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My name is Seth. I have been meditating since I was 14, but have always been interested in meditation for as long as I can remember. I am a meditation enthusiast I wish to bring all meditation enthusiasts together, and I have several ways to do it.First is a forum. The purpose is obvious. It is a discussion board where all mediation enthusiasts can talk about all sorts of topics.Second is a live ustream meditation. on the Ustream I will get in front of the camera and just meditate (and maybe with some open source music playing). That’s it.Sounds silly right? Most Ustream meditation channels at least teach you how to meditate! BUT, most meditation enthusiasts already know how to meditate, and they do it in their own way. Why should I tell them how to meditate when they already found their path? What I seek to do is different. When people tune in, I want them to meditate using their own technique with me and everyone else “watching”. They don’t have to sit in front of their computer-no-but just have the stream running while they meditate. That way, people can know that they are not the only ones meditating at that time, but so am I and the other viewers. Maybe that will help expand meditation, and peace. It might motivate people to meditate more (I know it will motivate me more), and at a somewhat regular schedule. It might even get other people into meditating, and hopefully that can help bring about a more peaceful world.If you tune in, I ask that you meditate using the technique you are most comfortable with; whether its Mantra, Zazen, Transcendental, walking, Mindfulness, etc. etc. etc. In the position you are most comfortable with. You can leave the music on if you want, or mute the stream if you do not. Stay for as long as you want, it is not a competition between who can outlast each other. And just know, you are not the only one on a journey for a calmer, more peaceful self at that time.Third is my youtube channel. I ask that if the community has made any videos on meditation that they send me a comment, so I can favorite it. If you also post a video of you meditating, you can also send me the link, so I can add also favorite it (you will still get your views).Fourth is the meditation enthusiast main page. I post topics relating to meditation-whether it is techniques, to news, and all sorts of things. Please feel free to comment… I like comments.5th is a live IRC chat. It can be found here:

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