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About me: Signs of a Great Online Casino
When you look for a new online casino to play on, you’ll find a range of different options to pick from. Not all of these online casino sites are equal though, so we’re teaching you how to spot the best ones in this article. Keep reading to find out what signs you should look for when selecting an online casino site to play on.

Online Casino Sites with Value for Money
You may see an online casino offering a massive welcome bonus that’s more than enough to convince you to play. This big bonus might seem larger than other sites but before you claim it, do some research.
Look into the continuing player promotions on an online casino, if they just offer you a welcome bonus then this may be less in the long run. For example, an online casino with a big welcome offer may not have a loyalty scheme, which can give you more in the long run. If you’re getting reload bonuses then you’ll also be getting better value for money.
Check out their terms and conditions too, as that bonus may not be as good as one you’ll find on another site. If you’re tackling a site with high wagering requirements then you may not actually be able to ever withdraw any money. Having a look at the terms and conditions of a site is usually smart anyway, as they can have restrictive rules that you’ll want to know about.

Legal and Safe Online Casino Sites
It may seem like an outdated idea, but there are still illegal online casino sites online waiting for unsuspecting players. Licencing is more comprehensive than ever but there are still some casinos that slip through the gaps. So what can you do to protect yourself?

First up, take a look at the exact licencing information of an online casino. They will be given a licence number which you can check independently with the UK Gambling Commission. Be wary of clicking through to the Commission’s site from an online casino, as they may misdirect you to a fake site with false information.
If you want to take a look into the security of a site, then you will usually find this information in the banking section. Most online casino sites use 128 bit SSL encryption, which protects your payment information from hackers. If you’re in any doubt then use an alternate payment method within the casino to protect you further.
Finally, read reviews and other information of the site before you start to play. There are many online casino experts out there that will point out aspects of a site that you may not have noticed before. Things like game selection, customer service or gameplay fairness are all things that these experts look out for.
Check the social media platforms of a site too, as these will show you what other players think. If there are too many bad reviews of the online casino then it’s always best to steer clear and play elsewhere.
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