Diaphragm and respiratory training (SpiroTiger).

06/05/2013 04:04:38 AM

This is the SpiroTiger (ST) article that I published over a year ago and has been rewritten with a year and a half worth of experience and improvements. Keep in mind that every person is a individual and he or her has their own weaknesses, so ...


06/05/2013 04:03:06 AM


Adding a new toy for bio-marker feedback

02/23/2013 14:00:23 PM

I have now added a capnometer to my tools of bio-feedback. It is small and light enough to train with and it does not interfere with normal breathing, it seems to be stable enough in running and gym work. I now will have feed back on ETCO2 and ...

Review of ZeroPace Training Log

09/27/2012 06:39:50 AM

This is a review for ZeroPace Training Log. I have purchased the ZeroPace (ZP) software so this is a honest review of my experience.Over the years I have used Polar, Garmin and Suunto heart rate monitors and with the build up of training files ...

Functional vs Structural changes through training

05/08/2012 00:58:24 AM

This blog is about making athletes think about their training, why do certain things and what happens when we try to adapt training programmes to our physiology instead of following the normal cookie cutter approach of just doing.

The FaCT way of looking at the body!

02/12/2012 09:47:18 AM

I have a keen interest in the FACT - Feldmann and Chlebek Testing System, mainly their way of looking at the athletes body from a alternative angle to the usual University text book answer.

Lactate fuel or foe?

02/12/2012 09:42:57 AM


Recovery and adaptation, or is it?

02/12/2012 09:37:36 AM

Here are a few ideas on recovery.

How valid is a VO2 test and results?

02/12/2012 09:35:46 AM

VO2 max: is the value of the total amount of oxygen used by the body at maximal intensity. It is the oxygen used by the muscle, heart, respiratory system and the brain. The maximum amount of oxygen that the body can use is expressed as a VO2 ...

FaCT testing

04/29/2011 13:59:55 PM

I recently had some FaCT testing done to find my weaknesses. Here are some pictures to give a idea of how versatile and portable the equipment is.