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Nickname: christophermp
First Name: Christopher
Last Name: Prins
Date of Birth: 04/27/1980
Country: Australia
Gender: Male
Language: English
Occupation: Media, the Arts and Printing
About me:

In 1999, Christopher joined the Army as an infantryman, and discharged in 2007 finishing as an electronics technician. During his service, Christopher has had opportunities to travel around Australia, and serve for six months in East Timor.

Since leaving the Army, many things for Chris have changed. Photography has become his livelihood, and his family, his passion, heart and soul. Photography has become a tool that helps him see the world from a different perspective. It has given him the opportunity to push personal limits, to try new things and to test personal boundaries. It has opened him to a wealth of experiences and taken him down a path that he could have never envisaged. Christopher enjoys photography as full-time hobby, but his future en-devour is to shoot professionally. 

Fine Art Photography

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