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Nickname: society
First Name: chandler
Last Name: windham
Date of Birth: 12/19/1969
Country: United states
Gender: Male
Language: English
About me: This blog is not about me, rather it’s about “Us”. It’s about discussing and debating ideas, ideologies, institutions and individuals that often shape the very fabric of our lives. I’m not asking you to partake in a major commitment, just a minor one. Check out each new topic. If the subject moves you to comment, do so, if not, that’s cool too. I refuse to believe that we can’t elevate the dialogue beyond who’s beefing with who, sleeping with who, and who's wearing what. Those things are fine, but I believe we can do better. Race, Religion, War, Spirituality, Politics, The N-word, Hip-hop culture, Science and many other topics will be explored. I won’t lie to you, I have very strong opinions and I don’t suffer fools well; That being said, when you come, please come correct. Intellectual discourse is encouraged, Trolls and idiot’s are not.
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