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Nickname: EPIFLOW
First Name: Eldridge
Last Name: Products, Inc.
Date of Birth: 01/01/1988
Country: United states
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Occupation: Engineering, Science and the Environment
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Welcome to Eldridge Products, Inc. (EPI), the premier thermal mass flowmeter manufacturer in the world.  The company was founded in 1988 by the president and CEO, Mark Eldridge. Mr. Eldridge now has over 31 years in the Thermal Mass Flowmeter industry. Our company produces a wide offering of thermal mass flowmeters for gas flow meter measurement and gas flow control. EPI has been an industry leader for over 20 years, specializing in manufacturing thermal mass flowmeters and other flowmeter related technology.

EPI produces the Master-Touch™ and ValuMass™ brands of thermal mass flow meters and thermal mass flow switches. Trademarked brands for these thermal mass flow meter products include EPI™, Master-Touch™, EPICom™, FAT™, E-Logger™, LightWIRE™, ValuMass™

EPI’s state-of-the-art thermal mass flow sensors can detect mass flow rates, from very low to very high mass flow velocities, with an unparalleled level of accuracy.  Our experienced staff and engineers are helping many organizations use this thermal mass flow meter technology to go “Green”, by successfully tracking and managing their gas usage, in order to reduce their energy costs.

Our advanced thermal mass flowmeter technology is robust and easy-to-use. These thermal mass flowmeter products allow you to capture instantaneous gas mass flow rate and elapsed mass flow total. We offer a variety of thermal mass flowmeters to suit most applications requiring process gas flow measurement and process flow control. Good gas flowmeter data can help you reduce operating costs and/or achieve compliance with regulatory requirements. Although EPI has various standardized thermal mass flowmeter product configurations, your thermal mass flowmeter is hand-assembled and calibrated at the factory to meet your actual process conditions, specifications and requirements.

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