1.  Healthline


Healthline offers content on any topic connected to health. If you’re on the lookout for information about a no sugar diet or some healthy dinner ideas, then it should be on the top of your to-visit list . With excellently written articles that are filled with a lot of helpful information, the site is a treasure trove of content for the fitness conscious folks who are always searching for websites that they can use as guides for their daily activities. Healthline has the ideal mix of informative articles full of facts and entertaining write ups that can be fun to read.

2.  Health


With an enviable domain name, it is not surprising that Health.com is at the top. It’s good to know that the site is living up to its name. When you check it out, you will find numerous articles about weight loss tips, fitness apps, and other topics that are connected to health. It’s not just the quantity of articles on the site that is impressive, but the quality as well. Each piece is well-written and factual. If you’re after information about improving your overall wellness, Health.com will not let you down. Just try making one of the posted healthy recipes and you will surely be back for more.

3.  Beachbody On Demand

Beachbody On Demand

Everyone wants to have a beach body but not everyone can achieve it. Beachbody On Demand is a one-stop-shop for those willing to put in the work required to achieve a body that is worth putting on show. The blog has tapped some of the top experts in the fitness world to provide the best workouts you can find online. They also offer meal plans that you can customize to your needs, like if you need a vegan or a gluten-free diet. They know that achieving that perfect beach body is not just about sweating it out in the gym but also about sticking to a healthy diet, too.

4.  Nerd Fitness

Nerd Fitness

If you’re a complete geek when it comes to nutrition and health foods, then it’s about time that you visit Nerdfitness. Steve Kamb is the person behind the blog. A self-confessed nerd, he’s also into fitness and healthy living. His aim is to help average guys to level up and become physically fit for life. As you know, a major part of achieving top physical condition is to eat all the right foods all the time. This guide will help clear things up for you; from helping you to create a diet plan to doing some easy healthy recipes that you can cook on your own.

5.  A.Vogel Herbal Remedies Blog

A.Vogel Herbal Remedies Blog

A.vogel is a line of nutritional supplements made from fresh, organically grown herbs that will help you get started or continue on your journey to healthy living. It has useful resources for anyone who wants to improve their diet and live more healthily. The entries are written by nutritionists and nutritional practitioners, so you can be sure that their advice is reliable and accurate. On the blog, you will find suggestions on how to incorporate healthy snacks to help you reach your fitness goals as well as advice to help you eat more healthily.

6.  Cook Eat Paleo

Cook Eat Paleo

Cook Eat Paleo is a blog started by Lisa Wells to share the tips, tricks, and healthy recipes that she has learned while living on the paleo diet. When she started Paleo, she had to re-learn how to cook and bake without many staple ingredients that she had gotten used to. She was able to formulate new ways of cooking old favorites while sticking to her diet. There’s a recipe for everything here, including healthy snack options and even desserts!

7.  Slim Sanity

Slim Sanity

A health and nutrition blog, Slim Sanity offers recipes, informative journals, and articles discussing wellness and healthy living.

8.  Diet To Go

Diet To Go

There are a lot of sources of information online when it comes to diet and healthy meals. One source that stands out from the rest is Diet To Go. This blog has posts about all kinds of topics related to diet, nutrition, and achieving a fit body. But don’t assume that this is just like any other common nutrition blog that you can find online today. Because aside from articles that will guide you on how you can eat healthier, it also offers insights on how to improve your overall lifestyle. Remember, with a healthy diet and lifestyle, you will feel assured that you are protecting yourself from unwanted diseases and boost your energy level.

9.  Skinny Fitalicious

Skinny Fitalicious

The blog Skinny Fitalicious is by Megan, a certified nutrition practitioner, a fitness instructor, and a freelance food photographer. In 2014, she started her battle with Hashimoto’s Disease. To live a better quality of life, she removed gluten from her diet and made healthier food choices. She started her website so she could share her weight loss journey, healthy meal plans, and other tips to keep her readers in top shape. You will find tips and ideas to help you start eating, exercising and living better. Megan is also an empowering fitness inspiration.

10.  I Heart Vegetables

I Heart Vegetables

Not everybody can say they love vegetables, but Liz of I Heart Vegetables really does! She has been on a vegetarian diet for the past 10+ years. Over those years, she has learned easy, healthy recipes that are meat-free and delicious. These are the kinds of recipes she shares on her blog. If salad is not your thing, don’t fret — there are other tasty veggie options here like gyros, burgers, tacos, and even pizza! Still thinking about what to cook for dinner? Click over to I Heart Vegetables to whip up a tasty, healthy meal!

11.  Dietbly


If you’re looking for a diet plan, healthy food recipes, or advice on the best weight loss supplement — Dietbly has you covered! If you want to start eating healthier but don’t know where to begin, there are several beginner’s guides on this website for you to use. There are also many reviews about superfoods, supplements, and even workouts. It’s not all about losing weight. They present these facts in a fun way too, they group fruits and vegetables by color and list their benefits. They can even help you figure out if you’re having too much peppermint tea. All this fun and useful information just for you! Dietbly will help you achieve your fitness goals, no matter what they may be.

12.  Tom Corson Knowles

Tom Corson Knowles

Tom Corson Knowles is a top health and nutrition coach. He admits to eating unhealthily when he was younger and attributes many health issues to such habits. He wants to keep other people from being unhealthy, so he built his blog and shares information to help you and your family stay healthy. His blog is a resource for those who are looking to make changes towards being healthy and fit for life. On this blog you will find weight loss tips, recipes and meal plans to follow the Dukan, vegan, paleo diet, and more.

13.  Budget Earth

Budget Earth

Budget Earth is dedicated to helping others live a healthier, greener lifestyle while still living on a budget. Learn to be Eco-friendly without killing your budget with fun reicpes, tips, and articles!

14.  Urban Tastebud

Urban Tastebud

Urban Tastebud: behind the catchy name is a blog filled with lists and reviews of food and subscription boxes to help you follow a certain diet. If you are on a vegan diet or need to stay on a gluten-free diet, then this blog is a great resource for you! This blog is by Adam Bryan who loves trying and discovering new and exciting products himself. He then shares his experiences with us in neatly organized categories on his blog. The newest vegan food or gluten-free snack is just one click away on Urban Tastebud.

15.  Nourish Holistic Nutrition

Nourish Holistic Nutrition

Certified Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Change Expert
I use what is now being called BioIndividual Nutrition to help people reclaim vibrant health. Each person has specific dietary needs that reflect their unique biochemistry, health history, and food reactions. What many people don’t know is that most chronic health conditions have underlying immune, digestive, and detoxification imbalances. Once these imbalances are found and corrected the body is better equipped to regain health.
~ Whether you’re suffering with general malaise, or have been diagnosed with a serious chronic health issue; such as hypertension, insulin resistance or an autoimmune disease, the foods you eat dramatically impact your health.
~ Using food as medicine effectively means knowing which specific foods and nutrients will be most helpful for your specific health condition. Not all foods are good for all people. If you’re eating the wrong foods your body is a constant state of inflammation and imbalance.
~ Many people are surprised when they learn some of the foods they thought were healthy for them are actually making their conditions worse. By finding and using the best foods, herbs, and nutrients for each client I help them improve their body's ability to reduce inflammation, fight illness and regain good health.
• Specialized dietary programs for individual food allergies and sensitivities such as gluten-free, casein-free, soy-free, corn- free, egg-free, nut-free, or any foods you react to.
• Expert in elimination diets, yeast eradication diets, and personalization of SCD, GAPS, Low oxalate, Paleo diet, Primal diet, vegetarian diet.
• Condition Specific diets for people with Autoimmune Conditions, Insulin Resistance, Hypertension/CVD, Metabolic Syndrome, Leaky GUT, Diverticulosis, GOUT, IBS, and Cancer.
• Services include customized meal plans, recipes, and meal timings, dining out guide supplement review/recommendations and shopping lists.
• Nutritional and Lifestyle change packages available.
• On-going, monthly maintenance coaching packages available once new habits are established.
• Please call or email to see if I can help you.
• See my full profile on LinkedIN @ www.linkedin.com/in/nourishnutrition/

16.  Andy The RD

Andy The RD

Andy The RD is run by Andy De Saints, an actual registered dietician. You are guaranteed that he knows and understands how dieting and nutrition works because he’s not just some self-proclaimed food expert. You can get tips about topics like following a keto diet plan to having a plant-based diet by checking out his blog. Andy’s blog can also be your online resource to clear things up like whether a fasting diet is actually beneficial or if there is a connection between nutrition and sleep. As you would expect from a professional, his blog posts are backed by links and facts that you can check for yourself.

17.  Dye Diet

Dye Diet

Dye Diet is a curious name and we’re sure you’re wondering why. The “dye” refers to food coloring, a common food additive. Nick, the blog’s creator, is a chemist who has studied the effect of these food additives on the body. He found that many of them seriously affect the chemistry of our body. On his blog, he offers advice on which health food you can add to your diet and which to avoid if you want to stay healthy. It’s always a good idea to eat healthily and be mindful of what we put in our bodies, and Dye Diet will help you do just that.

18.  Anne's Healthy Kitchen

Anne's Healthy Kitchen

At Anne’s Healthy Kitchen, you will find recipes for healthy, delicious food that you can make in your own kitchen. Anne Guillot is a dietician and nutritionist whose goal is to help people, women especially, fight diseases and be fit for life by getting enough rest and eating healthy food. She believes that unhealthy living and eating habits are the root cause of illness and disease. As a dietician, her approach to nutrition is holistic and functional. Some of her most popular blog posts tackle the Busy Woman Syndrome and offer tips on improving sleep quality.

19.  Dietarious Health and Fitness Blog

Dietarious Health and Fitness Blog

Read reviews about latest weight loss products, weight loss tips and diet plans.

20.  Fitnessator


There are many fitness and weight loss blogs on the web today. What sets Fitnessator apart is their commitment to providing facts and information which is backed by science. They ensure that their contributors are industry professionals and know what they’re talking about. Even though Fitnessator offers a plethora of information, you won’t get lost or overwhelmed because they’re organized and put all of the information into categories. They have made sure that visitors to the site can easily find the specific content that they need. There are articles about fitness equipment: how to use them, if they’re effective, etc. There are also diet and nutrition articles that will help you eat healthily and lose weight, without compromising nourishment.

21.  HealthyNatured - Healing Naturally

HealthyNatured - Healing Naturally

HealthyNatured.com aims to deliver the latest news and information about Natural Health, Holistic Living, Alternative and Complementary Therapies, Natural Remedies, Energy Healing and Personal Spiritual Development. Find the best products, services and remedies for natural health and well being.

22.  Rawfully Tempting

Rawfully Tempting

Rawfully Tempting has posts full of raw, vegetarian, and vegan recipes to help inspire your next meal plan. It is a good resource for people who are switching to a plant-based diet but need some new recipes to try. The instructions are easy to understand and the mouthwatering photos will have you excited to get started. Carrot ginger flax crackers and sweet potato latkes are two examples of the meals you could be making. It proves that you don’t need to skip snacks or follow a boiled egg diet to lose or maintain your weight. Visit Rawfully Tempting for recipes that will teach you how to nourish your body with healthy food.

23.  ForHealthBenefits


For Health Benefits has everything from diet plans, easy workouts you can do at home, to alternative health news. This website is very informative and is created by a team of fitness enthusiasts who want to share tips on how you can live a fresher, fitter life. Whether you need to eat and sleep better or get more exercise, there’s bound to be tips and advice here that you can use. It’s not all about diet food, either. There are also recipes for cleansing drinks, headache remedies, and allergy relief methods.

24.  My Fitness Hut

My Fitness Hut

My Fitness Hut is one of many websites that Mark Dilworth owns. He is a lifestyle and weight management specialist who owns websites that tackle different aspects of fitness. My Fitness Hut is where Mark focuses on weight loss. He shares valuable content about exercise routines, diet tips, motivation, and more. Thanks to his years of experience, he’s able to share many tips that help his clients and readers make changes to improve their overall wellness. He doesn’t promote fast weight loss, fat burning supplements, or other such things. Instead, he will guide you to achieve and maintain an ideal body weight with an acceptable level of body fat through slow yet safe and effective natural methods.

25.  Her Fitness Hut

Her Fitness Hut

When you’re having trouble shedding the pounds, knowing that someone out there understands your struggles can help keep you feeling motivated. Her Fitness Hut is run by Mark Dilworth, a fitness trainer who lost over 50 pounds through physical training and an appropriate diet. In fact, you won't notice weight loss supplements, starvation diets nor quick gimmicks on his blog. He believes that you can effectively achieve your weight goal with the right mindset and a healthy lifestyle. On his blog, you will find a variety of resources including a podcasts and blog posts. You can even join a community on Facebook to help hold yourself accountable on your weight loss transformation journey.

26.  General Motors Diet

General Motors Diet

Losing weight can be a challenge sometimes. Even if you spend weeks in the gym, you might not see results right away. The best way to get the slim body that you deserve is to combine exercise with a healthy diet. GM Diet Plan is a blog that contains low carb diet recipes, so you can get some healthy meal prep ideas to get started on your new lifestyle. It is a good resource, especially if you are having trouble losing weight naturally. Click on GM Diet Plan to gain access to more than five weight loss diet recipes today.

27.  Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Headquarters will open your eyes to all the wonders of the Aloe Vera plant. It’s a popular skin and hair care ingredient because of its moisturizing and hair-growing properties. You can even purchase pure Aloe Gel as a cosmetic product. Did you know that you can add it to your diet, too? It has vitamins and minerals, such as copper and zinc, that build your immune system. You can mix it with your favorite healthy drinks or even have it by itself. On Aloe Vera HQ, you will learn how to make your own Aloe Vera juice and also the benefits of drinking it. They will even teach you how to cultivate your own Aloe plant.

28.  Your Organic Child

Your Organic Child

Your Organic Child, owned by Kathy, is one of the Top Mommy-Approved blogs. It is a great resource for tips about children's wellness, nutrition, activities and more. If you are looking for ways to get into healthy eating, you will find a variety of recipes here. The instructions are well-written and are easy to follow, so you can get started with creating healthy snacks for your kids. However, another important part of health is exercise. This blog also offers outdoor activities for children to help keep them active. With conversational posts full of useful information, this is one blog that will have you coming back for more.

29.  Jeanie and Joan

Jeanie and Joan

Jeanie and Joan is a fitness and health blog run by two best friends in their early fourties! Watch us take on diet and weight loss by following the latest strategies to lose weight including portion control, low carb and sugar free recipes and fun at home exercise programs to help you look and feel your absolute best!

30.  Healing Herb Information

Healing Herb Information

An encyclopaedia of healing plants and heabs and their associated ailments

31.  Healing Plants and Herbs

Healing Plants and Herbs

A blog that for those wishing to share ideas and feelings about the benefits of medicinal plants, herbs and trees

32.  Daddy Nutrition

Daddy Nutrition

Daddy Nutrition provides fresh information about nutrition facts, food & health

33.  Celeste's Best Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Allergen-Free Blog

Celeste's Best Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Allergen-Free Blog

Celeste’s Best shows off gluten-, egg-, and dairy-recipes. Celeste is a mom who discovered that her daughter has Celiac Disease. This meant that their family had to go on a strict gluten free diet. Many food products contain gluten so they had to learn how to cook and make meals without it. They have expanded their selection to food without common allergens such as eggs and dairy. Now her blog contains recipes for many delicious and healthy snacks and meals. You will find recipes for gluten free bread, cookies, and even ice cream! It’s such a delicious delight to browse through.

34.  Life is Full of Adventures

Life is Full of Adventures

Life is Full of Adventure is a resource center for people suffering from celiac disease. In fact, it is certified by celiacdisease.org. Celiac disease is a medical condition that causes inflammation and damage to the intestine when you have eaten gluten. Through the website, you will be thoroughly guided on how you can ensure your wellness with their numerous food guides and information. You’ll also read stories about the struggles of having the disease to make you realize that you are not alone in your journey. They even provide product recommendations so you can assess which is safe for your consumption.

35.  New Zealand Health Food News

New Zealand Health Food News

The New Zealand Health Food Co. was founded in 1988 and is a leading producer of wholesome, nutritious food. Their blog is an effort to share tips and tricks to help people along their journey to healthy living. It has suggestions on building healthy habits such as getting enough sleep, exercising moderately, and choosing healthy snacks. Many of NZ Health Food’s products come from natural sources, such as bees (they have many Manuka Honey and Royal Jelly products) and fish (their Omega-3 capsules). Their blog entries are well-written, and won’t make you feel spoken down to, even as they preach the benefits of their supplements.

36.  Daddy Nutrition

Daddy Nutrition

The Daddy Nutrition mission is to provide the inspiration and information people need to make healthy eating a way of life

37.  Angelas Heaven

Angelas Heaven

Find healthy, gluten free recipes, tips on natural beauty and health here!

38.  Food Tips

Food Tips

Food Tips is a premium blog designed for everyone who shares a love for cooking, baking and entertainment. It is all about easy and quick recipes, interviews with top chefs, health tips, kitchen hacks, and much more. Also, you can find reviews of modern kitchen appliances and buyer’s guides to help you make the right purchasing decision. The emphasis is on eliminating all the unnecessary information floating around and allowing you to make the right food choices for yourself and your family. Whether you are a food lover, a busy mom, or just someone who loves to cook, this is one blog worth visiting.

39.  Yerba Mate Blog

Yerba Mate Blog

Learn all about Yerba Mate, a plant that makes a delicious drink called “Mate”. The Yerba Mate Blog is by Celso Fernandes, a mechanical engineer who enjoys the aforementioned drink because of his Brazilian roots. Mate is a popular Brazilian drink that is rich in caffeine and antioxidants, and can easily replace coffee as part of a healthy diet. There are also suggestions on different ingredients to make other healthy drinks from your Yerba Mate. Frankly, many of Celso’s suggestions sound delicious and the way he presents them make us want to try them ASAP!

40.  soul-beet


Soul Beet blog is dedicated to helping people learn about soulful eating and understand nutrition better. The blog is written by Renee who has a Masters Degree in Nutrition and is currently working in the Full Body Systems Functional Nutrion Lab. Her drive to start the blog started with her personal experience of having GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease). She shares the secrets to embracing food cravings, teaching them to love their bodies and live fulfilling lives. It is also packed with inspirational recipes to show how easy it is to add nutritious ingredients to everyday meals.

41.  Fat Reducing Drinks

Fat Reducing Drinks

Fat Reducing Drinks - The Latest on health articles on Teas, Juices and Smoothies . like Rooibos Tea that has Baffled Weight Loss Experts

42.  Chinese Food Recipes

Chinese Food Recipes

http://www.chinesefoodsrecipe.com is an authentic Chinese food Recipes Blog, where you can find the most authentic China facts.

43.  Inspired Living

Inspired Living

Inspired Living is a blog dedicated to conscious living and raw food recipes. If you have been considering a raw food vegan lifestyle, you will get useful information about healthy vegan-living that will give you the power to control your wellbeing. The blog also shares valuable preparation tips and ideas to help you incorporate these into your daily living, something that most people find it difficult to do. You will find a vast database of vibrant raw and some cooked recipes to motivate you to achieve your vitality by eating and living healthy. It is a great blog for vegetarians and those looking to reduce their consumption of meat.

44.  Nutrition & Health Blog

Nutrition & Health Blog

Staying fit and healthy is a combination of the right proportion of effort, discipline, and knowledge. Apple-a-day-clinic.com blog contains articles from experts and professionals in the industry on wellness, holistic nutrition, fitness, diet, mental health, beauty, pet care, research results, environment, and fitness. The blog is updated regularly so that you can expand your knowledge without having to dig into loads of scientific studies. The posts help people bust myths and change mindsets while assisting them in adopting positive habits. More than a blog, it is a community to inspire and motivate people like you to live an enriched life. The simple, personal, and relaxed tone of the blog will surely have you hooked!

45.  Trusted HCG - A Guide and Resources for the HCG Diet

Trusted HCG - A Guide and Resources for the HCG Diet

Trusted HCG is the ultimate guide for those looking to lose weight through the HCG diet. The blog is written by Donna who lost a ton of weight by following the methods. After people saw her weight loss, many were inspired and wanted to do the same. She started her own clinic and also her blog to provide all the relevant information and ideas, and to be an inspiration to her readers who want to be fit. She shares HCG diet plans, recipes, and products that will help people make the right choice. Donna wants to empower everyone so that they can feel confident without depriving themselves.

46.  Delectable Dietetics

Delectable Dietetics

Delectable Dietetics is a blog that covers everyday nutrition problems and promotes a balanced approach to eating. Natalie Thompson is a Cairns-based non-dieting Accredited Practising Dietitian who practices with an emphasis on anti-dieting and a weight neutral viewpoint. Her articles are all about creating a healthy relationship with food and not focusing weight loss which can lead to eating disorders and unhealthy body images. She covers a wide range of topics to help people to understand their body so that they can make better decisions about what, when, and how much they should eat. Delectable Dietetics is an excellent resource for those looking to live healthier lives.

47.  Caringpush


Learn & educate yourself about diabetes and nutrition. and give your life a caring push.

48.  Brandi Rowell Health And Fitness

Brandi Rowell Health And Fitness

If you are finding it difficult to get time to work out or lose your focus easily, this health and fitness blog is perfect for you. Brandi Rowell is a mother of three beautiful children and a certified Beachbody Coach. After losing her pregnancy weight, she realized that she could help others to get into shape with a little discipline and willpower. Her blog is inspiring people from around the world to live a healthy lifestyle. She shares information about exercises, nutrition, making healthy food choices, and many different aspects of fitness that will help you reach your goal. She also offers coaching to anyone who wants to transform their lives and build their self esteem.

49.  Dishin' About Nutrition

Dishin' About Nutrition

Dishin' about Nutrition is a one-stop health and beauty blog to help people of all ages take care of their body and enhance their quality of life. This blog covers a wide range of lifestyle subjects, including weight loss, obesity, nutrition, supplements, healthy eating, beauty products, skincare tips, cosmetic and laser treatments, wellness, and more. The blog is informative and is updated daily on relevant subjects that are sparking debates around the world. You will be surprised at how embracing small changes to your life can lead you to a healthier path and make you more self-aware.

50.  Teach Your Child to Love Healthy Food

Teach Your Child to Love Healthy Food

For moms of picky eaters who find it difficult to keep their meals exciting and nutritional at the same time, Teach Your Child to Love Healthy Food is a life savior. This blog is written by Julia Moravesil who has a degree in Cognitive Psychology and is also the mother of a boy. After becoming a parent, she realized that it's her responsibility to keep her child healthy by eating the right foods, this encouraged her to become creative. As time went by, she realized that there are millions of moms out there who are in the same position as her. She created the blog to help families be healthier and provide parents with kid-friendly food recipes that are full of nutrition that their growing body needs. Her tips, ideas and hacks will undoubtedly help children internalize healthy eating habits.

51.  Juice News

Juice News

Fresh fruits and vegetables contain essential vitamins and minerals that boost your overall health. One way to extract these nutrients is by using a powerful juicer. The main aim of this blog is to keep you updated on the latest blenders and juicers to make healthy eating easier for you and your family. Here, you will find the best shopping tips, reviews, and also recipes that will allow you to make juicing at home fun and simple.

52.  Powers Health

Powers Health

Powers Health is a blog that has a lot of energy and useful advice to help seniors live a healthier and fulfilling life. Most of the articles on the blog provide information about mushing, nutrition, health, wellness, and much more. This blog is a place for you to find inspiration and to learn how you can take charge of yourself with joy. While most articles cover topics about mushing, you will also find articles on how you can take care of yourself and live an active life. Even though this website is mainly for seniors, people of all ages can benefit from reading this blog.

53.  What Vegan Kids Eat

What Vegan Kids Eat

54.  Beyond Paleo Blog- Achieving Health and Happiness

Beyond Paleo Blog- Achieving Health and Happiness

Beyond Paleo is a great blog for those living a Paleo lifestyle or anyone who wishes to learn more about it. This blog is maintained by Millie Barnes, a chef, a writer, and also a Nutrition Coach with over 40 years of experience. She wants to empower people and teach them to take responsibility for their health. The blog contains plenty of articles on how to effectively shift to the paleo lifestyle, sumptuous paleo recipes, and money-saving tips to help anyone get started. Many people have been inspired to lose weight and enjoyed living the paleo way after visiting her blog.

55.  Open Weight Loss

Open Weight Loss

Always worried about maintaining the ideal weight? Feeling insecure about how people might see you based on your stature and appearance? Confused as to what procedures and/or instructions you should follow to maintain health? With so much going on online, from the Keto diet to detox diets, it is hard to choose which is the ideal program for you. Enter Open Weight Loss: The website that lets you choose the nutritional program and healthy lifestyle that is best for you. Laden with numerous articles on keeping fit and right, proper diet and nutrition, and exercise routines, Open Weight Loss is the repertoire of anything nutrition and health-related.

56.  Nutro Balance

Nutro Balance

Nutro Balance is by Adrian Joele, a health and nutrition writer since 2008. He believes that a healthy diet is the key to good health and his blog posts reflect that. Here you will find information on balanced nutrition and different weight loss programs. Many of the recipes and menu suggestions on this blog are low to no carb — perfect additions to a keto menu. Some articles tackle fat burning and weight loss, as well as ways to boost your immune system. To round it all off, he also shares healthy living tips.

57.  Oh My Nosh! Nutrition Coaching

Oh My Nosh! Nutrition Coaching

Do you want to start eating healthy? Learn how you can plan a nutritious and healthy diet with Oh My Nosh. It’s run by Michelle, a credentialed Fitness Nutrition Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Apart from being a nutritionist, she has also experienced weight struggles early in her adulthood. So, not only is she an expert when it comes to nutrition, she also understands the situation of someone who needs help when it comes to diet and eating healthy. With topics ranging from saving money while shopping for healthy foods at the grocery to healthy eating options while visiting Disneyland, this is one blog that you need to follow.

58.  How To SAVE The PLANET & Your HEALTH


Learn why the "Eat More Plants To Save The Earth" movement is DANGEROUS to the Earth & your Health.

59.  Survival Guide for the Working Mom

Survival Guide for the Working Mom

60.  Grateful Green Life

Grateful Green Life

61.  iJuice Recipes

iJuice Recipes

Find the health benefits of juicing with healthy juice recipes, weight loss, juice cleanse/detox, and more.

62.  WeightsAndWhiskers.co.uk


63.  Veggy Malta

Veggy Malta

Everything about vegetarian, vegan and organic in Malta and Gozo

64.  Waist Away

Waist Away

Waistaway is one of the few pharmacist-led weight loss blogs that is guaranteed to help anyone reach their fitness goals. It is run by professionals and experts in the field, offering detailed information on proven weight loss methods that actually work. It is packed with all the relevant guidance and motivation about various diets, weight loss programs, workout routines, food recipes, and more. Whether you want to lose weight, get toned, or just want to maintain a healthy body, this blog provides endless resources to help you achieve it.

65.  Zeal for Life Drink

Zeal for Life Drink

66.  Best Muscle Growth Supplements

Best Muscle Growth Supplements

67.  Healthy Choices 101

Healthy Choices 101

68.  Diet weight loss

Diet weight loss

69.  PCOS Project

PCOS Project

70.  How To Lose Weight Blog

How To Lose Weight Blog

The Science Behind The Muscle! No gimmicks, no starvation at Fat Loss Unlocked…

Eat the foods that we all enjoy! Pizza, Ice Cream, Bread, Rice etc and still be able to manage your body weight. Fat Loss Unlocked is NOT just another program or meal plan, it’s a LIFESTYLE! Unlock the code with Fat Loss Unlocked and see how to combine the right foods at the right time.

With so many dieting gimmicks available today, weight loss has become problematic for so many people. Weight management is so much easier than what other competitors would like for you to believe. Get explanatory meal plan samples with personalized coaching for the BEST approach to life long weight management.

What if you didn’t have to count calories?

The Science Behind The Fat Loss Unlocked e-Guide is a proven system that builds muscle and burns off unwanted body fat quickly. Get Continued Personal Coaching & Support…

71.  One Hungry Celiac

One Hungry Celiac

OneHungryCeliac.com is dedicated to informing people about celiac disease and the gluten free diet, providing advice and real life experiences about living gluten free, and reviewing awesome gluten free products and businesses.

72.  The Functional Perspective

The Functional Perspective

73.  Gym and health

Gym and health

74.  Healthy Lifestyle - Take Charge Of Your Health

Healthy Lifestyle - Take Charge Of Your Health

75.  KnowFoodNow


76.  Healthy n fit

Healthy n fit

At healthy n fit, we curate and write health articles. You can submit a guest post from the contact form or just read towards achieving your health goals. You can also share your health journey with the blog. A toast to healthy life!

77.  Tangerine Drops

Tangerine Drops

Promoting healthy living with friendly advice and tips on Young Living Essential Oils, NingXia Red and Mineral Makeup.

78.  I Hate My Gluten-Free Life

I Hate My Gluten-Free Life

This blog is for those who hate living gluten-free but must do it for health reasons. The site includes tips, recipes, and more.

79.  The Raw-Riffic Food Site

The Raw-Riffic Food Site

Raw-Riffic Food is a free informational site for raw and living food enthusiasts, and especially for those individuals that are interested in learning more about living a healthier, more vibrant, and happier life by transitioning to a diet high in fresh, organic, raw and living vegan foods.

80.  Feed Meeee Damnit

Feed Meeee Damnit

81.  Fermented Farmacy

Fermented Farmacy

82.  Everyday Dieters

Everyday Dieters

Formal diets just don't seem to work - what's needed is an every-day approach to managing our weight. It's our daily decision making around food that will make us win.

Let's create a supportive community in our battle to develop a healthy relationship with food. Celebrate our successes - start every day as an opportunity to make decisions that will tell not only on the scales but our over-all health and well being.

​This is a collection of some of my favorite weight management tips, exercise info and recipes to help with my everyday diet & exercise battle. Join the fight with me - share, comment and forward your tips too.