Love is Like Oxygen

Posted on 06/05/2011 10:57:18 PM

Love is like oxygen You get too much you get too high Not enough and you're gonna die Love gets you high   (Sweet-Love is Like Oxygen)   Well this lyrics totally reflect bout me now. Its hard to get rid the face who I love so much now, the perfect one for me to rely on, and someone ...

The Federal Reserve Bank and Deflation

Posted on 06/02/2011 06:10:30 PM

Federal Reserve Deflation By Delwyn Lounsbury  -  THE DEFLATION GURU The 100 years of monkeying around with the economy by the Federal Reserve Bank will make the deflation and Greater Depression much much worse.  The FED is a monopoly and a cartel that is destroying American Freedom, Liberty ...

Jesus Was Libertarian - Not a Liberal

Posted on 06/02/2011 06:01:05 PM

Jesus Was Libertarian not a Liberal. By Delwyn Lounsbury  -  THE DEFLATION GURU Jesus was libertarian not a liberal. Libertarian is the doctrine of freedom and free enterprise and to do no harm or fraud to others. To follow the golden rule. To do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  ...

Dating With Emotional Intelligence

Posted on 06/02/2011 02:02:05 PM

  At the start of my blogging adventure, I embraced what few other women would dare admit: intelligent women suck at dating. I had no problem owning my inadequacies in courtship then and I have no problem doing so now. In acknowledging my shortcomings, I've become a better partner and dater. Mostly, ...

Procrastination - evil twin-sister of Carpe Diem

Posted on 02/20/2011 11:16:11 AM

“You know what thought did? It ran after a dust-cart, thought it was a milk-float” – anon Neil Armstrong stood on his parents porch, looked up at the moon one cloudless evening in late autumn, the leaves having long begun their silent descent, and decided he was going to go and walk ...

Indonesia Equals Plagiarism

Posted on 02/19/2011 07:17:22 PM

The title above doesn't mean that I hate Indonesia. This is to show how I love and care indonesia and I just want to present a huge protest for all important elements in Indonesia. You know that I'm indonesian. I'm from Magelang, Central java and need confirmation to what I think, I observe and I feel. From ...

Limiting Beliefs – How They Work And What To Do About Them

Posted on 02/10/2011 11:28:27 AM

“There’s something wrong with me”“I should never fail”“I need to be perfect”“People are evil”“It’s all about money”“You have to work hard to have money”“Being rich is evil”“All men are pigs”“All ...

First Snow Comes Late!

Posted on 01/10/2011 11:35:13 PM

I'm sure that everyone enjoys all the perks of the holidays.  Around here people, to include my kids appreciate snow.  I, my wife, and my kids love to see the snow fall steadily on a Christmas Eve or a Christmas Day.  We all know that the East Coast had a hell of a time last month due ...

Results From Chocolate Tasting Party Number Four

Posted on 12/17/2010 12:32:15 AM

Thanks everyone, for attending my party....It was a blast!!  Every "connoisseur" was given a "chocolate test" this time.  One thing you want to do is to make sure your friends are "competent" chocolate tasters!!  I was impressed!  Anyway, here are the results:


Posted on 11/08/2010 07:51:28 PM

Can you believe it is time for the holidays again? Where in the world did 2010 go? “Time flies when you’re having fun”……er, ummm….ok, let’s go with that. But seriously, the holiday season is unique in that there really seems to be no middle ground in the ...

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