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Personal Writing blog of aspiring author Louis Rosas featuring Samurai fiction, screenplays, cultural happenings, bushido, and Lit..

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Personal Writing blog of aspiring author Louis Rosas featuring Samurai fiction, screenplays, cultural happenings, bushido, and Little Tokyo.
Added: February 19, 2010
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Midway Remembered

Seen here is The Last Zero Fighter Author Daniel King with Japanese & American Veterans of the Battle of Midway Atoll that took place June 5th, 1942. This battle ended in a major defeat for the Empire of Japan with the loss of four carriers in it's a

American Mishima New Book Release!

Our latest book has just been released on Amazon! It is available in traditional paperback & Kindle formats. Available on Amazon US / Brazil / India / Europe / Mexico / and Japan!

A Taste of Tea Part II

Earlier this year we had written about the Chado Tea Ceremony demonstration last February at the Japanese American National Museum. After speaking with our host Mrs. Miki Gill who spoke on behalf of Mrs. Sofu Hamano, Member of Urasenke Tankokai LA As

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