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Nickname: APActionFigures
First Name: Catherine
Last Name: Plavoukou
Date of Birth: 10/02/1974
Country: United states
Gender: Female
Language: English
Occupation: Marketing and Sales Representatives
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I have been living back and forth  in US and Europe for all of my life, so travelling, shoping and collecting souvenirs is my second nature. My greatest love, though, comes from chilhood with the first toys and figurines I got as gists from Dc Universe: Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman. Although, back then, collecting and playing with action figures was a boys activity, I loved to play and collect these plastic figurines. Over the years, it became a fun hobby for me and my brother so we decided to search, create and share action figures collecting guides for other action figures fans.

If you're into collecting action figures from DC Universe, Marvel, Halo, McFarlane, Star Wars , Transformers or Harry Potter, then chech our collecting guides and Resources at:

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We Look forward to become friends

Catherine Plavoukou

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