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Game Development Blog Entry #1

07/21/2012 17:40:46 PM

Balancing indie game development between school can be quite a challenge. Being a heavy gamer I consider everything I do in terms of gaming as “research”, as a result I usually end up not doing so much on homework due to the amount of t ...

I’m Back!

07/20/2012 20:09:49 PM

I am back once more!! Yeah!!! However I would probably not have an active series that I post on a regular bases because I am busy with a personal project right now. I will post more on it later in the next few days. Just wait! XD

Teh EyeWarez

11/18/2010 19:20:05 PM

I have recently buzzed my hair really really short, in barber language its a 7, which is like the longest shave you can have. Therefore I look somewhat like those very contemporary looking short hair Taiwanese, Japanese, or Koreans, so I was ...

黒E人 Edition 1 Top Music Celebrity Watch (Japan)

10/11/2010 20:34:40 PM

There isn’t a whole lot of Japanese singing related news this week, at least I couldn’t find much. The first to mention is Shu Watanabe! He isn’t a singer, at least that’s not what he is famous for. However I put him under top music ...

黒E人 Edition 1 Top Music Celebrity Watch (Korea)

10/11/2010 20:14:15 PM

First subject we will be talking about today is what did some of the top celebrities do in the past week, or what news has spawned from them. I will be covering the ones that I care about and hopefully ones that you care about as well. Top music ...

黒E人 Edition 1 Introduction

10/11/2010 19:58:12 PM

Hello Internet, welcome to the first official post of黒E人. There is quite a lot to talk about today, considering how much news happened in Asia last week. Many of which are not super important, but there are quite a few highlights that could ...

Intro to 黒E人

10/11/2010 16:56:30 PM

Hello internet, welcome to the first post for 黒E人 (pronounced hei yi ren), which is a word play on the Chinese term for Man in Black (yeah I know the word black is in Japanese not Chinese, but if its just a normal Chinese character it w ...

In Memory of My GrandPa

10/03/2010 13:30:20 PM

Ah grandpa, what a reminiscing term.  By the time I write this it have been months since you left. How I remember you, a jolly old fellow that fights to be restricted. You fight to be restricted by the stereotypes of old age. Even when stricken ...

The Official Hello World Post!

10/03/2010 13:00:41 PM

Hello INTERNET! 大家好!私は xx黒です。You have alot of liberty on actually how to pronounce xx黒. It could be batsu batsu kuro, ekkusu ekkusu kuro, xxBlack, ca ca hei, or whatever you can think of. I have a deep interest in music, ...