Pond Fishing Strategies

Posted on 04/27/2016 09:23:07 AM

When thinking back to first fishing experiences a lot of people remember being a kid and fishing a pond from the bank. Placing a cricket or worm on a small hook under a bobber and throwing it out in the pond with little thought about any strategy of how or why you caught a fish or not. For the most ...

My favorite Rooftops in Munich

Posted on 06/29/2015 04:22:32 AM

The rooftop scene in Munich has evolved over the past three years and now it's time for an update of my first article. When I first wrote about this back in 2012 I thought that a rooftop bar crawl could be a great idea... then I didn't. Why? simply because to enjoy the experience you need an exploding ...

All About Black Bear Hunting in Arizona: Guides, Information, and Trophy Type

Posted on 11/27/2014 12:56:58 PM

Some states have seen local extinction, sometimes called extirpation, of black bear from the Midwest to the East. However black bear still live in many U.S. states, Canadian provinces, and Mexico to the extent that they are not classified an endangered species anymore. Black bear are also found in wooded ...

Waterfowl Hunting Opportunities Alameda County

Posted on 11/04/2014 02:32:01 PM

2014 fall and 2015 winter waterfowl hunting opportunities at Eden Landing Ecological Reserve (ELER) in Hayward. Five hunts in 2014, four hunts in 2015. 100 hunters each hunt, first come first served. Waterfowl hunters are invited to participate in special waterfowl hunting opportunities at the Eden ...


Posted on 10/29/2014 12:17:34 PM

New version of online Fishing Guide for anglers in California now available. One of the most frustrating experiences I have had was to go on a fishing trip with only  a foggy general idea of the fishing spot we wanted to test. We were following some hearsay from other anglers. We lugged all ...

Keep Chronic Wasting Disease Out of California

Posted on 10/21/2014 12:20:15 PM

Chronic Wasting Disease is fatal to deer, elk and moose. Keep this neurologic disease out of California. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife is asking hunters to help keep California free of this neurologic disease. Chronic Wasting Disease does not affect humans but is fatal to deer, elk ...

Liberty Island Ecological Reserve Regulations

Posted on 10/15/2014 01:41:44 PM

New waterfowl hunting regulations now in effect for Liberty Island Ecological Reserve. Check before you hunt. On August 11, 2014 new waterfowl hunting regulations went into effect for the Liberty Island Ecological Reserve. The new regulations were adopted in earlier this year by the the California ...

Wild Boar Invades Supreme Court

Posted on 10/14/2014 03:27:31 PM

Boar in the News October 2014 Pakistani Supreme Court invaded. A wild boar breached the security corridor of the Supreme Court in Islamabad, Pakistan, on October 15, 2014 according to a report in the Dunya News. The animal successfully evaded security guards posted to protect the Supreme Court. It ...

Marijuana Cultivation Sites Clean-Up Efforts

Posted on 10/14/2014 12:25:24 PM

Section 6 Federal funds help to clean up pollution on illegal marijuana growing sites. Protecting federally endangered Coho salmon, northern spotted owl and Pacific fisher. Task forces form CDFW, the California Air National Guard Counterdrug Task Force and the Trinity County Sheriff's Office raided ...

In order to make your hiking trip easier, simply pick better hiking boots

Posted on 06/29/2014 03:33:15 PM

If you enjoy hiking or you often go do it as a simple recreational activity with your friends and family, thats great. Hiking is one of the most widespread and well organized activities in terms of trail marking and the producing of proper equipment. Hiking gear is something you would have to take care ...

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