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Nickname: porcelaine
First Name: porcelaine
Date of Birth: 08/24/1971
Country: United states
Gender: Female
Language: English
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I'm a literary connoisseur and a voracious reader. I enjoy curling up in a comfy chair and sinking my teeth into a meaty book. I developed a passion for the written word at an early age, and was fortunate to have attentive parents that were forward thinking in their behavior. This led to the development of a never-ending love fest for literature that eventually sparked a desire to write and convey my thoughts to a wider audience.

My tastes are diverse and typically include classical pieces and titles that encourage self-mastery or improvement in some manner. I'm branching out and exploring modern pieces and others that fall outside of my normal reading habits. I often reach back and enjoy delving into historical literature, in particular fiction covering the Edwardian and Victorian periods. In my spare time, I participate in several reading challenges and share my personal musings through written reviews. I'm relatively late to the blog game, but I finally joined the fray.

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