Believe in Belief

08/21/2010 19:52:00 PM

If there is one thing I believe in its belief itself. If you believe you can achieve something you may well achieve it. If you don't believe you can achieve you most certainly won't. Belief is the one common ingredient in all forms of achievement. ...

Bad Moods, Are they Inevitable ?

05/29/2010 18:09:00 PM

A lot of people believe we are powerless to change things in our world and also in our selves. This can lead to a sense of helplessness and fear. Is it justified, Sure many things are out of our control, our genetic makeup for example. But I ...

The Best Advice in the world for Good Mental Health

02/25/2010 18:07:00 PM

If you were to sum up the best psychological advice for Depression and related problems such as anxiety and anger in one sentence what would it be. Some statements come to mind such as Think Positive or roll with the punches. One comes to mind ...

Positive Psychology and below the line mood

11/26/2009 03:52:00 AM

Depression and Mania come and go and we are left in the intervening times with so called normal mood. But what is normal mood. Are you as happy as you can be? Let’s do a scale of mood from Depression to Mania. 1

Prevention of Depression using Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy

11/11/2009 18:20:00 PM

When it comes to Mental illness why do we relapse and why do we recover ?It is said about depression for example that we can spontaneously relapse into illness and spontaneously recover despite the intervention of medication and psychotherapy.But ...

Drugs and Mental Health

11/03/2009 16:03:00 PM

Drugs are synonymous with mental health/Illness whether it be the prescription variety or the street variety.Psychiatry has come along way in the last 50 years. For most if not all psychiatric conditions there is a drug available on the market ...

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

10/09/2009 19:41:00 PM

How useful or effective is Psychotherapy for the treatment of psychological problems or problems of living. Would you recommend it to your friends who had a few issues or to someone in the depths of depression? If you have had psychotherapy ...


09/30/2009 17:06:00 PM

What a perennial topic and a huge industry. As long people put food in their mouths they will be concerned about the effect it has on them. Practically everybody in the western world who can afford to choose what they eat will think about healthy ...

Taboo, Stigma and Acceptance in Mental Illness

09/15/2009 18:26:00 PM

Do you suffer from a mental illness or from time to time are you a bit depressed, obsessed or paranoid? Do you sometimes meet some of the criteria for a mental illness without crossing the line? Many experience symptoms below the clinical range ...