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Shopian encounter: One of the militants was a former cop

04/07/2016 05:15:41 AM

Kashmir, April 7: One of the two terrorists killed in an encounter at Shopian, Jammu and Kashmir was a former cop. The security forces have identified the two terrorists are Naseer Pandith and Wasim Malla. It may be recalled that Pandith was ...

Vijay Mallya’s Rs 4,000 crore repayment offer rejected by banks

04/07/2016 05:15:41 AM

New Delhi, April 7: The offer to repay Rs 4,000 crore made by former UB group chairman, Vijay Mallya has been rejected by the banks. Mallya’s counsel told the court that he would need two weeks time to come up with a fresh proposal and inform ...

Pathankot probe: Can a foreign agency question Indian witnesses?

04/07/2016 05:15:40 AM

Pathankot, April 7: After saying a lot through the Pakistan media, the Joint Investigation Team made an official statement. The JIT made the statement after it informed the National Investigation Agency about the progress being made in the case. ...

In Assam’s II phase, candidate with lowest assets is worth Rs 282

04/07/2016 05:15:39 AM

New Delhi, April 7: The second phase of the Assam Assembly elections will see 125 crorepati candidates battling for a win. Out of the 523 analysed by the Association for Democratic Reforms and the Assam Election Watch, 125 are crorepati candidates ...

ISIS- Bhatkal resident let off after found clean

04/07/2016 05:15:38 AM

A joint investigation conducted by the National Investigation Agency and the Intelligence Bureau has found no evidence against Abdul Rauf Musa who was detained in Pune for alleged links with the ISIS. After detaining him on the basis of a look ...

India expresses displeasure over China’s friendly neighbourhood talk

04/07/2016 05:15:37 AM

India has expressed displeasure over the friendly neighbourhood talk by China which defended its decision not to support the ban on Maulana Masood Azhar, mastermind of the Pathankot attack. Officials say that the issue pertaining to Azhar is ...

NIA officer murder: 2 detained as cops probe property dispute as motive

04/07/2016 05:15:36 AM

Lucknow, Apr 7: Investigators probing the murder of the NIA official at Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh last week are now zeroing in on a property dispute to be the motive. Officers part of the probe say that they were probing all angles including personal ...

2 terrorists killed in Shopian; encounter underway

04/07/2016 05:15:35 AM

Srinagar, April 7: Two terrorists have been killed by Indian security forces at Shopian in South Kashmir. The terrorists were killed following a major encounter which began late last night. The encounter is still underway. The operation was ...

DA case: HC passed detailed order while acquitting Jayalalithaa

04/07/2016 05:15:33 AM

Chennai, April 6: The arguments by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa’s counsel would conclude by Thursday, April 6. Senior counsel L Nageshwar Rao informed the Bench comprising Justic O C Ghose and Amitava Roy that he would require a ...

Karnataka BJP president: Aspirants told to wait

04/07/2016 05:15:32 AM

The other issue that has been haunting the BJP is that there are too many aspirants and each one of them is trying to block the other. There is no consensus within the BJP in the state. Although many are backing former Chief Minister, B S Y ...

Pakistan’s U-turn on Pathankot not official, but expect dramatics

04/06/2016 08:28:27 AM

It has become increasingly clear that Pakistan is all set to deny the role of its citizens in the Pathankot attack. Although there has not been an official statement from Pakistan, they have made sure that their views have been floated through ...

Why Assam is BJP’s best bet in the elections

04/06/2016 08:28:24 AM

The BJP feels that in all the states it is contesting the elections, it has the most realistic chance in Assam. The BJP is not just confident of making gains in Assam, but even putting in place a government. The BJP’s national spokesperson, ...

Did Bhatkal resident fund ISIS through hawala transactions?

04/06/2016 08:28:23 AM

Bengaluru, Apr 5: The preliminary probe that is being conducted following the detention of a Bhatkal resident for alleged ISIS links suggests that he may have been involved in hawala transactions. The Intelligence Bureau had detained Rawoof ...

Jayalalithaa DA case- Prosecution has failed to prove disproportionate assets

04/06/2016 08:28:22 AM

Bengaluru, April 5: The case was a politically motivated one and the prosecution has failed to prove that the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa was holding assets disproportionate to her known source of income, L Nageshwar Rao argued ...

NIT Srinagar: Don’t fake the normalcy say students

04/06/2016 08:28:19 AM

Srinagar, Apr 6: Do not fake the normalcy is one of the many demands by the non-local students at the Srinagar’s National Institute of Technology or NIT. The students who have alleged that they were beaten by the police when they protested ...

NIT Srinagar unrest: Centre sends 2 member team

04/06/2016 08:28:17 AM

Srinagar, Apr 6: The centre has sent a two member team to the Srinagar NIT in the wake of unrest on the campus. The team is expected to meet with both the administration of the NIT and also the students who have alleged that they were being ...

Assam phase II polls- 42 have pending criminal cases

04/06/2016 08:28:12 AM

The second phase of the Assam Assembly elections will witness a total of 42 candidates with pending criminal cases contesting the polls. A data analysis prepared by the Association for Democratic Reforms states that it has analysed the self-sworn ...

Karnataka BJP president: Aspirants told to wait

04/06/2016 08:28:11 AM

New Delhi, April 6: The BJP in Karnataka would have to wait a while longer before it gets a new chief. The decision to appoint a new President for the party in the state will be taken only after the elections to the four states is completed. ...

Why the Intelligence Bureau is focusing on smaller towns more

04/05/2016 06:15:13 AM

New Delhi, April 5: The Intelligence Bureau has decided to step up surveillance in smaller towns ahead of several warnings. Terror will emerge from the smaller towns of the state an intelligence bureau warning suggests. Moreover the recent ...

Why is NIA re-visiting Lashkar-e-Tayiba link in Samjautha blasts case

04/05/2016 06:15:11 AM

New Delhi, April 5: A team of the National Investigation Agency made a surprise visit to the United States of America in a bid to gather more information in connection with their probe into the Samjautha express blasts case. It comes as quite ...

K’taka Chemistry paper leak: Why we know only the buyer and not the seller

04/05/2016 03:51:11 AM

Bengaluru, Apr 5: On Monday, the Criminal Investigation Department announced that it had arrested three persons in connection with the question paper leak case in Karnataka. The arrests were made after the Chemistry paper had leaked for the ...

Pakistan’s u-turn on Pathankot- This nation can never be trusted

04/05/2016 03:51:10 AM

The visit by the Joint Investigation Team to India to probe the Pathankot attack was considered a welcome move. The NIA and the JIT discussed various aspects regarding the probe and the former even issued a statement stating that the visit by ...

Karnataka Chemistry paper leak: Accused purchased question paper for Rs 10 lakh

04/05/2016 03:51:09 AM

Bengaluru, April 4: The alleged mastermind in the question paper leak case being investigated in Karnataka had paid Rs 10 lakh to officials in the Pre-University Board, investigations have found. The Criminal Investigation Department has arrested ...

After Masood Azhar snub in UN, India will re-think security clearance to Chinese firms

04/05/2016 03:51:09 AM

New Delhi, Apr 5: In a bid to up the ante against China which blocked a move by India to ban Maulana Masood Azhar, the chief of the Jaish-e-Mohammad, the Indian government is contemplating a review on the security clearance for Chinese firms. ...

Interview: Tamil Nadu verdict will surprise pollsters, says BJP spokesperson G V L Narasimha Rao

04/05/2016 03:51:07 AM

Tamil Nadu has been a state which is known to throw up a lot of surprises. Many feel that the results this time around too would throw up a surprise and no party would be able to form a government without the help of the smaller parties. The ...

Killers had an intense desire to murder NIA officer

04/05/2016 03:51:05 AM

Bengaluru, April 5: The manner in which the NIA officer, Mohammad Tenzil Ahmed was killed shows that his assailants had a major grudge against him. There were 24 bullets pumped into his body and this indicates that there was an intense desire ...

No break-up with TDP in Andhra Pradesh says BJP

04/05/2016 03:51:02 AM

The BJP has rejected the news that it was breaking up with its ally in Andhra Pradesh, the Telugu Desam Party. It is just a rumour and there is no such on the cards, both the states medical and health minister, K Srinivas and party spokesperson ...

Is Masood Azhar protecting Chinese investments in Pakistan?

04/05/2016 03:50:58 AM

China blocking India’s move in the United Nations to impose a ban on Maulana Masood Azhar, the chief of the Jaish-e-Mohammad was not exactly surprising. However, there is one thing that is clear and that is the double standards of both China ...

NIA officer’s murder: A killing planned well in advance

04/04/2016 05:35:26 AM

Lucknow, Apr 4: Mohammad Tanzil Ahmed, the NIA officer who was shot dead in Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh yesterday could have made several enemies as a major part of his job involved trailing of Indian Mujahideen operatives. The preliminary investigations ...

Samjhauta Express blast: NIA back to probing Lashkar-e-Taiba link

04/04/2016 05:35:25 AM

New Delhi, Apr 4: The investigation into the Samjhauta blasts case may take another turn with a team of the National Investigation Agency exploring the role of Arif Kasmani. An NIA team is seeking evidence from the United States of America regarding ...

DA case- Jayalalithaa’s counsel to begin arguments tomorrow

04/04/2016 02:36:34 AM

Bengaluru, April 4: Senior counsel Nageshwar Rao will commence arguments on behalf of Tamil Nadu chief minister, J Jayalalithaa tomorrow in the Supreme Court. The last leg of the hearing on the appeal in the Supreme Court would commence tomorrow ...

Jayalalithaa DA case: Will the SC verdict be out before the TN polls?

04/04/2016 02:36:30 AM

New Delhi, Apr 1: The verdict in the J Jayalalithaa disproportionate assets case is likely to impact the outcome of the Tamil Nadu elections. All political parties in fact are waiting for the outcome of the verdict. The question is will the ...

NIA officer’s death may not be due to personal rivalry: Sources

04/04/2016 02:36:27 AM

Bijnor, April 3: The National Investigation Agency lost one of its best officers today. Mohammad Tenzil Ahmed was shot 21 times at Bijnor in Uttar Pradesh while returning from a function along with his wife and children. Investigations have ...

189 candidates in Assam are in the age group of 50- 80 years

04/04/2016 02:36:26 AM

Guwahati, Apr 2: In the Assam assembly elections there are 189 candidates who are in the age group of 51 and 80 years. One candidate has declared that he is older than 80 while 5 have not declared their age details says this report by the A ...

Pathankot attack: NIA note on JIT visit speaks of only 4 terrorists

04/04/2016 02:36:24 AM

New Delhi, Apr 2: The note by the National Investigation Agency post the visit by the Joint Investigation Team from Pakistan states that it had given the identity of the four terrorists involved in the Pathankot attack. The note reads, “The ...

Meet the chief financers of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba

04/04/2016 02:36:22 AM

Ahead of the visit by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Saudi Arabia, there was some welcome news. Saudi Arabia and the United States of America imposed sanctions of some persons who were actively funding the Taliban, al-Qaeda and the Lashkar ...

After Jayalalithaa’s submission in DA case, Karnataka to submit a quick reply

04/04/2016 02:36:21 AM

Bengaluru, Apr 2: Karnataka may seek two days time to submit its reply in the J Jayalalithaa disproportionate assets case. The time to submit the reply would be sought immediately after Nageshwar Rao, senior counsel appearing for Jayalalithaa ...

Obama’s ISIS remark: Do we smile or nod our heads in despair

04/04/2016 02:36:19 AM

Washington, Apr 2: Going by what President of the United States of America had to say on the ISIS, it appears that the outfit was one up in this battle. He said yesterday that as the ISIS continues to get squeezed out in Syria and Iraq, it will ...

Kolkata bridge collapse an act of man not God

04/01/2016 04:53:44 AM

It was a horrific sight at Kolkata. An under construction flyover collapsed yesterday leaving at least 23 dead and several more injured. As expected there was a blame game and the company which was awarded the contract, IVRCL issued a statement ...

Modi in Saudi Arabia: What to expect from the visit?

04/01/2016 04:53:43 AM

When Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz, the sixth king of Saudi Arabia passed, the Indian government announced a day’s mourning and even sent vice president Hamid Ansari to Riyadh. Many were surprised by this move and questions were asked about this, ...

Pathankot probe: NIA has 300 questions for Pakistan’s JIT

04/01/2016 03:29:57 AM

Pathankot, April 1: The National Investigation Agency has handed over to the Joint Investigation Team a set of 300 questions to be answered in connection with the probe into the Pathankot attack. The JIT has assured the NIA to examine these ...

Revenge the motive behind Chemistry paper leak in Karnataka?

04/01/2016 03:29:56 AM

Bengaluru, Apr 1: The scenes outside the Pre-University Board yesterday was heart rendering with 1,000s of students staging a protest after the Chemistry paper was leaked. The re-examination date has been fixed for April 12 now and this is the ...

In Assam, 112 crorepati candidates in the fray

04/01/2016 03:29:54 AM

New Delhi, Apr 1: The battle for Assam promises to be a hard fought one. The elections to the Assam Legislative Assembly this year will witness a large number of crorepati candidates. The Association for Democratic Reforms has analysed the ...

On Maulana Azhar, the China-Pakistan bonhomie is a reality

04/01/2016 03:29:52 AM

New Delhi, Apr 1: Even as India handed over evidence against Maulana Masood Azhar, the chief of the Jaish-e-Mohammad, Pakistan found an ally in China to block the United Nations from declaring him a terrorist. China obviously did not act on ...

Question paper leaked- Has Karnataka’s tuition mafia raised its ugly head again?

03/31/2016 06:35:37 AM

If one needs to get to the bottom of the case relating to question paper leak in Karnataka, then a probe into the tuition mafia needs to be conducted. For a question paper to be leaked twice in a week there is something more than what meets ...

India-Pakistan bonhomie and the need for a mutual legal assistance treaty

03/31/2016 06:35:35 AM

Why is Pakistan in no hurry to conclude the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT) concerning criminal matters with India. There are a host of reasons behind this and the draft that was sent by India in 2005 and 2012 continues to remain pending ...

Jayalalithaa DA case: DMK leader told to file written arguments

03/31/2016 06:35:32 AM

Chennai, March 31: The Supreme Court which is hearing the disproportionate assets case involving Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa today directed DMK leader, Anbazhaghan to file his arguments in writing. The DMK leader represented by ...

Why Pakistan’s story on the Indian spy does not add up

03/31/2016 06:35:28 AM

New Delhi, March 31: India is in talks with Iran with regard to the issue of Khulbhushan Yadav who Pakistan claim was a spy. Pakistan has been accusing India of planting its spy in Balochistan, a charge that has been denied outright by the latter. ...

Pakistan must shun ‘your terrorist is our freedom fighter’ policy

03/31/2016 05:51:54 AM

The horrific attack at Lahore which claimed the lives of 72 persons has not only rocked Pakistan, but has left the world aghast. The victims were mainly women and children at a park who were out enjoying Easter Sunday. Read moreFiled under: ...

On Maulana Azhar, India needs to be realistic: Access to the JeM will not be granted

03/31/2016 05:51:53 AM

New Delhi, March 31: India has sought from Pakistan the voice samples of Jaish-e-Mohammad chief, Maulana Masood Azhar. The NIA also wants to visit Bhawalpur in Pakistan where the Jaish chief is housed. However, on these two fronts there will ...

In Jayalalithaa DA case, the leniency criteria cannot be applied

03/31/2016 05:51:48 AM

Bengaluru, March 31: Senior BJP leader and the original complainant in the Jayalalithaa disproportionate assets case made some interesting points during his hour long submission in the Supreme Court. He made it clear to the Bench comprising ...

West Bengal polls: Average asset of candidates is Rs 47.88 lakh

03/31/2016 05:51:46 AM

Kolkata, March 31: The West Bengal elections which is round the corner will witness a total of 58 candidates with pending criminal cases in two phases. The West Bengal elections is a long drawn affair and hence the analysis of the candidates ...

Assam elections: 30 out 539 candidates have pending criminal cases

03/31/2016 05:51:45 AM

In Assam only 30 out of the 539 candidates contesting the assembly elections have declared pending criminal cases against them. This report by the Association for Democratic Reforms states that the number of candidates with a criminal background ...

Uttarakhand crisis – No floor test tomorrow, says HC

03/31/2016 05:51:41 AM

Bengaluru, March 30: The Uttarakhand High Court has stayed the floor test in the assembly scheduled for tomorrow. The Union Government had challenged the verdict of the High Court which had ordered the floor test to be held on March 31. Read ...

Khandahar, Parliament and Pathankot attack: Can Pakistan act against Abdul Rauf?

03/30/2016 04:42:38 AM

New Delhi, March 30: Pakistan’s Joint Investigation Team has heard everything that India had to tell them about the Pathankot attack. They took the evidence, listened in to the audio clips, but the big question is what is next? In this context ...

Time now for Russia to de-classify files on Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose

03/30/2016 04:42:36 AM

New Delhi, March 30: Going by the files that have been de-classified in India relating to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, it becomes increasingly clear that if the complete truth has to come out then one would have to visit the files in Russia. ...

Operation botched up as ISIS Indian recruit chickened out

03/30/2016 04:42:36 AM

New Delhi, March 30: The NIA which busted an Indian module of the ISIS has learnt that the operatives were planning on carrying serial train blasts in Mumbai and Delhi with a view of commencing operations. While they had sourced all material ...

Travel allowance of Karnataka ministers runs into Rs 11.12 crore

03/29/2016 22:40:39 PM

Bengaluru, Mar 30: An RTI reply has revealed that between 2013 and 2016, the Chief Minister of Karnataka and 29 ministers had claimed Rs 11.12 crore as travel allowance or expenses. Topping the list is Urban Development Minister, Vinay Sorake ...

Pathankot- List of do’s and dont’s for the Pakistan JIT

03/29/2016 04:40:48 AM

The Joint Investigation Team is at Pathankot to probe the terror attack on the air force station. The team which arrived at Pathankot amidst protests by the Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party have a stringent set of rules to follow. There are ...

Mumbai serial blasts: Ten convicted, three acquitted

03/29/2016 04:40:46 AM

Mumbai, Mar 29: Ten persons were convicted and three acquitted by a Special POTA court in connection with the 2002 and 2003 triple blasts case at Mumbai. The accused persons were facing charges of murder and waging war against the nation. 10 ...

Jayalalithaa DA case: Subramanian Swamy to argue in SC challenging acquittal

03/29/2016 04:40:42 AM

New Delhi, March 29: Subramanian Swamy, the original complainant in the J Jayalalithaa disproportionate assets case would argue before the Supreme Court challenging the order of acquittal. Swamy who had filed this case against Jayalalithaa in ...

Missing Infosys employee dead in Brussels attack

03/29/2016 04:37:23 AM

New Delhi, Mar 28: Infosys employee Raghavendra Ganesh, who was missing after Brussels attacks, is confirmed killed in the terror strike. The minister for external affairs had said a few days back that the last call Ganesh had made was from ...

Brussels attacks: Infosys employee’s family had hope till the last minute

03/29/2016 04:37:22 AM

New Delhi, March 29: The family of Ragavendran Ganesan had not given up hope until the last minute. Ganesan an Infosys employee was confirmed dead on Monday, March 28 by the Indian Embassy in Belgium following the barbarian attacks at Brussels. ...

In Jayalalithaa DA case, locus standi petitions are aimed at delaying proceedings

03/29/2016 04:37:20 AM

Chennai, March 29: The Supreme Court has decided to hear a petition challenging the decision of the Karnataka High Court in admitting the appeal filed by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, J Jayalalithaa challenging her conviction in the disproportionate ...

What to expect from Pak’s JIT visit to Pathankot?

03/29/2016 04:37:18 AM

New Delhi, March 29: The Joint Investigation Team from Pakistan which will visit Pathankot on Tuesday will be accompanied by a team of the NIA which would provide evidence. The NIA which gave the JIT a presentation yesterday says that this is ...

Unwanted politics over Pathankot probe

03/29/2016 04:37:17 AM

New Delhi, March 29: An unwanted political war over the visit by the Joint Investigation Team from Pakistan to India has broken out. While it has been clarified that the JIT would not get access to the Pathankot air force station, the Chief ...

In Brussels Modi to renew call for greater cooperation in fighting terrorism

03/29/2016 04:37:14 AM

New Delhi, Mar 29: Prime Minister Narendra Modi leaves for Brussels at a very crucial time. The visit by Modi to the Belgian capital comes a week after it had been hit by one of the terror strikes in which nearly 31 died and 100s were injured. ...

In the Lahore attack, there is a loud message from the ISIS

03/28/2016 09:11:51 AM

A group called the Jamaat-ul-Ahrar claimed responsibility for the attack at Lahore on Sunday in which nearly 60 persons were killed. The JuA is an outfit which had broken away from the Tehrik-e-Taliban or the Pakistan Taliban in 2014 while pledging ...

In Karnataka’s harshest summer, the only prayer on the lips is for rains

03/28/2016 09:11:49 AM

Discussing the drought from the comfort of an air conditioned chamber is probably the easiest thing to do. The ground reality in most villages in Karnataka which is facing one of the harshest summers is not just worrisome, but also painful to ...

Candidate winnability better when assets are higher: Report

03/28/2016 09:11:47 AM

New Delhi, March 28: Ahead of any election in India, the Election Commission of India announces that it has put in place a mechanism to ensure that wealth is not thrown out to win the polls. The use of money during an election may not be as ...

Pathankot probe: Pak’s JIT to get NIA briefing on March 28

03/28/2016 04:52:44 AM

New Delhi, March 28: A team of the National Investigation Agency will brief the members of the Joint Investigation Team from Pakistan about the Pathankot attack probe in a brief while from now. The JIT which arrived in New Delhi yesterday with ...

Jayalalithaa DA case: Hearing continues in SC tomorrow

03/28/2016 04:52:43 AM

Bengaluru, March 28: Hearing on the J Jayalalithaa disproportionate assets case will continue before the Supreme Court on Tuesday. During the last date of hearing, special public prosecutor, B V Acharya was making his concluding arguments regarding ...

Uttarakhand crisis: What to expect and understanding the legal position

03/28/2016 04:52:41 AM

New Delhi, Mar 28: One could expect a lot of activity in Uttarakhand following the imposition of President’s rule in the state. For starters, the Congress has decided to approach the Supreme Court of India challenging the decision to impose ...

Terror will be the new normal in Europe if there is no centralised policy

03/28/2016 04:52:39 AM

Europe, March 28: The biggest threat from the ISIS is to Europe. There have been several write ups which even stated, ” are terror attacks the new normal in Europe?” Unless Europe stands united and jointly fights the problem, the scenar ...

Kashif Jaan is the link between the Pathankot attack and Jaish-e-Mohammad

03/28/2016 04:52:37 AM

New Delhi, March 28: India had said since day one that it is convinced that the Pathankot air base attack was carried out by the dreaded Jaish-e-Mohammad. The outfit headed by Maulana Masood Azhar thrives on a hate India policy and the Pathankot ...

Illegal immigration- Fencing needs to be coupled with political will

03/26/2016 06:14:39 AM

By dragging the Shiv Sena, what is Headley trying to tell us

03/26/2016 06:14:38 AM

Doors should always remain open for the public: Mehbooba advises PDP

03/26/2016 06:14:35 AM

Sri Lanka apprehending Indian fishermen: The causes and the possible solution

03/26/2016 06:14:33 AM

Desperate for attention, ISIS’ Indian module may attempt major attack

03/26/2016 06:14:29 AM

Karnataka’s Anti Corruption Bureau to commence work next week

03/26/2016 06:14:28 AM

The Karnataka government will issue an official order to set up the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) in the state. The creation of the ACB has been marred by controversy with a large number of persons stating that it is being created only to weaken ...

Bal Thackarey needs to be taught a lesson-Saeed told Headley

03/26/2016 06:14:26 AM

David Headley’s flip flops: Why he cannot be trusted

03/26/2016 05:19:03 AM

Former Pak PM visited my house, Headley’s startling revelation in court

03/26/2016 05:19:01 AM

What is ISIS? Propaganda, hype and lies

03/26/2016 05:18:58 AM

ISIS in India: What we need to learn from the Brussels attack

03/24/2016 20:13:14 PM

IB understaffed: Can India afford this in the war against ISIS?

03/24/2016 20:13:13 PM

Pathankot: Visit by Pak investigating team will be a dud

03/24/2016 06:22:36 AM

USA lied through its teeth and still got away when it came to Headley

03/24/2016 06:22:33 AM

Lashkar-e-Taiba attempted to kill Bal Thackeray: David Headley

03/24/2016 06:22:31 AM

Why has JNU row probe come to a standstill?

03/24/2016 06:22:29 AM

Interview: Donald Trump an embarassment to the reasonable American

03/23/2016 15:40:59 PM

Donald Trump the Republican Presidential front-runner reacted immediately to the terrorist strikes in Brussels which has left nearly 30 dead. He has once again said that America needs to be careful about who comes into the country. Trump does ...

Europe’s terror problem is from European nationals not outsiders

03/23/2016 15:40:58 PM

The Brussels attack was yet another grim reminder of how weak the world is when it comes to fighting terror. Donald Trump, the Republican front-runner for the President of the United States of America renewed his call to shut down the border ...

Hafiz Saeed is an uncomfortable man today and these are the reasons

03/23/2016 15:40:58 PM

There appears to be a great deal of discomfort within the Lashkar-e-Tayiba today. It no longer appears to be that outfit which can continue to have its way with the Pakistan establishment. While Pakistan has refused to act against the chief ...

Chennai cops detain Bengaluru cops: Report

03/23/2016 15:40:51 PM

Bengaluru/Chennai, Mar 22: In a case of mistaken identity, the Chennai police rounded up a team of police from the Bengaluru CCB (City Crime Branch). The Bengaluru police team had visited Chennai in connection with the Malleshwaram blast probe ...

J&K govt may be in place by end of March

03/23/2016 15:40:49 PM

New Delhi, Mar 23: Following the meeting between PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti and Prime Minister Narendra Modi there has been a lot of optimism about the government formation in Jammu and Kashmir. This state which has been under President’s rule ...

Panic in Pathankot as car is snatched at gun point

03/23/2016 15:40:47 PM

Pathankot, Mar 23: There was panic in Pathankot following an incident in which a car was snatched at gun point by unidentified persons. Security has been increased in the area following the incident. Pathankot has been on high alert ever since ...

4 undertrials escape from Kalburgi central jail

03/23/2016 15:40:45 PM

New Delhi, Mar 23: Four undertrials have escaped from the Kalburgi jail in Karnataka which has caused a major embarrassment to the prison authorities. The undertrials managed to escape from the jail at around 1 AM today and the security at the ...

Is Headley trying to de-link Tahawwur Rana from the Mumbai 26/11 case?

03/23/2016 15:40:39 PM

Mumbai, March 23: David Headley who has turned approver before a Mumbai court made every attempt to de-link his friend Tahawwur Rana from the 26/11 case. If the statements by Headley are considered by the court, then it would make it extremely ...

Plea seeking cancellation of Kanhaiya Kumar’s bail adjourned

03/23/2016 15:40:38 PM

New Delhi, March 23: The Delhi High Court on Wednesday adjourned hearing on a batch of petitions that sought cancellation of bail granted to JNU student leader Kanhaiya Kumar. The court will now take up this matter for further hearing on March ...