61.  Are you using Positive or Negative Reinforcement with your Dog?

Are you using Positive or Negative Reinforcement with your Dog?

Everyone knows what positive reinforcement dog training is… but what about negative reinforcement? Do you know the difference and how to use them effectively?

62.  Cato9tales


The ultimate site for cat humour and gift ideas for cat lovers

63.  Insect Control NJ

Insect Control NJ

Insect Control NJ

64.  Floridian Nature

Floridian Nature

65.  The Intractable Autodidact

The Intractable Autodidact

66.  WhirldWorks Farm

WhirldWorks Farm

A small Central Texas homestead and hobby farm raising wool sheep and happy children.

67.  Ada The German Shepherd

Ada The German Shepherd

Just a blog about a dog...my favorite little GSD, Ada.

68.  Delphinus Dreams

Delphinus Dreams

69.  I'm just a pooch

I'm just a pooch

70.  Dog Training Tips

Dog Training Tips

Dogs are pack animals, and they operate on a social structure of rank – a hierarchy if you like. Whether you have just adopted a new puppy or an adult dog, your dog will obey your commands if he believes you are the pack leader.

71.  Horse Tales and Trails

Horse Tales and Trails

When you love horses as much as we do, you have to write about them! The purpose of our blog is to have fun and document our daughters adventures with her horses. There will be funny stories, horse show pictures, articles, show dates, guest bolger’s, shopping and anything else that makes a blog exciting!

72.  Planet Worth Living

Planet Worth Living

73.  Windy City Parrot Blog

Windy City Parrot Blog

74.  The Wonders of Nature

The Wonders of Nature

To venture forth and ponder the wonders of nature