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Shopian encounter: One of the militants was a former cop

04/07/2016 05:15:41 AM

Vijay Mallya’s Rs 4,000 crore repayment offer rejected by banks

04/07/2016 05:15:41 AM

Pathankot probe: Can a foreign agency question Indian witnesses?

04/07/2016 05:15:40 AM

In Assam’s II phase, candidate with lowest assets is worth Rs 282

04/07/2016 05:15:39 AM

ISIS- Bhatkal resident let off after found clean

04/07/2016 05:15:38 AM

India expresses displeasure over China’s friendly neighbourhood talk

04/07/2016 05:15:37 AM

NIA officer murder: 2 detained as cops probe property dispute as motive

04/07/2016 05:15:36 AM

2 terrorists killed in Shopian; encounter underway

04/07/2016 05:15:35 AM

DA case: HC passed detailed order while acquitting Jayalalithaa

04/07/2016 05:15:33 AM

Karnataka BJP president: Aspirants told to wait

04/07/2016 05:15:32 AM

Pakistan’s U-turn on Pathankot not official, but expect dramatics

04/06/2016 08:28:27 AM

Why Assam is BJP’s best bet in the elections

04/06/2016 08:28:24 AM

Did Bhatkal resident fund ISIS through hawala transactions?

04/06/2016 08:28:23 AM

Jayalalithaa DA case- Prosecution has failed to prove disproportionate assets

04/06/2016 08:28:22 AM

NIT Srinagar: Don’t fake the normalcy say students

04/06/2016 08:28:19 AM

NIT Srinagar unrest: Centre sends 2 member team

04/06/2016 08:28:17 AM

Assam phase II polls- 42 have pending criminal cases

04/06/2016 08:28:12 AM

Karnataka BJP president: Aspirants told to wait

04/06/2016 08:28:11 AM

Why the Intelligence Bureau is focusing on smaller towns more

04/05/2016 06:15:13 AM

Why is NIA re-visiting Lashkar-e-Tayiba link in Samjautha blasts case

04/05/2016 06:15:11 AM

K’taka Chemistry paper leak: Why we know only the buyer and not the seller

04/05/2016 03:51:11 AM

Pakistan’s u-turn on Pathankot- This nation can never be trusted

04/05/2016 03:51:10 AM

Karnataka Chemistry paper leak: Accused purchased question paper for Rs 10 lakh

04/05/2016 03:51:09 AM

After Masood Azhar snub in UN, India will re-think security clearance to Chinese firms

04/05/2016 03:51:09 AM

Interview: Tamil Nadu verdict will surprise pollsters, says BJP spokesperson G V L Narasimha Rao

04/05/2016 03:51:07 AM

Killers had an intense desire to murder NIA officer

04/05/2016 03:51:05 AM

No break-up with TDP in Andhra Pradesh says BJP

04/05/2016 03:51:02 AM

Is Masood Azhar protecting Chinese investments in Pakistan?

04/05/2016 03:50:58 AM

NIA officer’s murder: A killing planned well in advance

04/04/2016 05:35:26 AM

Samjhauta Express blast: NIA back to probing Lashkar-e-Taiba link

04/04/2016 05:35:25 AM

DA case- Jayalalithaa’s counsel to begin arguments tomorrow

04/04/2016 02:36:34 AM

Jayalalithaa DA case: Will the SC verdict be out before the TN polls?

04/04/2016 02:36:30 AM

NIA officer’s death may not be due to personal rivalry: Sources

04/04/2016 02:36:27 AM

189 candidates in Assam are in the age group of 50- 80 years

04/04/2016 02:36:26 AM

Pathankot attack: NIA note on JIT visit speaks of only 4 terrorists

04/04/2016 02:36:24 AM

Meet the chief financers of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba

04/04/2016 02:36:22 AM

After Jayalalithaa’s submission in DA case, Karnataka to submit a quick reply

04/04/2016 02:36:21 AM

Obama’s ISIS remark: Do we smile or nod our heads in despair

04/04/2016 02:36:19 AM

Kolkata bridge collapse an act of man not God

04/01/2016 04:53:44 AM

Modi in Saudi Arabia: What to expect from the visit?

04/01/2016 04:53:43 AM

Pathankot probe: NIA has 300 questions for Pakistan’s JIT

04/01/2016 03:29:57 AM

Revenge the motive behind Chemistry paper leak in Karnataka?

04/01/2016 03:29:56 AM

In Assam, 112 crorepati candidates in the fray

04/01/2016 03:29:54 AM

On Maulana Azhar, the China-Pakistan bonhomie is a reality

04/01/2016 03:29:52 AM

Question paper leaked- Has Karnataka’s tuition mafia raised its ugly head again?

03/31/2016 06:35:37 AM

India-Pakistan bonhomie and the need for a mutual legal assistance treaty

03/31/2016 06:35:35 AM

Jayalalithaa DA case: DMK leader told to file written arguments

03/31/2016 06:35:32 AM

Why Pakistan’s story on the Indian spy does not add up

03/31/2016 06:35:28 AM

Pakistan must shun ‘your terrorist is our freedom fighter’ policy

03/31/2016 05:51:54 AM

On Maulana Azhar, India needs to be realistic: Access to the JeM will not be granted

03/31/2016 05:51:53 AM

In Jayalalithaa DA case, the leniency criteria cannot be applied

03/31/2016 05:51:48 AM

West Bengal polls: Average asset of candidates is Rs 47.88 lakh

03/31/2016 05:51:46 AM

Assam elections: 30 out 539 candidates have pending criminal cases

03/31/2016 05:51:45 AM

Uttarakhand crisis – No floor test tomorrow, says HC

03/31/2016 05:51:41 AM

Khandahar, Parliament and Pathankot attack: Can Pakistan act against Abdul Rauf?

03/30/2016 04:42:38 AM

Time now for Russia to de-classify files on Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose

03/30/2016 04:42:36 AM

Operation botched up as ISIS Indian recruit chickened out

03/30/2016 04:42:36 AM

Travel allowance of Karnataka ministers runs into Rs 11.12 crore

03/29/2016 22:40:39 PM

Pathankot- List of do’s and dont’s for the Pakistan JIT

03/29/2016 04:40:48 AM

Mumbai serial blasts: Ten convicted, three acquitted

03/29/2016 04:40:46 AM

Jayalalithaa DA case: Subramanian Swamy to argue in SC challenging acquittal

03/29/2016 04:40:42 AM

Missing Infosys employee dead in Brussels attack

03/29/2016 04:37:23 AM

Brussels attacks: Infosys employee’s family had hope till the last minute

03/29/2016 04:37:22 AM

In Jayalalithaa DA case, locus standi petitions are aimed at delaying proceedings

03/29/2016 04:37:20 AM

What to expect from Pak’s JIT visit to Pathankot?

03/29/2016 04:37:18 AM

Unwanted politics over Pathankot probe

03/29/2016 04:37:17 AM

In Brussels Modi to renew call for greater cooperation in fighting terrorism

03/29/2016 04:37:14 AM

In the Lahore attack, there is a loud message from the ISIS

03/28/2016 09:11:51 AM

In Karnataka’s harshest summer, the only prayer on the lips is for rains

03/28/2016 09:11:49 AM

Candidate winnability better when assets are higher: Report

03/28/2016 09:11:47 AM

Pathankot probe: Pak’s JIT to get NIA briefing on March 28

03/28/2016 04:52:44 AM

Jayalalithaa DA case: Hearing continues in SC tomorrow

03/28/2016 04:52:43 AM

Uttarakhand crisis: What to expect and understanding the legal position

03/28/2016 04:52:41 AM

Terror will be the new normal in Europe if there is no centralised policy

03/28/2016 04:52:39 AM

Kashif Jaan is the link between the Pathankot attack and Jaish-e-Mohammad

03/28/2016 04:52:37 AM

Illegal immigration- Fencing needs to be coupled with political will

03/26/2016 06:14:39 AM

By dragging the Shiv Sena, what is Headley trying to tell us

03/26/2016 06:14:38 AM

Doors should always remain open for the public: Mehbooba advises PDP

03/26/2016 06:14:35 AM

Sri Lanka apprehending Indian fishermen: The causes and the possible solution

03/26/2016 06:14:33 AM

Desperate for attention, ISIS’ Indian module may attempt major attack

03/26/2016 06:14:29 AM

Karnataka’s Anti Corruption Bureau to commence work next week

03/26/2016 06:14:28 AM

Bal Thackarey needs to be taught a lesson-Saeed told Headley

03/26/2016 06:14:26 AM

David Headley’s flip flops: Why he cannot be trusted

03/26/2016 05:19:03 AM

Former Pak PM visited my house, Headley’s startling revelation in court

03/26/2016 05:19:01 AM

What is ISIS? Propaganda, hype and lies

03/26/2016 05:18:58 AM

ISIS in India: What we need to learn from the Brussels attack

03/24/2016 20:13:14 PM

IB understaffed: Can India afford this in the war against ISIS?

03/24/2016 20:13:13 PM

Pathankot: Visit by Pak investigating team will be a dud

03/24/2016 06:22:36 AM

USA lied through its teeth and still got away when it came to Headley

03/24/2016 06:22:33 AM

Lashkar-e-Taiba attempted to kill Bal Thackeray: David Headley

03/24/2016 06:22:31 AM

Why has JNU row probe come to a standstill?

03/24/2016 06:22:29 AM

Interview: Donald Trump an embarassment to the reasonable American

03/23/2016 15:40:59 PM

Europe’s terror problem is from European nationals not outsiders

03/23/2016 15:40:58 PM

Hafiz Saeed is an uncomfortable man today and these are the reasons

03/23/2016 15:40:58 PM

Chennai cops detain Bengaluru cops: Report

03/23/2016 15:40:51 PM

J&K govt may be in place by end of March

03/23/2016 15:40:49 PM

Panic in Pathankot as car is snatched at gun point

03/23/2016 15:40:47 PM

4 undertrials escape from Kalburgi central jail

03/23/2016 15:40:45 PM

Is Headley trying to de-link Tahawwur Rana from the Mumbai 26/11 case?

03/23/2016 15:40:39 PM

Plea seeking cancellation of Kanhaiya Kumar’s bail adjourned

03/23/2016 15:40:38 PM