I’m Baaaaack

12/30/2015 23:22:00 PM

I’m BaaaaackMy last couple of posts to this blog were in mid-2012:Padres GM Byrnes Compounds

Padres GM Byrnes compounds mistakes by extending Quentin for 3 yrs/$30 million

07/23/2012 08:00:00 AM

Padres Josh Byrnes compounds earlier mistakes by signing LF Carlos Quentin to a 3 yr/$30 million extensionIn the middle of Vicky Santo's stirring comments during the induction speech for her husband Ron here in Cooperstown a member of our front ...

The Websoulsurfer Predictions for the NL West

04/05/2012 00:20:00 AM

My Predictions for the NL West

Padres Pick 3 Losers to Fill Out 25 Man Roster

04/04/2012 23:24:00 PM

The Padres pick Owings, Hermida and Parrino to fill last 3 spots on 25 man rosterFair Warning. 6 hours on planes followed by two Arrogant Bastards and I am a little riled up.I am so fucking sick of teams picking who is going to be on the team ...

Padres Quentin Injures Right Leg - Out 4-6 weeks

03/18/2012 16:00:00 PM

San Diego Padres GM Byrnes made a huge, and to the low budget Padres very expensive, mistake in trading for Carlos Quentin.The prospects he sent to the White Sox notwithstanding, Quentin had averaged only 98 games per season in the field for ...

Padre's Byrnes Trades 1B for Reliever

01/07/2012 20:07:00 PM

Saturday January 7, 2012So let me get this straight.Padres GM Josh Byrnes trades away:A 22 year old prospect that was a centerpiece of the trade that sent Adrian Gonzales to the Red Sox and who grades out as a future star (if not All Star) quality ...

Padres GM Byrnes makes STUPID trade for Quentin

12/31/2011 18:49:00 PM

San Diego Padres GM Josh Byrnes is out of his f'ing mind.He has just made what may be the single worst trade in the history of the Padres franchise sending Simon Castro and Pedro Hernandez to the Chicago White Sox for OF/DH Carlos Quentin.Yes, ...

What the Changes in the MLB CBA Really Mean

11/20/2011 22:55:00 PM

The Rich Get RicherBud Selig and the big market owners at MLB have put a hatchet in the back of the Small and Mid market teams with this new Collective Bargaining Agreement.The small market teams have been all but marginalized. They will no ...

Padres make offer to Rafael Furcal

11/16/2011 22:25:00 PM

Wednesday November 16, 2011According to sources at the MLB General Managers meetings in Milwaukee, the San Diego Padres made a two offer to 34 year old former Dodgers and Cardinals shortstop Rafael Furcal. While the exact terms are not known, ...

Closers that Blow Saves Suck

11/14/2011 14:04:00 PM

The Definition of a Great Closer:To be considered the best closer in the game of baseballyou need to do one simple thing,

Another year, another change.

11/12/2011 16:57:00 PM

Guest Post from The HammerAnother year, another change.