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Warhammer Fantasy Battle Tournament VIDEOS

01/02/2011 15:17:43 PM

6 Warhammer Fantasy battle videos, with High Elves vs Lizardmen, Dark Elves, Dwarfs, Bretonnians, Vampire Counts and Chaos DwarfsI thought it would be nice to track someone's progress through a WFB tournament. Vaul has come up with the goods ...

Tomb Kings vs Daemons 2000pts Battle

12/30/2010 11:58:00 AM

A tidy battle report with enough detail, all painted miniatures and some excellent buildings. It comes to quite an abrupt end and is very much a slaughter !"Bolt of Change - 8 strength 9 hits !!! Ouch !" A Nice use of in video text boxes to ...

Ogres vs Lizardmen 8th edition battle report

09/14/2010 15:29:52 PM

This sounds and looks like an excellent Warhammer Fantasy Battle. It has some great photos, excellent terrain and scenery, painted miniatures and is written in a nice "punchy" and friendly manner. Magic showed it's power under the 8th edition ...

Empire vs Lizardmen (8th edition) 2,500pts Battle Report

09/10/2010 17:19:09 PM

A written Warhammer 8th Edition Fantasy Battle Report + maps from Battle Chronicler (I think !)

Orcs vs Beastmen 8th Edition Battle VIDEO

08/26/2010 07:52:04 AM

The first 8th edition Fantasy Battle Report from this gamer (who controls the Orcs & Goblins in a 2,250 pt pitched battle against Beastmen).This is quite a nice report for new 8th edition players because it's also the commentators first 8th ...

WFB 8th edition Battle Reports

08/02/2010 17:20:21 PM

Now Warhammer 8th edition is with us I think it's time to update the Fantasy Battle Reports hub.From now onwards I am going to try and report primarily 8th edition battles. I'm searching for them now and, once I have a few to work on, I'll get ...

The Empire vs Warriors of Chaos 2500pts Fantasy Battle Report

06/09/2010 15:06:45 PM

Another excellent Warhammer Battle report from John at He has loads more top quality reports on his site. He's also using the Battle Chronicler which is one of the reasons I'm posting this battle because ...

The Empire vs Goblins and Orcs Video Battle Report - Helblaster Valley !

05/30/2010 13:51:24 PM

A small fun Warhammer Fantasy "warband-like" skirmish to inject a bit of humour into Video battle reportingThis video is actually one of mine from almost 3 years ago. I created it for a good laugh and it certainly turned out to be great fun. ...

Fantasy Battle Reports Hub - Makeover

05/28/2010 15:06:37 PM

The Warhammer BatReps blog is getting a bit of a spring cleanI'll be making further changes over the coming days but for now, all you really need to know is that I've moved the Army vs Army grid onto it's own page. So you don't lose it, there's ...

Lizardmen vs Bretonnia VIDEO Warhammer Battle Report 2250 pts

04/10/2010 16:31:06 PM

a 2250 pts Warhammer tournament battle- quite a massacre.