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Changing Our Minds

06/29/2015 07:06:00 AM

Habits of Minds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Many skeptics, atheists, and/or freethinkers pride themselves on their willingness to change their mind on the basis of reason, evidence, or other new information. This should be a source of pride and should b > read more

Obergefell as a Tipping Point

06/27/2015 08:30:00 AM

By Daderot (Own work), via Wikimedia CommonsThe news out of the Supreme Court this week (i.e., Obergefell v. Hodges) was fantastic and long overdue. Congratulations and thanks to every person who has been working to bring about marriage equality in t > read more

Parent Sues Indiana Teacher for Segregating Atheist 2nd-Grader

06/26/2015 07:01:00 AM

Balanza de la Justicia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Suppose that you are the parent of a 2nd-grader attending public school. Your child and his or her classmates are playing on the playground shortly before lunch. One of the children asks your child if h > read more

Time For 'In God We Trust' To Go

06/25/2015 05:34:00 AM

When you walk into a building owned and operated by your city, county, state, or federal government, you generally do so for a reason. Unless you work there or are just sightseeing, you have almost certainly come to this building for a specific purpo > read more

Giving Advice to Teens Wanting to Tell Their Parents of Their Atheism

06/23/2015 05:26:00 AM

Spend any time on the atheism subreddit at Reddit, and you will see countless pleas for help from teenage atheists seeking advice for how to "come out" to their parents. In nearly all of them, the teen describes how desperately he or she wants to tel > read more

A Replacement Flag for South Carolina

06/22/2015 14:22:00 PM

Calls for South Carolina to take down the Confederate flag flying at the state capitol have intensified so much that Gov. Nikki Haley and Sen. Lindsey Graham have both flip-flopped (Republicanspeak for changing one's mind) and are now calling for its > read more

Racism, Guns, Flags, and Angry Young White Men

06/21/2015 10:55:00 AM

The "Confederate Flag", a rectangular variant of the Battle Flag. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)The recent shooting in Charleston appears to have been about racism, at least in terms of alleged shooter's likely motive and choice of target. Access to guns > read more

Explaining Trump

06/19/2015 12:31:00 PM

Donald Trump speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on February 10, 2011. (Photo by Gage Skidmore via Wikipedia)There are many things about the U.S. that I've never been able to explain to observers living in other countries who have inquired. Evolution > read more

Voat as a Reddit Alternative

06/19/2015 06:23:00 AM

Reddit is a tremendously popular site that features a combination of link aggregation, discussion, active online communities (i.e., subreddits), and more. I have used it for the past 8 years to do some occasional blog promotion (and not just for my o > read more

Rebutting Accusations of Free Speech Absolutism

06/18/2015 05:26:00 AM

The subject of free speech and when it is acceptable to place limits on it is a difficult one. Opinions differ, and emotions often run high. Not surprisingly, one of the many ways that discussions on this subject can break down is through name callin > read more

My Worst Fear

06/17/2015 05:43:00 AM

Image via WikipediaLike most humans, I am afraid of all sorts of things. Many of my fears are irrational. My rational mind knows that the fear is not realistic but it still manages to have an emotional impact. I'll give you an example. I am afraid of > read more

I Am Both a Social Justice Warrior and a Shitlord

06/16/2015 05:03:00 AM

See more on Know Your MemeIn the span of a week, I have been angrily denounced as a "social justice warrior" by a self-identified conservative and called a "shitlord" by an angry feminist. I know it sounds a bit cliche, but I can't help thinking that > read more

Contemporary Christianity: Identity Rather Than Doctrine?

06/14/2015 08:05:00 AM

The Theotokos of Vladimir, one of the most venerated of Orthodox Christian icons of the Virgin Mary. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)One of the most common criticisms atheists make of Christians is their tendency to read whatever they want (if they read it > read more

Loving Thy Neighbor Unless...

06/12/2015 06:34:00 AM

When you hear Islam referred to as a "religion of peace," what is the first thought or image that flashes through your mind? Now let's try a somewhat more difficult question. When you hear an evangelical fundamentalist Christian claim something along > read more

The Problem With Prayer

06/11/2015 05:45:00 AM

I wonder how long most prayers last. Ten minutes seems excessive. I'd guess most don't last more than a minute or two. Even the more elaborate ones I remember hearing in church never lasted longer than that. And regardless of their length, they all a > read more

The Amplification of Good Ideas

06/10/2015 05:57:00 AM

An amplifier by Marshall Amplification, MG15DFX. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)As I headed into 2015 hoping to scale back my online activity a bit, I found myself asking what I might do when I did not have time to write a post. I decided I would try to do > read more

What is Freethought?

06/09/2015 06:04:00 AM

How do we acquire knowledge? How do we decide what is true? When we are confronted with a novel claim about the world, how to we determine whether it has merit? Do we believe it because powerful others say that we should, because our ancestors believ > read more

The New and Improved Rick Perry

06/08/2015 08:23:00 AM

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry ran for president in 2012. It may be difficult for some to recall, but his campaign started out quite strong. According to CNN, he led the pack with 29% support from Republicans and right-leaning independent voters within > read more

Overcome Your Duggar Fatigue and Keep Boosting That Signal

06/07/2015 09:14:00 AM

Are you sick and tired of hearing about the Josh Duggar child molestation scandal yet? Me too. That's probably why I've only written so little about it here. "Duggar fatigue" has set in to the point where I find myself skipping over stories about it. > read more

On Bloggers' Obligation to Correct False Material

06/05/2015 05:48:00 AM

I write for many reasons, but one of the big ones is that I find the act of writing often helps to clarify my thoughts in areas where they may benefit from clarification. This post is a good example in that it deals with a controversial topic about w > read more

How I Became An Atheist

06/04/2015 05:22:00 AM

Of all the questions I receive here by email, the most common one might be some version of "How did you become an atheist?" The person asking this question almost always identifies himself or herself as a Christian, and the question is often delivere > read more

'Listen and Believe' is Not Consistent With Freethought or Skepticism

06/03/2015 06:11:00 AM

Some contemporary feminists have argued that we should all "listen and believe" whenever a woman accuses a man of harassment, abuse, or even rape. We should do this rather than seeking evidence, adopting an attitude of skepticism or being patient as > read more

Bernie Sanders: David to Clinton's Goliath?

06/02/2015 05:54:00 AM

"Bernie Sanders" by United States Congress - under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons. Those of us residing in the United States are supposed to root for the underdog. We want to see the scrappy young team come ou > read more

Cultural Shift on LGBT Equality

06/01/2015 11:44:00 AM

In a provocative article for Falls Church News-Press, Wayne Besen explained how one's position on the question of same-sex marriage has become an important indicator of how people, nations, and even religions will be evaluated by others.At once, it d > read more

Teaching Your Children About Christian Mythology

06/01/2015 05:55:00 AM

Ancient Greek buildings and structures in Athens (Photo credit: Wikipedia)If you are a parent with young children residing in a predominately Christian country such as the United States, you can be sure of one thing: it is only a matter of time until > read more

The Enemy of My Enemy is Not Necessarily My Friend

05/31/2015 09:09:00 AM

Miniature of Muhammad re-dedicating the Black Stone at the Kaaba. From Jami Al-Tawarikh, c. 1315 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)I've been asked a few times for my thoughts on the recent anti-Islam protest in Phoenix. My thoughts on the subject are fairly m > read more

Counterproductive Atheist Memes: Not Enough Lions

05/30/2015 10:55:00 AM

"What's wrong with the world today? Too many Christians and not enough lions." You have probably heard this or variations of this statement from various atheists online. It is one of the many anti-theistic memes which seem to circulate constantly on > read more

How to Create Safe Spaces Online

05/28/2015 08:16:00 AM

"Safe spaces" is a term that has generated some controversy among atheists and freethinkers because of some of the ways it has been misapplied. But in at least one respect, everybody needs safe spaces. We all need to be able to get away from the stre > read more

Helping Atheist Teens

05/27/2015 05:39:00 AM

Back when I was a teenager and struggling to come to terms with the inescapable realization that I no longer believed in gods, the world was a very different place than it is today. I wasn't sure what atheism was. I had never even heard of anyone in > read more

Bad Acts Motivated By Religion

05/26/2015 05:13:00 AM

Fans protest Michael Jackson's innocence in the child molestation scandal in 2004 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)If you were keeping a file in which to store all the evidence pointing to the harm caused by religion, it would have overflowed long ago. While > read more

Bishop: The Catholic Church Will Outlive the Victims of Its Crimes

05/25/2015 08:10:00 AM

The Big Miner at Ballarat in Victoria, Australia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)As many of you are probably aware, the Catholic church is under fire once again for...well...the usual reason. Australia is the location this time, and hearings are underway t > read more

Judge Not Lest Ye Be Duggared

05/24/2015 07:44:00 AM

Judge not, that ye be not judged.For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is > read more

If You're Not Gay, Why Do You Care About Gay Rights?

05/23/2015 13:01:00 PM

Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Logo. HRC is one of the largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) equal rights organizations in the United States. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)I receive more questions from readers than I'll ever have time to ans > read more

A Concise Summary of the Josh Duggar Debacle

05/22/2015 14:06:00 PM

Let me see if I've got this right. Someone I've never heard of, Josh Duggar, who is part of a reality TV show I've never heard of ("19 Kids and Counting") and the Executive Director of the Family Research Council's FRC Action is in the news because r > read more

No Response to My Prayers

05/21/2015 13:58:00 PM

Prayers at the entry of the Jokhang temple (Photo credit: Wikipedia)After several years of regular prayer, I found myself becoming increasingly frustrated with the total lack of response. Other Christians claimed that the god in which we all believed > read more

Freethought and the Opportunity to Learn

05/21/2015 05:38:00 AM

Let the child explore and learn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)I have certainly had the experience of reading content that was largely consistent with my point of view and learning something from it. I would never dismiss the value of content with which I > read more

Can a Judge Legally Lead Prospective Jurors in Sectarian Prayer?

05/20/2015 11:01:00 AM

This is Swampyank's copy of "The Jury" by John Morgan, painted in 1861, and now in the Bucks County Museum in England. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Many of you have been summoned for jury duty. And if so, you know that you are legally obligated to report > read more

Making Jesus Cool

05/20/2015 05:30:00 AM

Many of the Christian churches that litter the U.S. landscape undoubtedly notice when the number of empty pews in their sanctuaries seems to increase year after year. If the numbers we keep seeing reported in the news media concerning declining relig > read more

Religious Groups Engaging in 'Competitive Philanthropy'

05/19/2015 13:39:00 PM

By Clemensmarabu, via Wikimedia CommonsNalika Gajaweera has an interesting post up at Religion Dispatches in which she examines competition among faith-based groups doing charity work in the aftermath of the earthquake in Nepal. While she seems to ha > read more

Increasing the Political Activity of Atheists

05/19/2015 09:00:00 AM

United States Presidential Primaries 2008, Democratic turnout as a percentage of total turnout. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Don't let anybody ever tell you that voter apathy doesn't win elections. Voter apathy does win elections; it just wins them for t > read more

Christian Terrorist Awaiting Sentencing

05/18/2015 13:52:00 PM

FBI Police charger (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Most U.S. Christians are not terrorists. Not even most Christian extremists are terrorists. But again and again, it seems that those few who actually deserve the "terrorist" label rarely receive it because > read more

A Bleak Future Without Freethought

05/18/2015 05:54:00 AM

Massimo Pigliucci (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Those of us living in the U.S. received a bit of good news last week in the form of the 2014 U.S. Religious Landscape Study from the Pew Research Center. The number of adults identifying themselves as Christ > read more

What I Read This Morning

05/17/2015 07:51:00 AM

By Luis Argerich, via Wikimedia Commons > read more

Expressing Ourselves Without Trying to Silence Others

05/16/2015 08:26:00 AM

When a university decides to bring a controversial speaker to campus, the students have a right to express their disagreement with the decision. I think that everyone can agree with this. Where the agreement breaks down is (1) whether students should > read more

Using the #FtBullies Hashtag Unironically

05/15/2015 06:04:00 AM

Photo by Richard Leeming For those of you who use Twitter, how would you describe the purpose of hashtags? If I'm not mistaken, the primary point of adding a hashtag to one's tweet is that doing so indicates the topic bei > read more

Which God Are You Talking About?

05/14/2015 05:32:00 AM

Do you remember that hour-long documentary on atheism CNN aired awhile ago? It was called Atheism: Inside the World of Non-Believers, and I believe it was broadcast in late March. I was busy when it aired, so I recorded it to the DVR and then forgot > read more

Don't Put Your Faith Over Your Child

05/13/2015 10:43:00 AM

I'd like to address this one to the Christian parents out there who are feeling upset because they have recently learned that their child is an atheist. If you are a Christian parent to whom this has not yet happened, you might want to save this post > read more

Christianity in Decline

05/13/2015 05:16:00 AM

> read more

Supporting Freedom of Expression But...

05/12/2015 06:06:00 AM

> read more

Is #BlackLivesMatter the Next Civil Rights Movement?

05/10/2015 09:01:00 AM

Dr. Martin Luther King giving his "I Have a Dream" speech during the March on Washington in Washington, D.C., on 28 August 1963. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)I need to begin this post with a disclaimer in order to help the reader put what I am about to s > read more

My Day of Reason

05/07/2015 14:30:00 PM

Today is the National Day of Prayer in the U.S. And by prayer, everyone knows we mean Christian prayer. No, we aren't quite a Christian theocracy, but we're closer than some of us would like. And while some of us would prefer a National Day of Reason > read more

Free Expression for Employees of Secular Organizations

05/07/2015 05:20:00 AM

When an employee of a non-profit organization that relies heavily on donations to support itself uses her public Twitter account - a Twitter account that clearly identifies her as working for the organization - to express views that are potentially c > read more

Atheists With a Broad View of Social Justice

05/06/2015 06:19:00 AM

By Tesseract2, via Wikimedia CommonsBeing an atheist does not mean that one necessarily wants to make the world a better place. One could be an atheist and be completely apathetic about such things. One could be an atheist and feel thoroughly hopeles > read more

Christians: We Are Not Bigots!

05/05/2015 05:29:00 AM

By Brendan Hickey, via Wikimedia CommonsAs I'm sure you have noticed, many evangelical fundamentalist Christians have been struggling to face up to their bigoted attitudes toward LGBT persons. It is almost as if they are beginning to recognize that t > read more

Atheist Infighting as the Bad Reality TV Show We Love

05/04/2015 06:09:00 AM

Stars of the original reality tv show, colour (Photo credit: Wikipedia)The thing about bad TV is that we do not always stop watching it even after we recognize it is bad. Sometimes we even end up watching it because it is so bad.What is the appeal of > read more

Not Sure Whether You Believe in God(s)?

05/03/2015 07:38:00 AM

Do you believe in god(s)? What's that? You say you're not sure you believe in god(s). It sounds like you might be an atheist. Specifically, it sounds like you might be an agnostic atheist like me. Wait a second! How can you be an atheist if you aren' > read more

Christian Pastor Says LGBT Persons Deserve Death

05/01/2015 06:49:00 AM

According to WGXA News, a Christian pastor in Milledgeville, GA, has placed a sign outside his church that reads, "Homosexuality is A Death Worthy Crime!" and references Leviticus 20:13. They note that Pastor Robert Lee of the Ten Commandments Church > read more

Third Party Voting

04/30/2015 05:03:00 AM

Ralph Nader speaking in front of the White House at the September 15, 2007 protest against the Iraq War. The full speech (ca. 10 minutes) was broadcasted on C-SPAN on September 16, 2007. See: > read more

How Our Scripts Lead to Apathy

04/29/2015 05:34:00 AM

Baltimore Light Rail outside Camden Yards (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Have you ever had the experience of watching a new episode of a TV show and having the strong feeling that you have seen it before? No, I'm not talking about your "sixth sense" or any > read more

Obstacles Atheists Face in Gaining Acceptance

04/28/2015 04:49:00 AM

By MartinD (Own work), via Wikimedia CommonsIn honor of the recent Openly Secular Day, Tom Krattenmaker wrote an article for USA Today in which he discussed five challenges atheists in the U.S. face as we work to improve the manner in which we are tr > read more

What Does Secular Mean?

04/27/2015 05:16:00 AM

Manifestacion Anti Clerical or (The Street Gazzete: Anti Clerical Manifestation) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Despite widespread confusion, secularism is not synonymous with atheism. So what is secularism? The National Secular Society explains it quite w > read more

Are Atheist Chaplains Needed in the Military?

04/26/2015 07:26:00 AM

Stained glass window, U. S. Pentagon, honoring the Four Chaplains, USAT Dorchester, 1943 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Using data from a recent Christianity Today article, Hemant Mehta (Friendly Atheist) wrote a post a couple days ago in which he noted th > read more

Advancing Secular Goals

04/24/2015 07:51:00 AM

Picture I made for my goals article (Photo credit: Wikipedia)What are your personal goals when it comes to atheism or the larger secular community? Do you have any? Are you seeking to bring about some sort of social change, provide support to other a > read more

Atheist Activist Whack-a-Mole

04/23/2015 04:30:00 AM

You know how the Whack-A-Mole game works. You stand there in front of the game waiting on the moles to pop up. You don't know exactly when or where they will appear, but you know they will appear. And when you whack one, others will pop up momentaril > read more

Dealing With Hostility From Christian Co-Workers

04/21/2015 05:26:00 AM

Photo by methodshopAn atheist recently asked for advice on Twitter about a difficult situation she encountered at work. She indicated that a Christian co-worker had found out that she was an atheist and had started spreading vicious rumors about her. > read more

A Tale of Two Hospitals

04/20/2015 04:47:00 AM

Cancer Hospital in final stages of construction at the University of Florida. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Let's build two large hospitals in one lucky city. One of them will be a state-of-the-art medical center offering evidence-based medicine from a co > read more

Rise of the Christian Robots

04/16/2015 18:34:00 PM

In case you missed the recent episode of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart about the future of Christianity, you'll want to check this out. Evidently, we may have Christian robots to look forward to in the future.Of course robots will be Christian! Why > read more

Dealing With Bad Ideas: Some Options

04/15/2015 05:20:00 AM

In the first post in this series, I explained what I mean by "bad ideas," at least for the purpose of the series. I said that for now I am content to let us define them subjectively as nothing more than ideas we consider to be bad ones for whatever r > read more

Atheist Morality

04/14/2015 05:15:00 AM

Detail from James Gillray's "New Morality" published in the Anti-Jacobin Review (Photo credit: Wikipedia)I have never been convinced that one's answer to the question of whether gods exist has much of anything to do with whether one is a decent and m > read more

No, We Shouldn't Shun PZ Myers

04/13/2015 05:50:00 AM

Conservative Skeptic recently asked whether skeptics and atheists should shun those we deem toxic. I will get around to elaborating on my views about this in my dealing with bad ideas series, but I wanted to give my initial reaction to the question n > read more

Do Humans Need Religion?

04/12/2015 09:15:00 AM

A schematic showing the spreading of humans in history. The schematic is made based on an image in the magazine "Natuurwetenschap en techniek, oktober 2009". This image in the magazine was an image made using data from the (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Do > read more

Atheist Blogosphere Weighs in on PZ Myers

04/10/2015 05:54:00 AM

After Atheist Ireland issued their statement dissociating from PZ Myers, I wasn't sure what would happen next. Would other individuals and/or organizations sign on, or would the statement be met with uncomfortable silence? Then something I did not ex > read more

Dealing With Bad Ideas: Introduction

04/09/2015 05:22:00 AM

The philosopher John Stuart Mill and Helen Taylor, daughter of Harriet Taylor. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)As we moved into 2015, I indicated that I planned to focus more on free speech. I am happy to report that this is exactly what I have been doing. > read more

Atheist Ireland Rebukes PZ Myers

04/07/2015 17:07:00 PM

Atheist Ireland issued a statement today announcing that they are "publicly dissociating" themselves from "the hurtful and dehumanising, hateful and violent, unjust and defamatory rhetoric" of PZ Myers, author of the Pharyngula blog. They explain tha > read more

Jesus is Not Your Conscience

04/07/2015 05:13:00 AM

3rd quarter of 16th century (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Many Christians claim that Jesus provides them with comfort, inspiration, and guidance. If we assume that a historical Jesus actually lived, we can be quite sure that this person died a couple thou > read more

Atheists Need Legal Protection From Discrimination

04/06/2015 05:13:00 AM

The state capitol of Madison, Wisconsin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Atheists face plenty of barriers to being fully open and honest about who we are. Many of these barriers are symbolic in the sense that they communicate that we are not part of mainstre > read more

Sin, Salvation, and Social Control

04/04/2015 07:48:00 AM

Damnation/Salvation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Sin and salvation are prominent aspects of Christian doctrine. They have something else in common too. Sin and salvation are made up constructs that do not actually exist. Nothing is inherently sinful, and > read more

Help Repeal the RFRA

04/03/2015 13:52:00 PM

Indiana and Arkansas have been receiving quite a bit of attention for their Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) legislation. Amidst the calls for statewide boycotts, it is important to note that many other states have adopted similar legislation > read more

Good Friday and the Other Paths to Salvation

04/03/2015 07:48:00 AM

Altar of St George's church (Photo credit: Wikipedia)This is Zombie Jesus Weekend. It begins with Good Friday, the occasion where many Christians celebrate the brutal death of a man they claim to love and revere, and ends with Easter, the day when ma > read more

Twitter Tips: Using Followerwonk to Know When to Tweet

04/02/2015 05:11:00 AM

I recently told you about the benefits of using Buffer to schedule your tweets (and posts on other social media platforms) so that they can be automatically sent out when you aren't online. As helpful as Buffer is, there is one very important thing i > read more

I'm an Atheist, Now What?

03/31/2015 05:14:00 AM

Photo by Clinton SteedsAtheists are a diverse bunch, and we come to atheism in many different ways. Some are life-long atheists who were never subjected to any form of religious indoctrination; others had to go through a lengthy process of discarding > read more

The #BoycottIndiana Campaign

03/30/2015 05:07:00 AM

Indiana quarter, via Wikimedia Commons. If you support basic civil rights and live in a state like Indiana (or Mississippi), you might have mixed feelings about seeing legions of people take to social media to call for a boycott of your state. That t > read more

The Price of Safe Spaces in Higher Education

03/26/2015 04:50:00 AM

> read more

Christopher Hitchens on the Importance of Free Expression

03/25/2015 05:26:00 AM

Although I enjoyed some of Christopher Hitchens' books, especially God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything, I have only recently started watching videos of his various speeches and debates. As I do so, it is hitting me once again that we lo > read more

How Will Atheists Treat Christians in the Future?

03/24/2015 05:55:00 AM

Dear Christians,If Christianity and other religions continue to decline in the U.S., as some are predicting and as has already happened in many Western nations, we could eventually reach the point where there are more atheists than Christians. Gasp! > read more

Atheism+ Block Bot in the News Again

03/23/2015 05:20:00 AM

Frontispiece from Matthew Hopkins' The Discovery of Witches (1647), showing witches identifying their familiar spirits (Photo credit: Wikipedia)I haven't written much about the Atheism+ Block Bot, and what I have written has mostly focused on the mis > read more

Profiles in Social Justice: Meet Lori

03/22/2015 07:16:00 AM

By Malene Thyssen, Wikimedia CommonsIn the first part of our Profiles in Social Justice series, we met Beatrice, a Catholic who devoted her professional life to social justice work with women and children escaping domestic violence and who has contin > read more

Why My Lack of Belief in Bigfoot Creatures Is Not Part of My Identity

03/19/2015 05:27:00 AM

Photo of an unidentified animal the Bigfoot Research Organization claims is a "juvenile Sasquatch" "Jacobs Photos" . . Retrieved 2009-09-16 . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)I am an "aBigfootist" in that I am someone who does not believe in Bigfoot creature > read more

Someone Disagrees With You on the Internet

03/18/2015 04:27:00 AM

I'd like to make three bold statements that do not strike me as even remotely controversial but which many people seem to have trouble accepting:Just because someone disagrees with me does not make him or her crazy, stupid, or even wrong.The fact tha > read more

My Holy Book Says That People Like You Should Be Killed

03/16/2015 05:41:00 AM

11th Century North African Qur’an in the British Museum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Suppose I told you that I considered a particular book to be holy and/or sacred. Suppose I told you that I considered it to be the inspired word of some sort of god(s) > read more

The Sunday Post

03/15/2015 08:46:00 AM

"Guilt". Oil on board. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Several years ago, I unintentionally started what would become an enduring tradition here at Atheist Revolution. Every Sunday morning right around the time all my neighbors could be seen leaving for chu > read more

Who Gets to Be Christian?

03/13/2015 05:53:00 AM

Latter-day Saints believe in the resurrected Jesus Christ, as depicted in the Christus Statue in the North Visitors' Center on Temple Square in Salt Lake City (Photo credit: Wikipedia)As an atheist, I find myself perfectly content to leave the decisi > read more

Profiles in Social Justice: Meet Will

03/12/2015 05:18:00 AM

In the first part of our Profiles in Social Justice series, we met Beatrice, a Catholic in her late 60s with a life-long commitment to social justice advocacy. In this part, we'll meet Will. He is in his early 40s, and he has quite a few things in co > read more

Aiming at Faith Instead of Religion

03/11/2015 05:17:00 AM

Photo by Eric FischerInfluenced by a few of Prof. Peter Boghossian's videos and other street epistemology videos, I've been thinking lately about Prof. Boghossian's suggestion that we focus our efforts on faith instead of religion. The more I think a > read more

Their Freedom to Express Ideas We Do Not Like

03/10/2015 07:17:00 AM

I've said it before, and I'm sure I'll say it again: It is easy to support free speech as long as one is talking about one's own speech or about the expression of ideas with which one agrees. When we agree with the content of the speech, we are quick > read more

Atheism and Violence

03/09/2015 06:22:00 AM

Jämsä old church burning in Finland in 1925 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)If a religious believer commits a violent act and tells the world that he did it for his gods, I think it makes sense to take a look at his religious beliefs. They probably aren't > read more

Republicans Calling for U.S. Ground Forces to Fight ISIS

03/08/2015 11:44:00 AM

Coat of Arms of Saudi Arabia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)One question I've seen popping up with increasing frequency on some of the atheist and/or political blogs I read has been whether it is time for the U.S. to send ground troops into combat against > read more

Profiles in Social Justice: Meet Beatrice

03/08/2015 07:25:00 AM

Thomas Aquinas depicted in stained glass (Photo credit: Wikipedia)There is a great deal of confusion out there about what social justice means and what social justice advocacy looks like. This confusion is understandable. After all, there are many de > read more

Religion and Violence

03/04/2015 05:21:00 AM

The skyline of Ahmedabad filled with smoke as buildings and shops are set on fire by rioting mobs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Continuing on with the recent topic of the relationship between religious ideology and violent behavior, we are forced to conf > read more

Twitter Tips: Using Buffer to Schedule Tweets

03/03/2015 05:31:00 AM

One of the keys to using Twitter effectively is to spread out one's tweets with reasonable intervals of time between them. Few of us particularly like to see someone rapid fire a barrage of tweets at the same time. Another key to effective Twitter us > read more

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