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Nickname: gordiecanuk
First Name: Gord
Last Name: C
Date of Birth: 07/24/1966
Country: Canada
Gender: Male
Language: English
Occupation: Marketing and Sales Representatives
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Proud to be Canadian born but up until the age of 12 the majority of my youth was spent growing up in the States, living in Staten Island NY, New Jersey and Oregon. As a result I discovered Canada as opposed to taking it for granted. After graduating from high school I attended York University studying courses centred around political science and the humanities, but left after 2 years. While I regret not attaining my degree I believe my level of education allows me to speak with some measure of authority, while not being so extensive that I come across as an arrogant prick. My work experience ranges from pumping gas to being a financial consultant, from driving a bike cab on the streets of Toronto to managing sales teams. I’ve acted in numerous plays with community theatre groups and have played and coached numerous sports including hockey, baseball and basketball.

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