of myself as a real meat-eater but every year 2 days come along that test me in meal preparation. They are Ash Wednesday and Good Friday – I was always brought up not to eat meat on those days and have memories of Mum &

Nutella Bread – Daring Bakers February

02/28/2014 07:34:35 AM

It doubled in size! It doubled at last! You know in a recipe when it says ‘leave to prove until it has doubled’? That’s the bit where it usually fails for me. At most, I tend to have a tiny twitch of yeasty activity but at long, lon

Baked Cadbury’s Creme Egg Cheesecake

02/23/2014 13:42:18 PM

Warning! If you are on a health kick, you might want to look away NOW! When I posted an Instagram picture of this going into the oven, someone described it as ‘Heart Attack alert’. This is definitely a recipe for small portions (and its n

Wigan Food Festival 2014

02/23/2014 07:11:57 AM

Its not often you find someone from St Helens talking freely about Wigan – The 2 towns have a fierce rugby rivalry. When food is involved though, that’s different! I was invited a couple of weeks ago, to the preview dinner of the Wigan Fo

Pancake Fillings from East India Company – Review

02/22/2014 02:24:08 AM

I’ve rambled on before about how often we have Pancakes in this house – Its definitely not a once a year occasion. I’m slightly more conservative than the kids – Its hard to get me to deviate from a lemon/sugar topping/filling

Cinnamon Sugar & Pecan Popcorn and The Great British Sewing Bee

02/19/2014 09:47:12 AM

I’ve been meddling with the popcorn again. Last time, the event was New Year, this time it is the return of the Great British Sewing Bee. Very unusually, both my sisters and me were round at our Mum’s for a child free evening (if you coun

Knorr Gravy Pots Review and the Ultimate Yorkshire Pudding Recipe

02/19/2014 02:56:34 AM

There’s one meal that I can guarantee my 3 girls will devour in silence – A Sunday Dinner/Sunday Roast (whatever you call it they still eat it!) Whether we go out to eat on a Sunday (not very often) or cook a meal here (not that often eit

Tractor Cake & Rice Krispie Treats Tutorial

02/13/2014 01:21:44 AM

I’ve come out of retirement AGAIN! My brother-in-law was 40 last week so out came the sugarcraft equipment. Since I last did a ‘proper’ cake, our one and only sugarcraft shop in St Helens has closed so it was a bit of a challenge to

Life as a Synchro Mum

02/05/2014 00:58:01 AM

2 years ago we set out on a journey that we had no idea would take over ours and Millie’s life. 2 years ago last week, Millie attended her first ever synchronised swimming lesson in Manchester. God knows why we thought it was a good idea to all

World’s Best Cakes: Cookbook Review

01/28/2014 04:58:00 AM

I’ve mentioned before how much of a cookbook addict I am. Every now and then, though, a book comes along that I just can’t get enough of – You know the sort, you take it to bed to read, you have a list as long as your arm of recipes

Chicken Leftovers Casserole with Herby Dumplings

01/24/2014 06:05:00 AM

When Sainsbury’s challenged me to come up with a recipe using leftovers, I knew straight away one that I would chose. Me, Derm & Tara love this dish – M & V pretend they hate it by taking it for a walk around their plate/bowl – whic

Food Technology – The start of a new era

01/16/2014 16:47:14 PM

There is great excitement in the Costello household this evening. Tomorrow sees the 11yo’s first ever practical Food Tech class (At school – obviously the 11 years that I’ve been trying to teach her in the kitchen don’t count!

Jersey Black Butter Review & La Mare Chocolate Giveaway

01/16/2014 01:22:54 AM

When I was asked by the people from Jersey Tourism and Travel Service, if I’d like to test some of their local food, I was very intrigued. I’d never heard of Jersey Black Butter before but it sounded so mysterious. I loved the thought of

Bacon, Mushroom & Tomato Arancini – Daring Cooks January 2014

01/14/2014 11:06:00 AM

If I had to describe Arancini, I’d say they are Fried Risotto Balls. I have to admit when I saw what they were, I did think was it worth the effort – Risotto is one of my most favourite meals and I couldn’t see that by frying it in

Chocolate Orange Swiss Roll

01/09/2014 16:00:39 PM

This house is a diet free zone in January, I’m afraid. What we do believe in, is plenty of home cooked, delicious and comforting food for what some consider to be the most depressing month of the year. We live with an athlete and its my job to

East India Tea Company – Afternoon Tea Hampers

01/06/2014 09:15:58 AM

I’m well known for my love of a good brew – I’m seldom seen without a cup in my hand. What better to accompany a good cuppa than a biscuit? When the East India Company sent me some First Estate Assam tea and Butter Shortbread biscui

Celebration Popcorn & Some Foodie Resolutions

12/31/2013 17:23:27 PM

I’m having the most perfect New Year’s Eve tonight. We went to the Pantomime at the Liverpool Empire earlier with the girls, been for a delicious Italian meal at Il Forno in Liverpool, had drinks at our friends for a few hours afterwards

Winter Hands and New Babies – with Dettol

12/31/2013 04:47:53 AM

I was set the task by the good people at Dettol to come up with some tips of how to look after your hands. Its due to get a lot colder shortly and from my experience, hands soon start to suffer. Before I had babies, I didn’t appreciate how many

Apple Fritters – With and Without Sage

12/30/2013 01:48:15 AM

I’m all over the sales this year – no, not clothes, shoes and handbags. I’m talking about the bargains to be had in the food aisle. So far we have devoured a turkey from Tesco that should have been £32 but on Boxing Day was reduced

Panforte – Nibbles for Visitors

12/28/2013 16:22:11 PM

I always thought that Panforte had to contain chocolate. I loved it when other people made it but never really felt inspired to make my own – There was always enough chocolate around our house at Christmas to sink a ship. When I started researc

Turkey, Chestnut, Bacon & Prosecco Oven-Baked Risotto

12/27/2013 15:46:22 PM

Well doesn’t this recipe just scream LEFTOVERS?? And you would be right, My sister arrived yesterday with a turkey bought from Teseco – It should have been £32 but was reduced to £4.95. She obviously couldn’t leave it there for th

A Christmas Message …

12/24/2013 14:26:37 PM

Thought the Minions could say it better than I could! Wishing you A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my posts, commented and taken part in competitions during the past year. I hope everyone has someone to sha

Stollen Recipe

12/23/2013 04:36:26 AM

Stollen is a German fruitcake said to sometimes contain marzipan – Sometimes??? Every time in our house. I wasn’t sure whether it was classed as a bread or a cake but my research has declared that it is most definitely CAKE. All other Sto

Peach, Marzipan & Amaretto Crumble

12/22/2013 02:37:04 AM

Sometimes we just need a comforting, hot,easy dessert. One that uses up fruit about to go past its prime is even better. I’m guilty of buying peaches but forgetting to use them. I know my girls like them but unless I chop them up and plonk them

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