1.  Smart Party Planning

Smart Party Planning

2.  Life with Lisa

Life with Lisa

3.  Diary of a First Child

Diary of a First Child

4.  The Anti June Cleaver

The Anti June Cleaver

5.  Jessoshii - Beauty, style and life blog

Jessoshii - Beauty, style and life blog

Beauty, style and life blog

6.  My Silly Little Gang

My Silly Little Gang

7.  Ohayo Okasan

Ohayo Okasan

Life, Japanese, Reviews, Giveaways and More!!

8.  Mudpie Fridays

Mudpie Fridays

9.  Clarissa's Blog

Clarissa's Blog

10.  Michael Tyler. Stories of things Chinese.

Michael Tyler. Stories of things Chinese.

11.  SusieLindau


12.  Patterson Pope

Patterson Pope

13.  Belle du Brighton

Belle du Brighton

14.  Lynchburg Mama

Lynchburg Mama

15.  Sammy Approves

Sammy Approves

16.  Homage to BCN

Homage to BCN

Homage to BCN, a blog about anything and everything relating to the city of Barcelona. I also get people to write their 'BCN Days' to share what they love about Barcelona too!

17.  Searching for the Happiness

Searching for the Happiness

The search for what makes us happy. Topics: family, career, self-help, children. This blog is in The Oakland Press, The Macomb Daily and The Herald.

18.  Plutonium Sox

Plutonium Sox

19.  Morgan's Milieu

Morgan's Milieu

20.  Shanes World Wide Website

Shanes World Wide Website

21.  A Rear Facing Family

A Rear Facing Family

22.  My life in Sweden

My life in Sweden

23.  Messenger Puppet

Messenger Puppet

24.  Roddy Macleod's Blog

Roddy Macleod's Blog

Roddy Macleod's Blog

25.  Focused on the Magic

Focused on the Magic

26.  Sim's LIfe

Sim's LIfe

27.  Laurali's Blog's

Laurali's Blog's

28.  Working Daddy

Working Daddy

29.  ThumbWind - Michigan's Thumb

ThumbWind - Michigan's Thumb

Designated as the Wind Energy Capital of the Great Lakes, Michigan’s Upper Thumb is a fascinating region of farming, renewable energy production, and tourism. The Thumb offers a playground of festivals, art galleries, fairs, agricultural exhibits and the ability to play on the water and the sugar sand beaches along beautiful Saginaw Bay.

Since 2009 our goal is to explore and find fun all around Michigan’s Upper Thumb. From Caseville’s famous Cheeseburger Festival, sailing on Saginaw Bay, discovering the art studios in Port Austin, kayaking to Turnip Rock, discovering fresh farm to table foods and marveling at expansive wind farms. We also look back to the fascinating history and key events that shaped the area. We look for the “Best of the Thumb” and pass it on.

30.  girlandworld.com


lifestyle and army life blog

31.  The Traveling Twosome

The Traveling Twosome

Welcome to The Traveling Twosome - chronicling the journeys and junkets of Louis and Char Magnifico. Whether we are sharing our tales of day trips and weekend getaways, describing outings in our own hometown, or sharing our adventures and competitions while at home, we’ll have fun letting you see the world from our eyes and with our sense of humor.

32.  Shahzad Bhatti

Shahzad Bhatti

Shahzad Bhatti

33.  EdinBlogger


This Edinburgh based blog is a personal journal of all our adventures around the Scottish capital. We’ll be visiting restaurants, cinemas, theatres, museums and enjoying all the festivals Edinburgh showcases.

34.  Mami2Five


35.  The Yorkshire Dad

The Yorkshire Dad

36.  Dick Stannard's Blog - My World As I See It

Dick Stannard's Blog - My World As I See It

37.  SecondIron's Blog

SecondIron's Blog

38.  Life of a Universal Credit Sufferer

Life of a Universal Credit Sufferer

I share my life on Universal Credit and how it is targeting the most vulnerable in society.

I do this by using my personal experience with fact's to back it up.

39.  Baby Boomer Bliss

Baby Boomer Bliss

Helping Baby Boomers Find the Key to Happiness

40.  My Left Breast

My Left Breast

My Left Breast

41.  Not Before Coffee

Not Before Coffee

42.  Patrice New Blog – Thank you for joining me!

Patrice New Blog – Thank you for joining me!

43.  Speed Dating and Singles Events

Speed Dating and Singles Events

We are a community of single professionals that value building friendships and community spirit. The Fun Singles helps you to increase your social connections and meet new people through speed dating and singles events.



45.  Where the Heart Is

Where the Heart Is

I have a PhD in snark and a Masters in Social Work. Fortunately, I’m only paying off loans on one of those degrees.

In this blog you’ll find stories about family, parenting, writing, the PTA, wine, and anything else that might gradually rob me of my sanity.

46.  The Jager Food & Travel Blog

The Jager Food & Travel Blog

47.  Your Life Creation - Self Development, Law of Attraction, Meditation

Your Life Creation - Self Development, Law of Attraction, Meditation

The purpose of the site is to help people to find their real passion within, their way to creating an amazing life they desire. To teach them many techniques, that will help them improve their experiences, achieve their goals, and gain total freedom and success in every aspect of their lives.

48.  Andrea Wilson Woods' Blog: Pondering happiness, hope, and wisdom

Andrea Wilson Woods' Blog: Pondering happiness, hope, and wisdom

As a freelance nonfiction writer, I am interested in a variety of topics. Therefore, my blog covers many categories including beauty, entertainment, health, travel, writing, politics, relationships, and current news. I frequently refer to my struggles dealing with the loss of my sister Adrienne, whom I raised as my own child. She died at the age of 15 from liver cancer. Since her death, I am constantly searching for happiness, hope, and wisdom.

49.  Weird Things in Prague

Weird Things in Prague

50.  Oh My Heartsie

Oh My Heartsie

Oh My Heartsie

51.  K is for Kechell

K is for Kechell

52.  Lifestyle Maven

Lifestyle Maven

53.  Think Spin

Think Spin

54.  David's DIY

David's DIY

Giveaways, Blogger-opps, coupons, coupon/store matchups, product reviews and other interesting things.

55.  Mind Connections

Mind Connections

Personal blog of Jonathan Hilton, discusses topics such as the power of thought, personal energy, happiness, forgiveness, philosophy of life and anything else that can lead to living a better life. You are welcome to read and/or comment any time.

56.  Style & Forks

Style & Forks

57.  Best Wedding Dances

Best Wedding Dances

See the best wedding dance videos online.Videos of brides and grooms getting down on their wedding day. Fun, Creative, and wild first wedding dances

58.  New England Lighthouses

New England Lighthouses

History, photography, news, and commentary related to the lighthouses of New England.

59.  Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

60.  polishing peanuts

polishing peanuts

61.  The Witty Ways of a Wayward Wife

The Witty Ways of a Wayward Wife

The often dubious, politically incorrect and mainly humorous musings of Mrs Jane Turley, Housewife Extraordinaire.

62.  Live in Love in Laugh in

Live in Love in Laugh in

63.  Design, Love & Inspiration

Design, Love & Inspiration

64.  Ohla Living Blog

Ohla Living Blog

Travel and lifestyle blog.

65.  Mojo Blogs

Mojo Blogs

66.  What Mel Did

What Mel Did

WHAT MEL DID - Sincerity & sarcasm - a journal of sorts

Melinda (‘Mel’) is a successful blogger (What Mel Did, HerMelness Speaks), newspaper columnist for the UK’s largest regional newspaper (The Eastern Daily Press), editor-in-chief of midlife online magazine (Post-40 Bloggers), enthusiastic amateur photographer (Melinda Fargo), a mentor and public speaker. To pay the bills, she is a project management professional. A widowed mother to four young people, she will marry Denzel Washington after the sudden and unexpected disappearance of any of his wives.

She is also a Freelance Writer for hire.

67.  Life of a Medic

Life of a Medic

Join me for posts on my experience of applying for Medicine, studying Medicine and beyond; as well as posts full of advice for all you aspiring medics out there!

68.  Geek Mamas

Geek Mamas

A blog about the real life adventures of a crafty, geeky, first-time mom

69.  Rasmenia


Rasmenia Massoud is a writer from Colorado currently living in France, where she spends her time speaking French poorly and writing fictional stories about what fascinates, confuses and infuriates her the most: human beings.

Rasmenia's fiction has appeared in various literary magazines & she blogs semi-regularly about the awkwardness & joy of expatriation, the craft of writing as well as a myriad of other topics.

70.  Jigar Doshi

Jigar Doshi

71.  I was promised more naps...

I was promised more naps...

72.  Sriz Beauty Blog

Sriz Beauty Blog

73.  Wedding Philippines

Wedding Philippines

74.  The Greenwich Mummy

The Greenwich Mummy

75.  Ann Again ... and again

Ann Again                                                                       ... and again

Mother of 2 trying to find the humor when things don't seem quite so funny

76.  Weezie World

Weezie World

Weezie World

77.  Kreative Discussions

Kreative Discussions

78.  Chasing Jayce: Chasing One Adventure After Another

Chasing Jayce: Chasing One Adventure After Another

79.  Lifexperiment Blog

Lifexperiment Blog

A personal lifestyle blog dedicated to trying new things and sharing my experience/research/preferences so you don't have to!
I am a minimalist who firmly believes in conscious consumption. I spend my time searching for solutions and information to help wade through every day issues.
This blog is a safe zone from hot topics, as I do not post about religion or politics. Instead, we choose to spend our time making people smile and doing a lot of research, so you don't have to.
Lifexperiment blog has been running for more than 3 years, with regular updates 4-7 times weekly.
See you there!

80.  Blog | William Cody Winter .Com

Blog | William Cody Winter .Com

My personal and professional website, on this page you can find a blog of my thoughts on topics I care about or find interesting.

81.  P.S. Annie!

P.S. Annie!

82.  Thitherwards


83.  This is christoperj|[.com]

This is christoperj|[.com]

84.  "My Voice" Weblog

85.  Anello Grande

Anello Grande

Bicycling blog about beer, or a beer blog about cycling.

86.  Mas Paborito

Mas Paborito

87.  Beauty Cooks Kisses

Beauty Cooks Kisses

A treasure trove of beauty, style, great food and home-tested recipes, tips, makeup, fashion, health, organizing, reviews, DIY, makeup secrets, giveaways, inspiration, time saving, decor, and so much more!

88.  Nature, Nurture, Grow

Nature, Nurture, Grow

89.  khaula mazhar

khaula mazhar

90.  Stephanie Lim

Stephanie Lim

91.  Road 2 Resolutions

Road 2 Resolutions

92.  A Life Of Lovely

A Life Of Lovely

Personal blog where I write about my family, life, mental health, aspirations, passions and animals.

93.  Girl With a Purpose (GWAP) Blog

Girl With a Purpose (GWAP) Blog

We empower girls and young women (between ages 12-35). We enable them to think creatively and critically, so that they can make better life decisions.

94.  My Kaleidoscope

My Kaleidoscope

95.  The Young Socrates

The Young Socrates

The Young Socrates is a blog that advocates thinking about life. Each day one semi-philosophical question will be asked and tried to be answered. Let's try to help each other in coming up with the most reasonable points of view.

96.  From the Burbs to the Boonies

From the Burbs to the Boonies

97.  Mamanee's Nest

Mamanee's Nest

98.  JenniBeeMine


99.  What the Junk?!

What the Junk?!

100.  Daisarella


101.  Calvin Gaka Solutions

Calvin Gaka Solutions

Instilling mindset principles that make the differencebetween success and failure , stuck and advancing, passionate and wandering. Calvin Gaka Solutions supporting you in "Leaving behind the limitations of the past"

102.  Her Full Plate

Her Full Plate

Launched as a way to share tips and information with moms about food, time and money, Her Full Plate is a quickly growing resource for women to learn to balance all life throws at them.

103.  Breakfast In Bed: Rowan Stanfield's Brighton Blog

Breakfast In Bed: Rowan Stanfield's Brighton Blog

Thirty-something girl-geek writing about life's everyday adventures, with an emphasis on food, friends, arts and live music in Brighton and beyond.

104.  Wicked Melody's Tavern

Wicked Melody's Tavern

Paranormal reviews and coverage of anime, entertainment, and urban legends

105.  Been There, Read That

Been There, Read That

I'm a 16 year old girl who's a sophomore in high school. I blog about life and the things I love. Sometimes even things I hate.

106.  Unwind Your Mind

Unwind Your Mind

Unwind Your Mind

107.  Girl in the North

Girl in the North

108.  Liberty or Death

Liberty or Death

109.  Cerulean Rose Diary

Cerulean Rose Diary

This is also a site where you can share with me and my family the times we have when we are all together, how my family matters and how my world is when I am with them...

110.  Three Wonder Trees - how to grow, nurture yourself and live consciously

Three Wonder Trees - how to grow, nurture yourself and live consciously

This site is about development, nature and nurture, liberation and conscious living.

The goal is twofold.
First, to inspire you and encourage you to take the 100% responsibility for your life (motivation).
Secondly, to provide you with valuable ideas and practical how-to’s to help you to grow effectively (results).

111.  Charlotte Steggz

Charlotte Steggz

112.  LifeLoveTruth


113.  Before and After Baby

Before and After Baby

114.  A Blog About Everything

A Blog About Everything

115.  Girl vs. Grid

Girl vs. Grid

116.  Aspects In Life

Aspects In Life

117.  Advice For My Daughter

Advice For My Daughter

Advice For My Daughter

118.  Sitting Comfortably?

Sitting Comfortably?

119.  s o y c o n f e s s i o n s

s o y c o n f e s s i o n s

About a girl and all her dreams.

120.  Fa Fo Fi

Fa Fo Fi

121.  Rushed Mommy

Rushed Mommy

122.  Balance Your Body & Soul

Balance Your Body & Soul

Lifestyle blog featuring beauty and health tips, natural skincare reviews and tasty baking recipes.

123.  Diary of a Mommy

Diary of a Mommy

124.  Weddings From The Heart Blog

Weddings From The Heart Blog

125.  Westbourne Life

Westbourne Life

126.  Belle Out of Hell

Belle Out of Hell

Personal and lifestyle blog with a heavy metal twist, twisted stories and rock and roll frocks.

127.  SpaceFairy


Strange Adventures of a Costume Designer, SciFi Geek, & Magickal Girl.

128.  Outnumbered by Bunnies

Outnumbered by Bunnies

A UK-based blog about raising three house rabbits and one human baby.

129.  LaToya-The Writer:The Clairvoyant/Medium

LaToya-The Writer:The Clairvoyant/Medium

Born with a caul/veil, spiritual gifts.True life experiences and inspirational journey through life in general.

130.  My corner of the world

My corner of the world

131.  Personal Blog - scribblegal.com

Personal Blog - scribblegal.com

132.  Happy Kids, Inc

Happy Kids, Inc

133.  Perpetually Healing.com

Perpetually Healing.com

Redirecting the shame of childhood sexual abuse.

134.  Garlands in Paris

Garlands in Paris

135.  Prinsesa


136.   3 Quarters Today

 3 Quarters Today

A synopsis of my passions in life including pets, photography, food, and marketing

137.  Diary of Freedom

Diary of Freedom

I'm a 27 year old girl in the UK, Blogging about my life, loves and disability!

138.  Bird's Eye View of the Katydid

Bird's Eye View of the Katydid

139.  Play Hard Play Book

Play Hard Play Book

140.  Oh, Hey Nina

Oh, Hey Nina

141.  Andrew Chapin - The possibilities truly are boundless

Andrew Chapin - The possibilities truly are boundless

142.  Vanessa's Runway

Vanessa's Runway

143.  I'm Not Grandpa - The Adventures of a 50-Year Old First-Time Dad

I'm Not Grandpa - The Adventures of a 50-Year Old First-Time Dad

144.  Margaret Bell Counseling

Margaret Bell Counseling

145.  Helping you build a better relationship with yourself and others

Helping you build a better relationship with yourself and others

146.  Twenty Secrets

Twenty Secrets

Twenty secrets or more... about life...

147.  Virtual Lab Rats, Finding Extraordinary in Food, Travel & Life

Virtual Lab Rats, Finding Extraordinary in Food, Travel & Life

Our personal take on finer things in life, including restaurants, hotels, things to do, homesteading & more.

148.  Purely PriAish

Purely PriAish

We Pri & Aish are childhood buddies, bloggers and writers unleashing thoughts on creativity, DIY, parental bonds, culinary recipes, travel, dance, yoga, life experiences and more!

149.  McCain's Corner

McCain's Corner

Essays on the state of the World, on Ireland, and on my native Mississippi, all from my perspective at McCain's Corner

150.  AccidentallyAllison


151.  Steph’s Social Pie

Steph’s Social Pie

Steph’s Social Pie is a lifestyle blog and editorial featuring hot and fresh health, wellness, beauty and lifestyle articles.

152.  Toronto Wedding Resources

Toronto Wedding Resources

Toronto Guide for wedding planning, advice & resources. The Great Toronto Area's Premier source for reviews on venues, services, ideas and inspiration for your special day.

153.   Liveonimpulse's Blog

 Liveonimpulse's Blog

ramblings of a twenty something woman

154.  Blog Illawarra

Blog Illawarra

Blog Illawarra

155.  Khollin



156.  Instilling Passion For Living Well

Instilling Passion For Living Well

157.  June Cleaver in yoga pants

June Cleaver in yoga pants

158.  Leslie Traill Astrology

Leslie Traill Astrology

159.  The Lions Well

The Lions Well

Is an offering of a refreshing drink and healthy encouragement. An inspirational thought, my tithe to writers, poets, prophets - people seeking an inspiring word of God's Love.

160.  Being Free

Being Free

Free Being Free is a blog by a girl named Free, which makes for one catchy blog name. It started as a way for her to chronicle her day-to-day life, kind of like an online journal. Over time, her entries began to include beauty tips, recipes for homemade personal care products, and reviews of products she receives from beauty brands. She highlights skincare ingredients on her reviews too, ensuring that people with allergies or sensitivities can check out the products fully without having to purchase them. Talk about comprehensive, right?

161.  Maidencombe


162.  Ladies In Weighting

Ladies In Weighting

163.  I was just thinking....

I was just thinking....

I was just thinking....

164.  All The Info

All The Info

165.  Peridot Dynasty

Peridot Dynasty

Mixed bag blog of recipes, product reviews, and more.

166.  Pinay on the Loose

Pinay on the Loose

167.  Dennis R Bosse's Blog

Dennis R Bosse's Blog

168.  Adventuresaurus Girl Dating Blog

Adventuresaurus Girl Dating Blog

169.  Feeling, Healing and Kneeling My Way to a Better Life

Feeling, Healing and Kneeling My Way to a Better Life



171.  Purple Passion for Fall

Purple Passion for Fall

172.  Inside the Mind

Inside the Mind

173.  Arundel Eccentrics

Arundel Eccentrics

174.  Squawks by Kit

Squawks by Kit

175.  Black UniGriffin

Black UniGriffin

176.  BiancaInc.com


177.  Cattywampus Universe

Cattywampus Universe

178.  Windmill Ways

Windmill Ways

179.  Sweet Tea and Sisters

Sweet Tea and Sisters

A southern single mom of three kids. God first, family, and I love making jewelry. A glass of sweet tea and time with my "sisters" makes everything better.

180.  Mom MD Hawaii

Mom MD Hawaii

This blog is an eclectic mix of a sports medicine physician's hectic life as a full time working physician, wife, and mother. Topics include crafts, DIY, life hacks, and relevant medical tid bits.

181.  It's the Small Stuff

It's the Small Stuff

Food, travel and product reviews and insights from a busy, working mom who knows you can't do it all on your own. Why reinvent the wheel when someone can tell you the best way to use it?

182.  Second Life Coaching

Second Life Coaching

Second Life Coaching provides life coaching, relationship coaching, and career coaching for men.

183.  Life. Lead. Yoga.

Life. Lead. Yoga.

This blog discusses leadership challenges, personal challenges and how yoga and mindfulness can help to improve all aspects of your life.

184.  blogs to unclog

blogs to unclog

185.  Rod J Beer Ventures

Rod J Beer Ventures

186.  Our Merry Way

Our Merry Way

187.  dee's Chronicles

dee's Chronicles

All about the house and home, marriage as well as reviews.

188.  Thoughtful Hen

Thoughtful Hen

Thoughtful Hen is a blog that chronicles a new mom's journey in the crazy and wonderful world of motherhood. It is a resource for family articles, experiences, tips and recommendations that mommies all over the world can relate to. This blog aims to provide a community for mothers where they can share and talk about their experiences and help each other out.

189.  The Best For Our Family

The Best For Our Family

Navigating life with three small children. The stories, tools, helpful hints...whatever we have found to help us, we want to share with you.

190.  Aral-Aralan


ral-aralan (aralaralan.com) We have homeschool crafts, activities, stuffs, videos and resources for leaning and fun. Arts and craft for you and your kids to enjoy. Kids fun activities and videos.

191.  Reflections of a Young Man™

Reflections of a Young Man™

True Stories by Thuita J. Maina

192.  Studio Foxhoven

Studio Foxhoven

193.  Just Infinite Passion

Just Infinite Passion

194.  Epifania


195.  Like Seriouzly

Like Seriouzly

196.  Pages out my notebook

Pages out my notebook

197.  Chipper ChelseaKay

Chipper ChelseaKay

198.  When Life Hands You Lemons...

When Life Hands You Lemons...

199.  Papa Pete

Papa Pete

Scribblings of a doting West Yorkshire dad

200.   Let's Arise Again

 Let's Arise Again

My blog includes poems , articles , stories and quotes. Personal writing and interesting shares too.

201.  Jakes Life

Jakes Life

I created this blog as a form of self-expression and an attempt at increased self-understanding through writing. My goal is to single out experiences, events and people that have contributed to my life, and then share those insights with others. Hopefully you find it informative, educational and entertaining.

202.  The Not So Blonde Travel

The Not So Blonde Travel

203.  Linda Not On Facebook

Linda Not On Facebook

204.  I'm Another You

I'm Another You

205.  DeliLiving


206.  Born on the Trails

Born on the Trails

207.  Izzy Dizzy

Izzy Dizzy

My journey to self-discovery and recovery of CPTSD, depression and extreme anxiety. I'm also raising awareness on mental health disorders that still seem to be a taboo subject in today's world.

208.  Urban Experiences

Urban Experiences

Personal blog posts, travel tips, travel stories, mindful thinking, yoga



210.  Touchone


211.  Waiting for today...

Waiting for today...

A personal blog about my experiences and struggles with depression and mood disorder: "Up until two months ago, I lived in complete denial. Having almost had a nervous breakdown in September, I was forced to seek help and to my surprise I was diagnosed with mood disorder..."

212.  The Self Esteem Mentor

The Self Esteem Mentor

Self esteem issues are a part of life. Some people ignore them, but others can't. We are here to help with informative and motivational information.

213.  Billy's Christian Counseling Blog

Billy's Christian Counseling Blog



215.  Timothy R. Berman

Timothy R. Berman

Welcome to Timothy R. Berman: A personal website where essays on politics, religion, philosophy, life, and social issues will be published. Majority of the content published are original and unique.

This website is a unique resource. The aim is to offer unique and important perspective on social and political issues, provide inspiration, and empower people for personal and professional growth. Offer original comment and research in the areas of life, philosophy, religion, politics, parenting, addiction, and homelessness. The objective is to assist readers to live more mindfully, engage in critical thinking, and enhance awareness regarding pressing social and political issues.

216.  Carpe Absurdo

Carpe Absurdo

Avoiding human interaction at all costs, one day at a time.

217.  Three Peas and a Pod

Three Peas and a Pod

We are Becki, Will and Podrick Etherington. We're a family from West Yorkshire, UK, nattering about marriage, mental health and family life with our Cocker Spaniel Podrick. We hope you enjoy our adventures!

218.  The Quit Work Project

The Quit Work Project

Daily reasons to quit your job and go your own way. It takes courage to take the leap of faith and leave your job. Subscribe to get one good reason to quit every day for a year. Think of it as a 30-second daily investment in your quest to live your true life!

219.  Daily Dose of Positive Psychology

Daily Dose of Positive Psychology

Daily Dose of Positive Psychology

220.  By Mia Folkmann

By Mia Folkmann

221.  The Modern Philosopher

The Modern Philosopher

222.  One Offs by Yves Isle

One Offs by Yves Isle

223.  Mancmade


224.  Mining For Passion

Mining For Passion

225.  Life Logs of an Unusual Blocke

Life Logs of an Unusual Blocke

Notes of my self improvement journey

226.  Donovan With Downs

Donovan With Downs

227.  Goodbye Luckies

Goodbye Luckies

228.  Adam's Blog

Adam's Blog

229.  The Inward Thinker

The Inward Thinker

Everything you read is classified information.

230.  Mallu Giri

Mallu Giri

Confessions of a freewheeling wordsmith

231.  Emma Mae's Life Adventures

Emma Mae's Life Adventures

A lifestyle blog by a simple girl sharing life adventures, successes and failures.

232.  What You Read Is What You Get

What You Read Is What You Get

A personal blog about a personal view of life in general with a broad array of topics. Non-Adult situations are generally discussed.

233.  Quixotic Pixels

Quixotic Pixels

My name is Amy Stanton and I am a blogger from Seattle, WA. If you enjoy beautiful photographs, personal essays, book reviews, travel logs, and brag posts about sewing and knitting projects, then we are going to hit it off.

234.  Our Journey Through Infertility & Miscarriage

Our Journey Through Infertility & Miscarriage

A website and blog documenting a couple's journey through infertility and miscarriage, and sharing support and prayers.

235.  The Faded Soul

The Faded Soul

A woman's journey of being married to a man who is narcissistic-Bipolar. Follow the madness and craziness of this relationship.

236.  Daily Living with Mental Illness

Daily Living with Mental Illness

Hi! I am Mrs. B, married to the wonder Mr. B. This is our life with Bipolar 1, Depression, and Anxiety. Besides topics on mental health, support, and experiences, we also share about our daily life, which includes homesteading, gardening, from scratch cooking, sewing, knitting, crochet, DIY projects, and more

237.  One Story Among Many

One Story Among Many

Blog of a German graduate student with two major stories:

1) Since 2018: A documentary about an ongoing depression
2) In 2017: Articles about an exchange semester in Korea

238.  Mommy Meltdowns, Child Tantrums, & Life

Mommy Meltdowns, Child Tantrums, & Life

A story based personal blog traversing the struggles of learning to be a stay-at-home mom to 2 kids after 10 years of active duty service.

239.  My Warrior Mom Life

My Warrior Mom Life

A tale of a family in crisis with technology. My story of our struggling 16 year old teenager: poor school performance, substance abuse, digital addiction and how we are overcoming these negative behaviors and negative friends.