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Nickname: jaimeehubert-blogspot-com
First Name: Jaimee
Last Name: Hubert
Date of Birth: 06/05/1978
Country: United states
Gender: Female
Language: English
Occupation: Metal and Engineering Trades
About me:

Capturing Moments is what I do, it is my passion! I am a lifetime photographer. You create the moments on your wedding day and I capture it as it happens. Your first baby is born and I am there. You create the moments on your child's first birthday, and there I am capturing them. It is a wonderful priceless thing to have and own portraiture. It is my goal and passion to freeze time and help capture your moment in time, whatever it might be.

Credentials- who cares! I graduated college, and yes I have done photo shoots for celebrities. I have been a photographer for over 10 years. There are my credentials! More importantly I have the ability to create a piece of artwork for you to own forever and ever, most of the time involving you or the people you love the most. It is amazingly wonderful to know that a lot of my work will be handed down for generations to come.

I look forward to creating memories with you.

Jaimee Hubert

Capturing they happen!

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