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Nickname: copeland1985
First Name: Sean
Last Name: Copeland
Date of Birth: 03/28/1985
Country: Canada
Gender: Male
Language: English
Occupation: Marketing and Sales Representatives
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Since his career began, Sean has worked to gain complex insights into the market research industry to provide to clients, co-workers and the public alike.Much like the well-known Tom H. C. Anderson once achieved (, Sean strives for his blog ( to be the top personal blog dedicated to market research in terms of both overall traffic and unique monthly visitors. Sean’s blog aims to do much more than just share market research news, it aims to create involved, smart and critical discussions around it.Sean Tweets under one account, with the aim to have more followers than any other market researcher on Twitter, exceeding the 50,000 followers mark. OnLinkedIn and under @Copeland1985 on Twitter, he shares stories from the top market research news sites and also shares insightful discussions from his own personal blog.Market ResearchSean Copeland began his market research career in 2008 while attending the MRIA recognized Georgian College Research Analyst Program. In the following year Sean worked for R.A. Malatest & Associates in Toronto on program evaluation and market research projects. He provided strategic insight through program evaluation and performance measurement often to support federal and provincial government policy development. He worked with peers on proposals, research design, data collection tools, staff training guides, analysis plans, report writing and presentations.Since 2010 Sean has continued to provide strategic insights to clients through the delivery of research services at Ipsos Reid in Toronto. He manages key market research projects while building and maintaining client relationships. Copeland has worked on projects spanning across many industries including but not limited to financial services, quick serve restaurants, telecommunications, and packaged goods.Online Sales and MarketingIn 1997, at the age of 12, Sean became involved in ecommerce and web marketing through the online sale of items on the website His web design and marketing skills continued to develop while he operated this small online business and expanded his available merchandise in over a dozen different categories. Later, he began developing and operating independent e-commerce and informational web sites to expand further into the online markets. Sean’s online trend continued as a sole proprietor through until 2007 when his career focus began to change and his online business was closed.Retail Sales and ManagementIn two separate occasions Sean has worked for the retailer Staples Business Depot in sales and management roles at the retail level. The years of work at this retailer exposed further to Sean how tight business operations and above-standard client service is of the upmost importance to bottom-line success. Creative Video ProductionSean achieved an advanced 3-year diploma in broadcasting from Niagara College in 2006 where he won numerous awards for his creative work. He began his career in video and film production immediately after, working as a teaching assistant for the college as well as working for a video production company called Electric Dreams Video. Sean worked closely with the students at the college and his peers at the production company, which proved to be excellent creative learning opportunities for everyone, including Sean.Finances and Team ManagementWhile attending Niagara College, Sean maintained a student rental property where he collected rent payments, paid bills, maintained financial records and mediated tenant disputes. This experience brought to light the significance of team management and financial management.

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