Lessons We Can Learn from Whistleblowers

Posted on 10/08/2016 12:26:01 PM

Lessons We Can Learn from Whistleblowers   Our governmental procedures are designed to include stopgaps against fraud, abuse, waste and corruption. Even with certain measures in place, these problems still plague our country, and the fight to keep the system fair and efficient is an ongoing process.   This ...

How To Potty Training Boys

Posted on 10/31/2015 01:40:13 PM

Potty training boys - The procedure of potty training young children and also women are not so various, taking into consideration that both are kids, although there are some differences in between. Training children and girls to utilize toilet seats (resting, standing and cleaning) can be a difficulty. ...

Keys To A Successful Marriage

Posted on 10/20/2015 08:52:53 AM

Keys to a successful marriage - Surrounded in the whirlpool of life, we constantly experience tumults and turbulent, shaking our stability and ruining our stamina, but the guts to face the challenges of life is gotten with the help of those which love us and care for us.   Considering that the ...

Clean Coal: This Hydra Needs To Die

Posted on 09/07/2015 08:05:43 PM

In Greek mythology, the Hydra is a creature that belches poison gas and sprays caustic blood when injured. And, every time you try to kill it by chopping off the head, two more heads grow to replace the lost one. "Clean coal" reminds me of the Hydra.  Just when you think it has been slain in favor ...

Citizen unhappy with Gosnell Water Association

Posted on 08/21/2015 11:08:59 AM

I am writing this to bring to your attention the unfair and deceptive practices of the Gosnell Water Association. The complaints for extremely high water bills are continuously on the rise. Amidst these complaints, the Gosnell Water Association has recently installed video surveillance, that too without ...

Climate Traitors to Humanity

Posted on 08/12/2015 12:00:07 PM

How will climate change deniers be remembered in the future?  There are many leaders who know better, but continue to deny the science to placate their allies and political donors. Others have used the phrase “traitor to humanity” to describe leading climate change deniers.  Traitor ...

California: Meeting 2030 goal of 50% Renewable Energy

Posted on 07/21/2015 05:59:33 AM

50% renewable energy by 2030 is another California climate goal that is reachable and replicable. The California Public Utilities Commission says the major utilities under their jurisdiction are already past 20% renewable and plan to surpass 30% renewable procurement by 2016. Governor Jerry Brown set ...

Gay Marriage – Is the Court Ahead or, Behind of Society?

Posted on 07/08/2015 02:15:17 PM

One of the most controversial issues has been taken up by the United States. The issue is gay marriage. The court will decide this term if “gay marriage” is to be recognized nationally or not. The parameters of this struggle are seen in the need for certainty of marriage in all states versus ...

How Much Power Do We Give Government?

Posted on 07/08/2015 01:24:00 PM

California has recently passed a very comprehensive pre-school vaccination policy. The key questions are, should they have? Is government in a better position to ascertain what a child needs as opposed to the parents of that child? If marriage and procreation have been found to be fundamental rights, ...

Anillos de Pedida para el Compromiso

Posted on 04/22/2015 04:19:39 AM

ANILLOS DE PEDIDA   En numerosas ocasiones vemos como nuestros clientes confunden el anillo de pedida con las alianzas de matrimonio. Esto, y aunque parezca que no es muy común, realmente sí que lo es. Ello es debido fundamentalmente a que las personas jóvenes están muy ...

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