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Nickname: allthngsnice
First Name: LJ
Last Name: Enerva
Date of Birth: 01/31/1983
Country: Philippines
Gender: Male
Language: English
Occupation: Health, Fitness, Hair and Beauty
About me:

I'm a doctor , a dancer , an artist . I am a personal effects junkie and i like everything about fashion, skincare and anything that has to do with self improvement. As a dancer i have lived with the concept of reinvention and focusing on details and as a doctor i am aware of technicalities and techniques. Some people say that beauty is a birthright but i believe that beautiful people are made. 

I graduated with a degree of Doctor in Medicine (2009) and a Bachelors degree in Pharmacy (2003) and I love to experiment and test different products and services and share them with my readers.

Things that are cute and colorful; highly functional and edgy gadgets and fluffy and chubby little puppies make me happy


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