A Healer's Journey

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Added: February 06, 2013
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How to Send Love and Light – A Practical Guide

The world needs us to stay in a place of love right now, and we all have access to this love, whether we know it or not. We all can “send” love to people that we know, even if they live in different parts of the world, without having to b

Why Do I Need To Raise My Vibration?

Our Energetic Signature When we are born we come into this world vibrating at a certain frequency. It is our “energy signature”, a bit like a fingerprint. Imagine a guitar string: when you pluck it, it vibrates; the speed of the vibration is

Getting more money the old fashioned way

I came across Florence Scovel Shinn when a classmate in my Psychotherapy class recommended her book to me – “The Game of Life and How to Play it.” I was so impressed with her ideas, and even more impressed that she published the book in 192

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