The Amazon may have the Andes to thank for biodiversity

Posted on 11/12/2010 11:46:53 AM

  The extraordinary biodiversity seen in the Amazon rainforest — one of the most species-rich ecosystems on Earth — may have evolved mainly due to the rise of the Andes, research suggests. The Amazon, the world’s largest river basin, is home to the largest ...

Cloning Jesus, Is that possible?

Posted on 09/28/2010 06:48:37 PM

One issue that has caused much controversy in these last years it is the cloning, due to in large part to the ethical debate that is presented in its application.Cloning can be defined as the process that you can get identical copies of cells that are already developed a body, without sex. Two features ...

Why certain anticancer cancer drugs cause heart failure

Posted on 02/09/2010 01:04:50 AM

Why certain anticancer cancer drugs cause heart failure  Scientists at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, say they have discovered why certain anticancer drugs cause heart failure in some patients.Several types of cancer are characterized by overexpression of PDGFR proteins, ...

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