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Nickname: petebete
First Name: Peter
Last Name: Bowey
Date of Birth: 07/16/1953
Country: Australia
Gender: Male
Language: English
Occupation: Engineering, Science and the Environment
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I was always into technology and gadgets, since the age of three! From the age of 10, I struggled to build a Radio using old valves on my bedroom floor. My Father was rather concerned that I would electrocute myself with the need for a 240 volt A/C mains transformer. 18 months later I had a music education listening to local AM radio station's 5CL and 5AN. There came later revisions, including a home brew AM radio transmitter. At primary school, I was soon nicknamed 'Marconi' after the famous inventor of radio (Guglielmo Marconi)! In later years, I qualified as a electronics technician, and spent many years servicing radio's, stereo's, televisions, and two-way radios. In 1982, I bought my first real computer (a Microbee). I was hooked! In 1985 I shifted my work skills and training to include Computer Technology. I am still learning new skills even today... computer's keep changing. 

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