Choosing the Right File Format for Image

Posted on 09/27/2010 08:15:09 PM

Source: Plugins Adobe Photoshop plugin support, developed by a third party, by installing a filter plugin. Placement of these plugins is the folder Adobe / Photoshop / Plugins / Filter …. when installing the plugin ...

Posted on 09/23/2010 06:32:01 AM

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Install XP In 15 Minutes Less Than Usual.

Posted on 08/27/2010 01:36:47 AM

This is a simple trick which will be helpful for those who frequently Install Windows XP. Normally OS Installation takes around 60 minutes to complete, but using this trick you can now save 10-15 minutes. This  tricks goes this way. 1. Boot through Windows XP CD. 2. After all ...

Tips for strong password in server hardening

Posted on 08/16/2010 11:39:38 PM

The need for a highly secure Strong Password is felt more these days due to increased hacking and phishing. With Microsoft integrating windows logon to many online transactions, the need is further more important.   The password policy setting is one of the most important steps in server hardening ...


Posted on 07/26/2010 07:55:00 AM

Make a simple file on desktop to shutdown the Windows based system when you double click on it.shutdown -s -f -t 10And after this save it in the .bat extension. The main advantage of this code is that you gave the time to shutdown the system. In the above example we gave it 10 seconds to shutdown. It ...


Posted on 07/26/2010 07:33:58 AM

If you want to get some message on startup window when you log on your computer please follow these steps.RUN-> REGEDIT-> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE-> SOFTWARE-> MICROSOFT-> WINDOWS NT-> CURRENT VERSION-> WINLOGINNow when you click on winlogin in the right hand side panel you see the values ...

How to Find the Best Place for MCSE Courses in New Jersey

Posted on 07/21/2010 07:29:29 AM

In this competitive world, if you want to succeed and make a mark for yourself you must possess exceptional skills. Especially when you are looking to make career in the IT industry where only best can survive. MCSE training is one such course that can help you build a lucrative career in the IT industry. ...

Jamaicans craving for an Android based smart phone

Posted on 07/12/2010 12:08:14 PM

This summer, telecommunications giant Digicel will roll out its Android campaign. Jamaicans will now get a chance to experience the Motorola Droid, a sleek yet unique mobile phone which is built around the Android technology.The quad band GSM Motorola Milestone launches in just a few short weeks.</p> <strong>Features ...

ASUS and Gview in a deal to stimulate market.“The First in Thailand to offer burn warranty for a maximum value of 80,000 Baht”

Posted on 06/24/2010 12:16:22 PM

ASUS joins hands with Gview to enhance consumer confidence through the launch of their “Thailand’s First Burn Warranty” campaign.  The campaign, which will cover a maximum warranty value of 80,000 Baht” to all customers, who purchase ASUS mainboard with built-in Anti-Surge ...

Sony AVCHD Converter Mac, converting Sony AVCHD file on Mac OS

Posted on 06/01/2010 03:04:12 AM

Mac AVCHD Converter for Sony camcorder is the supreme software helping Mac users convert Sony AVCHD files to commonly used video formats, like MOV, MP4, MPEG, DV. All AVCHD files recorded by Sony camcorder can be supported: HDR-CX7, HDR-AX2000, AVCHD DVD Handycam Camcorder, HDR-SR11, HDR-UX20, etc. You ...

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