31.  Mike's Blog On Life and People

Mike's Blog On Life and People

32.  When Mothers Cry

When Mothers Cry

A support blog for all mothers, whether stressed, depressed, single, married, or divorced. Discussions include just about every family issue and motherhood challenge, and how to cope with them.

33.  Life Spot

Life Spot

34.  An Informal Cornr

An Informal Cornr

Learn about topics in health, business development, 2nd income ideas, environment and social justice issues.

35.  Finding Happiness and Fulfillment One Letter at a Time

Finding Happiness and Fulfillment One Letter at a Time

The journey toward fulfillment is as unique and individual as the person who embarks on the voyage. Here at One Year of Letters, each of us seeks to understand the automaticity of our thoughts. We strive to dismantle our perceptions, quesiton our beliefs, and let go of the things that prohibit us from seeking the next leg of our journey. Our desire is to strike a chard within our readers and offer a place of contemplation, respite, and help along the journey to fulfillment.

36.  Discovering Authenticity

Discovering Authenticity

Discovering Authenticity provides a platform for heritage professionals, destination marketers, tourism experts, and community members to discuss why cultural heritage really matters and how visitors and local residents can connect more deeply with destinations and heritage sites.

37.  Prinze Charming

Prinze Charming

For hopeless romantics seeking effective dating and relationship advice, The Prinze Charming offers personal development strategies for love and commitment.

38.  Clearing Customs

Clearing Customs

39.  The Relaxed Male

The Relaxed Male

A men's lifestyle blog that covers the philosophy and musings of a father of grown kids. WHere he shares his thoughts and tips for what men of today's age need to know.

40.  Battlestar Eclectica

Battlestar Eclectica

41.  An Englishwoman In Mumbai

An Englishwoman In Mumbai

42.  Bahala Na Nurse Blog

Bahala Na Nurse Blog

43.  Dr. Michael Livni

Dr. Michael Livni

Dr. Michael Livni

44.  Father Influence - Making Men Better

Father Influence - Making Men Better

45.  Attitude and Change

Attitude and Change

This is a motivational blog that is based strongly on personal growth, and overcoming the difficulties of life.

46.  Sunday Night Blog

Sunday Night Blog

Random thoughts on social topics

47.  Obsidian Blooms

Obsidian Blooms

48.  Accidental Blogger

Accidental Blogger

49.  Oh La De

Oh La De

Ohlade is home to the most helpful life hacks you'll find on the web. We feature easy recipes, simple home hacks, creative DIYs, and innovative ideas to make life simpler.

50.  GP Blog: What In The World Is Greenpeace Up To?

GP Blog: What In The World Is Greenpeace Up To?

51.  Notes from a Tri-County Woman

Notes from a Tri-County Woman

52.  Motivation For Women Blog

Motivation For Women Blog

Motivation For Women is a blog for motivation and inspiration. Learn how to develop your self-motivation, personal development, goal setting and how to have success in life. These are self help motivational articles.

53.  The Panty Junkyard

The Panty Junkyard

A blog that encapsulates the thoughts, poems, and memories or the writer.

54.  j. samuel edwards: living life - being a gay mormon

j. samuel edwards: living life - being a gay mormon

55.  Tales of a Post-Grad Nothing

Tales of a Post-Grad Nothing

Join Marisa, a recent college graduate, as she shares stories and insights about learning how to be an adult.

56.  27 Kinds of Crazy

27 Kinds of Crazy

57.  Michigan For You

Michigan For You

The best stories, sites, and fun from around the Great Lakes State.

58.  My Love Zone

My Love Zone