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Nickname: substanceoflight
First Name: Chad
Last Name: Redling
Gender: Male
Language: English
About me: I was born and raised in Rochester NY. My father is a talented sketch artist and my mother is a published poetry writer, so you could say creativity runs in the family. It even stretches back generations to my great grandfather who was a painter for a living. I have always loved photography. Ever since taking my first photography class in 6th grade. There I learned to develop film in my middle schools make-shift darkroom. That was over 17 years ago. To this day I still feel the same excitement as I see my images for the first time. The day I stop feeling that excitement is the day I promise to hang up my camera for good.

Whether it is drawing, painting, creating music, or photography I simply love art for what it is, an expression of our very soul. To create an idea in your minds eye and then proceed to add shape and volume to your medium until it becomes just what you had imagined. And to see the emotional response someone else has to it, to me is a wonderful way to connect with the world and brings me great satisfaction and personal worth. As cliché as it sounds I love to capture the fleeting moments and expressions in peoples lives. These often go by too quickly and are seldom noticed. So to be able to preserve them is truly a blessing. Fine Art is something that endures time. It is always classic and intensely interesting. That is what I hope to create.

My style is focused on capturing expressive and interesting moments. But doesn’t stop there. I use the latest in flash techniques and post camera processing to enhance and polish my images. I am never afraid to try something new, but always with taste in mind. I feel that there is always room for growth, both personally and professionally.
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