1.  Windows Password Recovery

Windows Password Recovery

Provide useful Windows password recovery tricks, tips, guides and software to help you recover or reset lost or forgotten passwords easily.

2.  Depechie's outing

Depechie's outing

All things considered eye candy to me will be put up on the blog. It also has a smaller part of Wing Tsjun related articles and even some C# programming!

3.  Notebook Driver & Software

Notebook Driver & Software

Free Download Notebook Driver,Software,Firmware,Update, Manual.

4.  TextMarks Blog

TextMarks Blog

5.  Free Online Excel Training

Free Online Excel Training

TrumpExcel is an online portal that provides online Excel training. You will easy how-to tutorials on various topics such as Pivot Table, Dashboards, Charting, VBA, and Data analysis.

6.  Linux Commando

Linux Commando

A blog to showcase uses of Linux on the desktop. You will learn how and when to use each command or app.

7.  Visage Mobile

Visage Mobile

A blog about wireless expense management tools and techniques.

8.  FoodLogiQ Blog

FoodLogiQ Blog

9.  Business Intelligence Blog

Business Intelligence Blog

10.  iTechGyan.com


Explore Digital Life with Us! Software tips and tricks

11.  The Highlander Blog

The Highlander Blog

Articles, tips and more from the Highlander training team on Photoshop, Flash, InDesign, HTML5, Illustrator, Blender and more.

12.  GPS Tracking Software

GPS Tracking Software

13.  Project Bubble On-line Project Management

Project Bubble On-line Project Management

14.  ExcelChamps - Tips & Tricks, Functions, Formulas, Charts, VBA & Templates

ExcelChamps - Tips & Tricks, Functions, Formulas, Charts, VBA & Templates

Every month 300k Excel enthusiasts come here to sharpen their skills by learning some the most amazing tips and tricks.

15.  Benohead's Software Blog

Benohead's Software Blog

16.  @SPJeff - SharePoint geek, dev, admin – Chicago IL

@SPJeff - SharePoint geek, dev, admin – Chicago IL

17.  Maintenance Matters

Maintenance Matters

18.  Confessions of a ScrumMaster

Confessions of a ScrumMaster

Agile software development process improvement blog ideas using Scrum, Kanban, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). Many other productivity increasing ideas and retrospective activities for Agile software development teams.

19.  Digizuite digital asset management for businesses

Digizuite digital asset management for businesses

Digizuite is a leading digital asset management software provider that helps people and companies improve digital collaboration across digital channels, departments and countries with the help of optimized digital processes. We provide businesses with a complete overview of their corporate assets from a centralized source. Digizuite customers use the software to upload, manage, search, distribute and repurpose their digital files (images, videos, PDF files, and documents) across internal and external communications channels through automated workflows.

20.  Mobile Software Solutions & Trends - Bianor blog

Mobile Software Solutions & Trends - Bianor blog

Comments on the trends in the mobile/wireless industry as well as product reviews & news. Started as a pure corporate blog now we try to share our views and insights in the industry based on the accumulated experience of hundreds of mobile projects.

21.  QAInsights


22.  Codenutz


23.  inForm Decisions Digital Transformation Blog

inForm Decisions Digital Transformation Blog

24.  Dedicated Excel

Dedicated Excel

25.  Zenventory Inventory Management Software

Zenventory Inventory Management Software

26.  Envisn's IBM Cognos Blog

Envisn's IBM Cognos Blog

Envisn's IBM Cognos Blog

27.  Janes Blog | Programmign and Technology

Janes Blog | Programmign and Technology

28.  A Little Something about Almost Everything

A Little Something about Almost Everything

29.  Latitude 40 Blog | Thoughts and musings about all things software from our team to yours

Latitude 40 Blog | Thoughts and musings about all things software from our team to yours

30.  BHL Software

BHL Software

31.  Social Media & Tech News Blog

Social Media & Tech News Blog

SociablWeb is a social media & technology blog covering all the latest news on SEO, search engines update, social networks like Twitter,Facebook,Pinterest, Linkedin and provides technology news also.

32.  Ampersand


33.  Blog Carnetsoft driver training simulators

Blog Carnetsoft driver training simulators

34.  Digital Health Outcomes Blog

Digital Health Outcomes Blog

35.  Stay connected, just Bopup me!

Stay connected, just Bopup me!

his blog provides information and details on secure instant messaging (IM), chat and collaboration solutions for organizing effective real-time communication system over business, corporate, office and enterprise LANs, WANs, VPNs. Software products include Bopup IM server, rich-featured and one-way messaging clients Bopup Messenger and Bopup Observer with a set of business features including secure and safe chat / collaboration, urgent messaging, alerting and emergency notifications, centralized user account management, message and file transfer history logging / archiving, offline data and events delivery, file and document distribution, terminal server / Citrix environment with Active Directory (LDAP) / Windows Domain networks support. Stay connected!

36.  Best Remote Keylogger

Best Remote Keylogger

37.  Managing Director

Managing Director

38.  Voice Gurus | Voice technology for mobile industry

Voice Gurus | Voice technology for mobile industry

39.  TechLoger


40.  Sales Territory Management Blog

Sales Territory Management Blog

Find company news, sales territory management tips and industry updates from The TerrAlign Group, a provider of Sales Territory Management software and services.

41.  Learn Music Challenge Your Mind

Learn Music Challenge Your Mind

Learn Music Challenge Your Mind

42.  PsiberTech Solutions

PsiberTech Solutions

43.  Tech Projects Online

Tech Projects Online

A blog dedicated to Accidental CTOs, Department Heads, and Busy Executives. Business people who amongst everything else find themselves managing a software project. Its goal is to ease their pain, inform, provide toolsets and make the journey as smooth as possible.

44.  Infrastructureheroes.org - Microsoft – Linux – Cloud and more

Infrastructureheroes.org - Microsoft – Linux – Cloud and more

All about IT infrastructure with focus on the Microsoft environment, for example Windows 10, Azure AD, Intune, Office 365, Active Directory and more. Not everything is a how-to to solve certain problems. An equally large part are abstracts and descriptions for managers. So not only the technology, also processes and decision-making support are in the foreground. Main author is Fabian Niesen, Microsoft Certified Trainer and MCT Regional Lead with more than 20 years of experience in IT and consulting.