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Added: December 28, 2012
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Empty Room Ideas

By Edward Hurley Your kids are living on their own now. Since they’ve taken all of their belongings with them, there’s an empty room in your home. So what can you do to fill it? We’ve come up with some awesome ideas on how you can turn that emp

25 Infographics That Show the Truth about Being a Homeowner

By Edward Hurley Being a homeowner is a wonderful thing. However, it is more than just having a beautiful home to live in for you and your family. Homeownership consists of responsibilities, costs, maintenance, and updating to keep track of. Owning a

How Your State Is Affected By Property Taxes [Infographic]

By Jesse McCarl Here’s a look at how state property taxes vary across the nation. Just because a state has the highest rates doesn’t necessarily mean those homeowners pay the most. To fully understand property taxes, we also take a look a

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