Posted on 09/24/2012 05:46:10 AM

Actualite musique electronique par Electro Vibration => Plus de 200 heures de nouveaux mix, set, track, podcast par jour, téléchargeable gratuitement =>Une sélection de playlists avec plus de 20 styles de musique électronique, house, tech-house, dance, electroswing, ...

GOD SCARD - (Slovenia)

Posted on 01/11/2011 11:12:34 AM

Hybrid metal band God scard from Kranj, Slovenia was formed back in 1992. Still holds reputation of the leading underground band in Slovenia, although they successed to release the debut album yet in 2005 "...And We Could Have It All..." Through the history, the band issued lots of line-up changes, ...

THE STUPAR PROJECT - "Trough My Eyes" demo 2010 (Croatia)

Posted on 12/09/2010 03:16:55 PM

After many years playing in various bands with various people and after all of that died, I decided to form a new band. At the beginning I tryed to find some serious people to play with, but I couldn't find anyone serious and responsable enough so I decided to be a one man band, for now. Idea became ...

VUNENY (Bosnia & Herzegowina)

Posted on 12/07/2010 06:30:56 PM

It's hard to describe VUNENY's music. Their persona as well as the music they make embody something special. They are like the new movie everyone needs to see, and with their new recording they definitely made an album everyone will want to hear. With their sophomore album they deliver electro fueled ...


Posted on 12/04/2010 01:09:22 PM

ANALENA was born in the fall of 1997 and decided to exist as a band worthy of its name. The term ANALENA comes from the ancient Sanskrit, and translates as "like/by the fire". Too many great bands from this area succumbed to lack of enthusiasm, shortage of record labels and "infrastructure" in general, ...


Posted on 11/25/2010 04:04:14 PM

There are whole armies of instrumental postrockish bands out there but Don’t Mess With Texas from Zagreb are for sure one of the best of all of them. Especially live they are an awesome and intense experience. This intensity has been captured on this record as well. The dominant lead instruments ...


Posted on 11/22/2010 06:18:31 AM

One Possible Option is a band from Rijeka (Croatia) which was formed in 2008 by an experienced band leader Zdravko “Piggy” Kasapović. He invited Edvin Nađ and Dejan “Deva” Adamović to join him and his son Deni Kasapović to create and play music together, and to share his ...

DUB REBELLION - Live and Wicked Dub

Posted on 11/21/2010 10:40:52 AM

Dub Rebellion – Live and Wicked Dub Reviewed by Sadie O., 7/2/07 Roots dub from Bosnia & Herzegowina, with a significant dose of psychedelia. Lyrics all in English, very Rasta in content. Interestingly, although the message is straight from Jamaica, they don’t find it necessary to ...

CORBANSICK - Bend from Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegowina)

Posted on 11/05/2010 12:35:55 PM

Promotion of the bands from the region of ex Yugoslawia: Corbansick was formed in July 2003. by Fedja Šehić (Guitars) and Goran Valka (Keybords). They are often credited as ''fusion band'' because of their mixture of various musical styles such as Metal, Rock, Hip hop, Funk and Jazz. Soon ...

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