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The Kid Counselor
Added: December 07, 2010
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September Activities for Fun and Family Time: 5 Ideas

There are so many ways to make memories with our kids during the course of each month. From special theme days, to little known holidays, to create-your-own reason to celebrate, there are always ways to incorporate meaningful play and fun into our fa

August Fun with Your Kids – Six Ideas!

The summer is winding down, and kids are preparing to go back to school. (In my case, starting VPK for the first time!!) However, there are still a few precious weeks left to spend making memories and having fun playing together. Here are six ideas

20 Easiest Keep Kids Occupied Tips

As the summer continues, and Florida heat is forcing me to stay inside as much as possible, I am on the hunt for activities to keep my four year old occupied while we are anywhere indoors. A few years ago, I started collecting amazing parenting ideas

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