Falkirk FC Historian Blog

Falkirk FC Historian Blog

Falkirk FC Historian Blog
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Added: September 08, 2010
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Alva, Stirlingshire?

You often hear about people's favourite moment in sport, whether it be a player droning on about such and such a goal, or a fan droning on about how [insert team/player] beat [insert team/player] and it is frankly dull IMHO.I am a bit weird ...


I find it frankly sad when the supposedly educated people at Edinburgh University take my own, shoddy, work and try and pass it off as their own.The devil is in the very last sentence of both articles, which I added to this blog beyond the ...

James Laing WWI

I haven't posted anything in a while mainly because I like to space posts out and because I have been taking advantage of Ancestry's free weekend to look up stuff [for example I found four Falkirk players that served in WWI that I never knew ...

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