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What You Can Learn from Visiting Open Houses

By Edward Hurley Takeaways: Open houses lets you learn about the home-buying process as a newbie buyer. Visiting many open houses gives you the insight you need to make informed decisions on a home. You should study the home(s) on your own to determi

What Is a Reverse Mortgage?

By Tracy Shackelford As you pull into your driveway and up to your garage, you take a good long look at your house.  The fresh exterior paint you had applied about a year ago still glistens in the sun, and the roof shingles you had installed still s

Best Time to Move to Ease Stress

By Jonathan Deesing Moving is always stressful, but choosing the right time of year to plan your move can make a big difference. Outside factors like weather can play a huge role not only in how easy it is to transfer your belongings to your new home

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