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Fantasy Army Design Themes & Bases

01/07/2012 13:09:00 PM

For maximum impact hits (before you even charge !) try choosing an army theme, a consistent colour, painting and basing style and you'll cause 2d6 wounds with no saves of any kind on your opponents pride before the battle begins :)

Golden Demon Award Winners Website

06/01/2011 15:37:00 PM

Games Workshop's official Golden Demon competition has been running since 1987 (in the UK) and you can see all of the winning miniatures from all countries (!) for all categories (!!) in one place.If you haven't seen this Golden Demon website ...

Putting the Fantasy into Warhammer Battle Miniatures

02/13/2011 05:30:00 AM

They're called Mini Monsters and they bring a heck of a lot to the Warhammer battlefield in the way of superbly painted and converted Fantasy Battle miniatures and imaginative terrain and scenery.I've been looking forward to writing this because ...

Amazing Fantasy Diorama - Pirate Cove !

01/20/2011 14:01:00 PM

I stumbled across this tour-de-force in modeling, painting and diorama design onFacebook (by Michel Zeller) last night.Thankfully Michel was kind enough to grant me permission to showcase some of his superb miniature and modeling photos from ...

Awesome Chimera Miniature Release

12/16/2010 16:04:00 PM

This the second set of brilliant new fantasy models I have stumbled across in the past couple of days

Alternative Fantasy Miniatures - Very Alternative !

12/12/2010 16:51:00 PM

Wyrd Miniatures is a perfect description for this company, they produce some fine quality fantasy models but what really sets them apart is sheer originality. A rare, adventurous and daring approach means that these are some of the most bizarre ...

The Best Warhammer Miniatures Ever!

11/27/2010 16:45:00 PM

Is Forgeworld the best Fantasy Battle "large" miniature maker on the planet ?!These guys make some truly inspiring miniatures, if you have the cash... don't hesitate !I've long been an admirer of Forgeworld miniatures and I try to let everyone ...

Monstrous Mounts and then some !

11/23/2010 15:24:00 PM

Games Workshop certainly did a decent job encouraging the use of Monster Mounts in the 8th edition Fantasy Battle rules. In case you missed it... Monster Mounts (those which are large targets) now provide an army general with an Inspiring Presence ...

Original fantasy miniatures EXTREME

11/13/2010 13:17:00 PM

If you can find more original and unique miniatures than those on offer by Eureka miniatures then please let me know.I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled across the Eureka miniatures website and I had a good old chuckle to myself while ...

Weird and Wonderful Fantasy Miniatures

11/06/2010 08:15:00 AM

The Wereshark is just one example of an amazing fantasy miniature from Reapermini.comI have been stumbling across quite a few alternative fantasy miniatures recently so I've been saving the links and thought I'd start to share them with you.This ...