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About me: The first time I traveled internationally I was very nervous, the second time I was a little bit apprehensive and the third time I was hooked! I have since traveled to 20 countries and counting. I have always made my own travel plans and find the planning almost as fun as the trip. I love taking a rough itinerary and turning it into a practical travel plan which is why I decided to start my own business as a travel consultant. I have learned how to travel smart and pack light and love to share my knowledge with others who are about to embark on their dream trip. The independent traveler has a distinct advantage over large group travel by simply being able to quietly work your way into the local culture and slowly get to know the locals. Travel forces you to get out of your comfort zone and be 100% present in the moment which can lead to life changing experiences. I am a Mom and know that traveling with children requires very special skills and a lot of patience but in the end you will never regret your decision to take your children along to explore new destinations. Travel enriches our lives and allows us to see the world through different eyes. It gives us incredible insight as we discover that we share more similarities than differences. I started this blog because I am convinced that everyone can see the world. All too often I hear excuses as to why it is impossible to travel and while some of these excuses may be perfectly legitimate most of the excuses are not. I want to empower Americans to make travel a priority and encourage them to start thinking of ways in which they can explore the world. I believe that travel expands the human mind, heart, and soul!
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