1.  MyWifeQuitHerJob.com


Learn different ways to build wealth and how to start your own business

2.  The Elysian Geek

The Elysian Geek

It started with a simple desire to write and is now a burning passion of a never-ending fire.
Elysian is originated from Greek, meaning Creative & Divinely Inspired.
TEG is divided into two parts; the creative & social geeky world because we believe in being multi talented.
Blogging since 2013, “The Elysian Geek” has been associated with Kindle best-selling authors, been part of amazing projects and unforgettable experiences with freelance social media works.

3.  BloggingforNonTechies


We help online entrepreneurs get the most from their websites. We teach website building, blog creation, monetization strategies, affiliate marketing, social media optimization, as well as email marketing.