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Nickname: PACETREK
First Name: Paul
Last Name: Staso
Country: United states
Gender: Male
Language: English
Occupation: Health, Fitness, Hair and Beauty
About me:

Imagine running alone across the entire United States, a total of 3,260 miles from one ocean to another in only 108 days (averaging 30 miles per day!) on the hot summer pavement!  In 2006, Paul Staso actually did that to keep a promise to 97 kids in his Montana hometown. Now, Paul takes thousands of kids worldwide on annual multi-week fitness adventures. He teaches and inspires via his online classroom – a window into his journeys. Teams of students run/walk with him virtually as he's actually on the road. It's FREE for kids worldwide! Paul does this to encourage an active/healthy lifestyle, promote goal setting, and to teach kids about locations beyond their school grounds in a fun & challenging way. There's NO fundraising involved and NOTHING to purchase! This is for School Teams and Safe Routes to School Teams! So far, Paul has logged 187 marathons in 167 days on the road doing P.A.C.E. runs across states and countries, a total of 4,880 miles – completely alone by pushing a stroller of gear. "Alone" means alone... no support crew or roadside help! He tackles these mega-mileage journeys all by himself, having already run solo across the USA, Germany, Alaska & Montana! Where will he run next? Go to WWW.PACETREK.COM to find out!

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