Writing Simplified on Indefinite Hiatus

11/09/2013 22:44:00 PM

I apologize for taking so long to announce a hiatus. I recently started graduate school to become a speech language pathologist; juggling clinic patients during the day and classes in the evening is more time-consuming than I had anticipated. ...

Still Alive, Surviving the Texas Summer Heat!

07/29/2013 18:12:00 PM

Writing Simplified is officially back from hiatus! I apologize for disappearing for a while unannounced, and I certainly wouldn’t blame anyone for thinking the blog had seen its last post.

Writing Around the Web

03/14/2013 13:11:00 PM

As overflowing as the Internet is with websites of every shape and kind, it’s still difficult to find fresh blog posts and articles that deal with academic writing.

Happy National Grammar Day!

03/04/2013 15:08:00 PM

The Universe is conspiring to keep me from blogging!. Now that I’ve managed to fix my computer woes,* I’m being bombarded with tests and assignments. I’ve managed to scrape together enough time to write a quick post in honor of National ...

New Laptop Just Arrived! Off to a Fresh Start!

02/21/2013 11:15:00 AM

To those who may be wondering: I am, in fact, still alive! I haven’t posted for the past several weeks because an unfortunate accident with my laptop resulted in an inoperable screen. Being a student again means my funds are limited so I put ...

Books You Should Read: _The Eighteen Revenges of Dr. Milan_ by Christopher Ruz

02/11/2013 17:35:00 PM

It is my firm belief that the quality of your product is only as strong as the quality of the ingredients you used to make it. If you want your physique to be fit and healthy, you need to eat nutritious foods and exercise regularly. If you want ...

Practice Finding and Supporting Topic Sentences

01/29/2013 20:04:00 PM

Because you are so emotionally invested in your own writing, it's often best to practice your flaw-finding skills with the work of others. Not only can you bring the full force of your writing knowledge to bear on the essay without fear of making ...

Why You Should Work on Your Writing Skills

01/20/2013 19:46:00 PM

I’d like to start this new year the way I start new classes, by explaining the value of the lessons I try to impart. It’s difficult to learn something if the desire to learn isn’t there, and the desire won’t form until you know why that ...

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Blessed Winter Solstice!

12/25/2012 19:46:00 PM

I hope your holidays have been as enjoyable as mine have been. This December I’ve used my vacation to spend time with family and savor our Christmas traditions more than I have in many years. The presents were less plentiful this year, but ...

Editing Your Writing: Removing Pleonasms

12/25/2012 18:34:00 PM

Brevity is one of the characteristics of good writing; it’s also one of the hardest for writers (especially new ones) to achieve. Writers have a tendency to hang on to the words they commit to paper, even when editing them out would result ...