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Nickname: fox
Date of Birth: 03/16/1988
Country: France
Gender: Female
Language: English
About me: I grew up in Hawaii a dorky and probably unbearable child of the community Aloha Theatre. I was once featured in lacy red lingerie on the cover of the entertainment section of the news paper. That was pretty much the highlight of my life on the stage.

Then I went to college! There I developed into the adult I am today: a model, a writer, a rubiks cube solving moon walking Star Wars loving classical music singing and comic drawing trouble maker. I fight ferociously for animal rights and cry when I hear a lonely meow in the streets.

I manage to be incredibly light hearted while also terrified of the dark and sensitive beyond reason. I am small and the world is big! But I am courageous. And like a helpless seaweed tossed in the waves of my childhood beaches, I am frequently thrown into distant adventures, awkward, forbidden, and delicious romances, and life changing mishaps.

"A man needs a little madness, lest he never dares cut the rope and be free!" -Zorba the Greek
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