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Nickname: driftkop
Country: Canada
Gender: Male
Language: English
About me: driftkop is all about everything. yes, music is my ting, but let it be known that i focus on what people ignore revolves the world [ musica, photographia, art, alternative fashion, urban culture ]. driftkop is a playground of my mind. it is whatever it morphs into. i am just pushing it out there. TUNES! for everybody to sit, stand, walk and listen to. dance to. love to. it is what i love. i’m not alone in this world. the whole idea is for you not to know who or what driftkop is. this is me. the world has gone to shit. lets throw cheeseburgers at old folks and walk on rainbows. you’ve never seen it… i have. i just have an imagination. live it up.

used to be known as t-rex & looking at the world through a pair of x-ray specs ..

to her
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