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Nickname: Sui
First Name: Luis
Date of Birth: 08/01/1989
Country: United states
Gender: Male
Language: English
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My interest in writing started early when as a little boy, eavesdropping on family gossiping, I fell in love with language. And although I didn’t quite fully understand my love of a good story, that is, why I loved certain stories and not others, I carried the stories I overheard to high school and later to college in hopes of one day writing my own tall tales as the ones of farmers and fisherman my family often told after dinner. Bare and poignant, those stories grounded me in love, sacrifice and courage. Over time, my interest in writing have evolved to include other genres and styles, but the initial impression and awe at my family’s stories still remain the main influences that compel me to write.

I started this blog to foster my interest in writing. Here you’ll find me writing about a range of topics that all deal with how I can better realize myself as a human being. Expect to glean much confusion, uncertainty, frustration, passion and love from these posts as I sort out better ways to live and imagine. This is an exercise in solitude, introspection and fellowship. To that end I take up William Gass on his statement: “I know of nothing more difficult than knowing who you are, and having the courage to share the reasons for the catastrophe of your character with the world.”


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