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The novel has become a vital part of my life. A good story holds the hopes, desires and inner journeys of men and women. Books define history, have advanced æsthetics and refined the culture of men. Reading is an inner journey between the reader and herself, of character and conflict.  As a writer, I read literary fiction, primarily modernist and postmodernist fiction. I tend to enjoy turn of the century British literature published between 1880 and 1940.

My primary focus is in literary fiction, a form of fiction that depicts a change in one character.  In literary fiction, this change is always psychological, as it takes us to a point in which the protagonist, or main character, undergoes a transition he or she was incapable of in the beginning of the story.

While I was born and raised in Chicago, my fiction is almost always set in the country, particularly close to a lake, on the outskirts of the known world.  I enjoy fishing and this ends up becoming a central theme in many of my stories.  I have written several short stories over the years and have worked as a professional writer.  While there have been many great authors throughout history, I don’t have any particular favorites, I have had many influences such as W. Somerset Maugham, John Steinbeck and Flannery O’Connor.

Besides fishing, I also enjoy British history, art, music, cooking and my job.  This blog attempts to map my literary and musical crossings, and through prose, paints my life and habits, hobbies and discourse.

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