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The Lonesome Death of Alice

03/25/2015 06:55:36 AM

At a nursery one day a few years ago, I took pity on this tiny plant on the for sale table that looked dead already, but was on sale for twenty-five cents - probably because the tiny little stalk wasn't any taller than a quarter. > read more

How Did the Deer Cross the Road? Safely.

03/22/2015 19:23:24 PM

One of my very favorite things upon moving to this area was the wildlife. > read more

The Back Forty

03/09/2015 18:43:26 PM

Wanna know why we bought this house? > read more

Sunday Morning Snow

03/08/2015 08:18:12 AM

A few shots from this week's snow storm in our new neighborhood. This place is one of the reasons we moved. > read more

Snow Bunny or Fox or Whatever That Thing On Her Head Is

03/06/2015 16:36:20 PM

I see her every day and she throws alotta attitude around. > read more


03/06/2015 16:33:46 PM

The Shortlings have been home from school more than they have been at school since January. > read more

Hot Lava, Cold Living Room

03/01/2015 14:00:17 PM

I've been up since about 3:30 am this morning because it was fifty degrees in our house. > read more

Having Hyper Verbal Kids is Good, I Just Keep Telling Myself

02/28/2015 09:43:24 AM

I love that my kids read. > read more

Way to Make Me Feel My Age, Kid

02/23/2015 17:47:42 PM

*Disco song comes on the radio.* Caterpillar: "I thought this kind of music was extinct." > read more

Right On So Many Levels

02/18/2015 19:06:03 PM

Caterpillar: "Sister, what's 'dignity?'"Dormouse: "It's underwear." *snickers under breath to self* I think she was just trying to play a joke on her sister. > read more

Genetic Memory

02/15/2015 10:47:22 AM

There is a legend that Siamese cats were once used to guard Buddhist temples and protect the riches inside from thieves. > read more

Future Hipsters Will Love Me Ironically

02/13/2015 23:15:34 PM

It's been awhile since I've done a Friday the 13th post. > read more

Playing with Children in the 21st Century

02/12/2015 10:34:35 AM

I am trying very hard to get back into a rhythm where I might be able to post regularly here (though I would settle for a rhythm where I might just think regularly) but certain things have taken over my life lately. > read more

Fire Bad, Tree Pretty

01/31/2015 20:21:59 PM

You may have noticed a dearth of posts around these here parts lately. > read more

Happy Accidents

01/12/2015 18:47:00 PM

I accidentally left the flash on when I was taking photos of the Washington Monument the other night and the result was actually pretty cool. > read more

Mt. Vernon at Sunset

01/10/2015 15:59:11 PM

I mentioned before that we went to hang out at some of George Washington's old stomping grounds between Christmas and the New Year. > read more

You Know What's Convenient?

01/06/2015 15:07:00 PM

A cat that puts itself away when you're done with it. > read more

A Plague Upon Your Fair

01/05/2015 08:49:00 AM

There is required cultural education that goes on in the Underground household. > read more

7 Year Old Fancies Herself a Wit

01/04/2015 13:46:01 PM

Each year, Santa brings a selection of mixed nuts for the stockings. > read more

Say Goodbye to Christmas

01/03/2015 15:01:00 PM

The two best days of December are the day we put the Christmas tree up and the day we take it down. > read more

Sour Santa

01/03/2015 07:08:31 AM

For some good little children on Christmas Eve, Santa brings a Christmas orange. > read more

This May Have Been a Mistake

01/02/2015 13:32:00 PM

> read more

Santa's Little Helper

12/31/2014 14:56:28 PM

> read more

And Now for the Feats of Strength

12/31/2014 14:53:05 PM

This little Christmas village has celebrated Christmas for somewhere around forty years. I've always loved it and how simple it is. > read more

In Lights

12/31/2014 14:44:39 PM

It's by no means a unique shot around the D.C. area, but I'm just so impressed that I could get this good a quality nighttime/Christmas lights photo on my phone, I'm gonna go ahead and post anyway. > read more

A Very Special Christmas Edition of Hoarders

12/31/2014 14:40:05 PM

Someone seems to need an intervention. > read more

Merry Christmas from the House of OCD

12/31/2014 13:40:54 PM

> read more

Tilt Your Head 45 Degrees to the Left

12/31/2014 13:24:07 PM

One of the few clear shots of the currently-scaffolded Capitol Building dome I was able to get the other night. > read more

Christmas Isn't Complete Until You've Visited the Christmas Camel

12/31/2014 13:02:22 PM

The day after Christmas was nice so we all headed out to George Washington's Mount Vernon to hang out with the Christmas Camel.Never heard of a Christmas Camel? > read more

So This Is Christmas

12/31/2014 12:50:52 PM

December has been a whirlwind, hasn't it?This is one of my favorite Christmas decorating traditions. > read more

Never Seen Them Before in My LIfe, Mr. Park Ranger

12/31/2014 11:24:25 AM

Whose ill-mannered kids are rolling down the hill in George Washington's back yard? > read more

Merry Christmas Earthlings

12/25/2014 14:21:01 PM

> read more

This IS the Status Quo

12/12/2014 16:27:45 PM

I've been taking a self-imposed break from the interweb lately, because the status is... NOT quo and because the world is a mess, but I have zero desire to rule it.Two Dr. Horrible references in one sentence. > read more

Thankful for a Place to Sleep

11/29/2014 05:50:56 AM

Because we are stupid, or gluttons for punishment, or just stupid, we decided this week would be a good one in which to evict all the wall to wall carpeting from our house and refinish the original hardwood floors underneath. > read more

Philosophy from a 7 Year Old

11/26/2014 20:03:00 PM

> read more

Mommy's Little Busker

11/24/2014 15:02:05 PM my daughter, who has made a jar that says "Tips" on it and is now playing viola in the driveway for the neighborhood afternoon traffic.Finally, I can rest, assured that I will be taken care of in my retirement. > read more


11/10/2014 15:03:56 PM

I've been away for the last week and got home late last night, exhausted. The Shortlings were already in bed when I got back, so I put my feet up, laid my head on The KingofHearts' shoulder and stared at the television show he was watching in a sort > read more

We Tank You for Your Patronagery

11/10/2014 04:40:00 AM

> read more

Raising Awareness

11/09/2014 06:58:00 AM

I think our Movember effort is coming along nicely, don't you? > read more

Happy, Cheesy Kids

11/08/2014 06:52:00 AM

These are photos from a talent show they competed in a couple months back. There was a story I intended to write to go along with these, but we've entered the season of Big Work Things and My Brain Is Mush (the two may be related). I do not remember > read more

An Audience with the King

11/07/2014 06:48:00 AM

Henry VIII, in fact. Let's hope he doesn't marry either of them any time soon. > read more

No Excessive Spinning, No Excessive Fun

11/06/2014 06:47:01 AM

> read more

Mommy's Little Circus Performer

11/05/2014 04:52:01 AM

Last month, we took in this act at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Fair. > read more

Performing Artists

11/04/2014 19:08:33 PM

The Dormouse switched to playing viola in the school orchestra late last year so she's been playing just under a year. Playing strings for just over two years. > read more

Halloween Roundup

11/03/2014 07:00:58 AM

Meant to do this earlier, but this month has been extremely busy. Here's a round up of our Halloween festivities. Minutiae style.chickenpotchickenpotchickenpotpie Pumpkin carving goes much faster with power tools.chickenpotchickenpotchickenpotpieHere > read more

Proof She Wasn't Switched at the Hospital

11/02/2014 18:14:58 PM

"Gimme and L... > read more

Bewildering Conversations in the Car

10/30/2014 16:28:54 PM

"Hey, momma! > read more

Ichabod Was Horror Struck on Perceiving She Was Headless

10/27/2014 15:40:02 PM

> read more

To Gillian on Her 14th Birthday

10/20/2014 15:12:58 PM

Fourteen years.Life goes on and with one thing or another, fourteen years have passed. > read more

Let Her Eat Cake

10/18/2014 04:00:03 AM

Clearing off a few photos from my hard drive and I found this series of shots. > read more

All I Want for Christmas

10/17/2014 15:00:01 PM

The first one went missing a couple of months ago. > read more

And So Begin the Tween Years

10/15/2014 23:07:16 PM

When my daughter inevitably says to me one day in the heat of an argument, "You never loved me!" I shall show her these pictures of when I let her have a sleepover for her birthday party to prove my love for her. > read more


10/12/2014 18:52:19 PM

We had a gottagetoutta town weekend and spent it in the bustling metropolis of Harrisburg, where we stopped by to see the capitol building before meeting up with some friends.The fountain outside was died. > read more

Minutae, Photo Edition

09/29/2014 17:24:29 PM

Time to clean off the photos on my phone. > read more

That Took a Dark Turn Rather Quickly

09/25/2014 18:38:17 PM

Caterpillar: "Momma, what happens when you pamper a cow?"Me: "I don't know. > read more


09/24/2014 17:00:29 PM

> read more

Fall Ombre

09/15/2014 21:39:06 PM

It's all the rage right now. > read more

Teach a Kid to Fish, She'll Show You Up in an Hour

09/13/2014 07:11:11 AM

Last week, The KingofHearts decided The Shortlings needed valuable education in the art of feeding themselves in case of a Zombie Apocalypse, so he schemed with another guy friend we know to create a local fishing trip when they were off school on La > read more

Just a Perfect Blendship

09/07/2014 19:34:34 PM

It's so great to have a best friend. > read more

This One Shall Be the Death of Me

09/05/2014 14:30:01 PM

We met some friends at the park a few days ago and the kids found this piece of playground equipment, which is basically an elevated, more dangerous version of a merry-go-round, that staple of our youth that caused us all to throw up at least once. > read more

Gig Number 2

09/04/2014 22:12:39 PM

We went to say goodbye to our Cuban friends before they headed back to their home country and it turned into The Dormouse's second public gig of the summer. > read more

The Inner Workings of Alice's Brain

09/03/2014 15:13:57 PM

We got a new postage machine at work and while the technician was giving us the quick version of how to use the machine (Hint: you put the mail in one side and then hit the "start" button), my mind began wandering off and I started to wonder why ther > read more

Clearly Not Canadian

08/22/2014 18:20:00 PM

I think they might be hip to the fact that she's not one of them. > read more

Bye, Wallboy

08/21/2014 21:15:19 PM

Completely aware that 98% of the people reading this won't get the reference (here's some context if you're interested), but I just learned of Bill Thompson's death last month and I couldn't let the moment go unnoticed by this Arizona girl. How many > read more

All the Flowers Would Have Very Extra Special Powers

08/21/2014 11:42:00 AM

I've driven past the sign for the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens hundreds of times and every time I think to myself I should go in there but I never stopped to check it out, so this week the kids and I, in a fit of see-what's-in-your-own-backyard-itis, d > read more

Good Morning, Baltimore

08/20/2014 09:22:17 AM

I climbed up the non-steps side of Federal Hill (yes, that Federal Hill) with my kids yesterday because they thought "it would be fun" and because I hadn't done anything like that in some time so I guess it was high time I nearly broke an ankle. > read more

Ephesians 6:11

08/17/2014 14:00:02 PM

You wish you'd had me to teach that Sunday School class you had to go to when you were a teenager, don't you? > read more

It's a Cat Carrier

08/16/2014 07:16:00 AM

And all these years, I've been spending money on beds and mattresses and bed linens. > read more

Art Form

08/15/2014 08:30:02 AM

Just something inside an abandoned building Monica and I happened past while on our way somewhere important, I don't know, like to find the best falafel food truck in the city or to get free pies from the Orange is the New Black Pie Truck or somethin > read more

Anyone Else Just Hear a Long Slow Whistle?

08/13/2014 07:52:08 AM

In a bit of a one-two punch dealt by the universe, one of my childhood idols died yesterday.I've loved Lauren Bacall ever since I saw her first film, To Have and Have Not. > read more

Oh Captain!

08/12/2014 18:56:35 PM

A personal blog mostly about dumb things my kids tend to say is probably not the most appropriate place to do this, but I went to bed thinking about the loss of Robin Williams last night and I woke up with that profound sadness still in my head. > read more


08/12/2014 18:45:56 PM

I almost forgot that when we were in Pennsylvania last month, we ran into a couple of special effects makeup artists and had a nice time chatting with them. > read more

My Dream Hotel Room

08/11/2014 17:39:01 PM

This is the headboard of the bed. > read more

How Many Clicks Does it Take?

08/10/2014 17:35:44 PM

The Caterpillar put together a particularly preppy outfit the other day for camp and I asked her to pose for a photo. > read more

Plucking the Feathers from the Lark

08/05/2014 14:33:40 PM

Not to be outdone, The Caterpillar also had her own moment of glory this summer as her dance recital.I hate that I didn't remember to bring my camera for this photo, but there's a very good reason for that. > read more

Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps

08/01/2014 20:37:51 PM

I haven't written about it much this summer, but the Shortlings are attending camp again. > read more

Hairbrained Ideas R Us

07/29/2014 22:04:02 PM

-or-How to Kill a Sunday AfternoonStep 1. Gather kids and husband. Say to kids and husband, "I bet you I can cut a watermelon in half using only rubber bands."Step 2. Watch while family scoffs and declares you crazy.Step 3. Produce watermelon.And lar > read more


07/27/2014 14:35:00 PM

I'm not entirely a photography purist even though I lean more toward SOOC shots and almost always prefer the cropping I do with my eye in the viewfinder to any improvement I can make later with the crop tool. > read more

Skeleton in the Closet

07/26/2014 14:04:22 PM

Meet the only child who had to fight her parents in order to go into the closet. > read more

Herbs Drying in the Window

07/22/2014 07:00:06 AM

And yes, it smells fantastic in my kitchen right now. > read more

Stuffed Bird of Hope

07/20/2014 17:56:51 PM

A recent storm blew this nest and two robin's eggs from one of our trees. > read more

What it Means Is We Better Not Forget Dinner

07/19/2014 17:08:28 PM

"There are two ways to look at today: either we didn't feed our children lunch or we didn't feed our children breakfast. > read more


07/18/2014 05:30:02 AM

The real discovery of our Blobfest weekend was not campy street festivals, nor tin foil hat and scream contests, but a new favorite artist. > read more

It Crawls, It Creeps, It Eats You Alive!

07/16/2014 16:46:38 PM

I had a bad case of gottagetouttatown week last week and I've always been a bit obsessed with The Blob in all its iterations, but in particular, the 1958 original with Steve McQueen. > read more

Rock Island

07/14/2014 11:12:13 AM

Last weekend, The Music Man (the Robert Preston and Shirley Jones version) was on television and I forced let my kids watch it. > read more

I'm Raising a Freaking Genius

07/07/2014 17:13:32 PM

I've often thought I should just run a voice activated tape recorder in the kitchen to catch all the errant words of wisdom that might be uttered there because I probably miss half of them as The Caterpillar and The Dormouse talk to each other while > read more

Suck It, Pinterest

07/06/2014 14:09:32 PM

Monica and I went to a friend's baby shower a few days ago and they were playing a game with clothespins where you got three clothespins when you walked in and if someone heard you say the word baby, they could take one of your clothespins and then t > read more

The Calm Before the Storm

07/03/2014 10:52:35 AM

And then Godzilla, Mothra and the LaserCat destroyed the city. > read more

Coming in with the Golden Light

06/28/2014 08:17:53 AM

I love these little Dreamtime strawflowers, not just because they remind me of that Kate Bush song and it's one of my all-time favorite albums, but also because they close up like little golfballs at night and then open in the day to this. > read more

Good Morning, Chrysler, How YOU Doin?

06/21/2014 06:50:10 AM

I made a quick trip to Manhattan last weekend for a friend's baby shower and we stayed at a hotel just up the block from the Chrysler building. > read more

You've Been Schooled

06/20/2014 17:18:41 PM

Caterpillar: "Dad, what rhymes with apple?"KoH: "Hmmm... maybe... Crap hole?"Caterpillar: "I was thinking something appropriate." > read more

Black-Eyed Susan

06/15/2014 08:00:01 AM

It's the Maryland state flower and yet for some reason, I have never been able to make them grow in my yard. > read more

Uses for an Old Basketball Hoop

06/12/2014 07:57:01 AM

The KingofHearts made this when we decided to get rid of the basketball hoop that was in tatters but then got lazy and never went to the effort to remove the pole from the ground. He made the hooks on the forge (one of the forges) in the backyard and > read more

That's here. That's home. That's us.

06/11/2014 17:50:35 PM

This little bit of prose, written by someone who has more facility with language that I will ever hope to obtain, has come to mean a great deal to me and I was reminded of it recently. > read more

Playing Favorites

06/10/2014 17:34:18 PM

*The Caterpillar playing with my guitar* > read more

Dealing with the Oddity of Time Travel with the Greatest of Ease

06/08/2014 16:30:33 PM

We got home from church today and The Shortlings wanted to do something together, > read more

It's a Fair Cop

06/07/2014 06:09:08 AM

Snapped with my phone through the windshield of the car while coming back from the Eastern shore last week. > read more


06/02/2014 19:25:33 PM

Heading back home over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge makes me a little bit nostalgic.I'm totally becoming a Marylander... as the can of Old Bay in my spice rack that I sprinkled on my potato salad last week will confirm. > read more

Bewildering Conversations, vol. xxxi

06/01/2014 19:15:19 PM

"Dad, you remind me of a tool...."*silence*"...because you help me. And tools help people.""Well, thank you. > read more

A Land Far Away Beside the Crystal Fountains

05/29/2014 11:12:40 AM

School is coming to an end soon and while this year has been a better year than last, so I'm not necessarily jumping up and down and yelling HOORAY!, I'm still pretty happy about it.Look, I love school and I want these Shortlings to learn to love the > read more

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